Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

The New Gospel The New Jesus Is Here

The word “I Love you” coming from any content creator is for one reason.  Even if the reason is subconscious.  Reason is to illicit a response.  An action for a REACTION.

Why is it that 99% of people covering the supernatural bible changes say “go to church and read the scripture anyway”?

The only authentic KJVB supernatural changes are EYA and myself.  I have watched every one of the channels quote desecrated scripture saying its authentic.  Furthermore they have the mark on their foreheads.    If they knew Jesus they would not change His name.  Nobody who is delivered and healed by Jesus is likely to change the powerful name that they praised aloud to receive their healing by prayer & the laying on of hands.  I know I wouldn’t.

Granted there are exceptions to every rule.  Name “Joshua” is the new Jesus.  And the bibles are the new gospel we were warned about.

How to Tell a Shill

They will quote blasphemous scripture that doesn’t agree with your heart or the precepts of God’s Love & His Truth.  They will say read the bible anyway.  They will minimize the Supernatural bible changes.  They will sight simple meaningless changes to the bibles that are neither here or there.  They will not get into the deep evil of what is happening tot he Bibles.  They will exalt the bible above The Holy Spirit of God. They do not understand that Jesus is the only The Word of God.  They will call the bibles by God’s Holy Name.  The Word of God.  Scripture was the inspired wordsssss from God given to men.  It was never Jesus, The Word of God. (John 1 will eventually change.)

Make no mistake “that wicked speaking from the holy place claiming to be God” is already calling itself God in the pages of the books.  By labelling itself “The Word of God” the bibles  are calling themselves God Almighty.  All over the pages.  This is called idolatry.  I always  wondered why there were so many warnings of idolatry in the bible.  Now as most Christians put the book above God Himself I now see why.

Plus God gave me an out of body dream about what would happen to the bibles.

The new book of Joshua in Bibles didn’t exist prior to 2016 or so…maybe earlier.  It’s no wonder Joshua the Impaler taken from the story Vlad the Impaler,  from the new book of ‘Joshua’ is the name they chose for the new Jesus.

Oh sure “Joshua” was a prominent character in the bible.  But he didn’t rate his own book.  I could be wrong but I am 85% certain.

We Were Warned About The New Gospel

We were also warned about the abomination of desecration.  The desolation of the Holy place.  Being the place God set down His words for mankind.  The Bible.  Don’t worship the serpent on the pole that healed the Israelites.  Worship the God who is The Healer of mankind.

They Loved not the Truth and so they fell under the strong delusion to believe lies as if they were Truth.

Paul wrote “If anyone comes to you with a new Jesus or a new gospel take no part in it or them.”  Paraphrased.  yes this script has changed more than once.  No telling what it reads now.

They are advocate of a blasphemous and desecrated once holy bible.  And they do not follow Jesus.  If they followed Jesus who has clearly left the bibles to the wicked rewrite they would follow Jesus away from the bibles.

But instead they quote blasphemous scripture.  These people are promoting the bibles likely because they are paid to do so.  After all the bible is one of the most effective propaganda tools and always has been.  It was never 100% God’s inspired words.  Now it’s the Earth’s idol worshipped by millions as God Himself.  Christians around the world proclaim that the book is “the final authority”.  And that the Book is greater in it’s instruction than even The Holy spirit of God Himself.  I won’t name names but I have heard this over and over and over.

Jesus has left the book.  Will you follow Him away from it?  Or is book your helmet?

The Helmet of the Hope of Salvation is a supernatural & eternal gift.  Not some carnal object.  Jesus is The Way The Truth and The Light.  He is also The Life.  God’s words are forever fixed in Heaven.

His words are in the hearts of those who know Him.  Even if John 3:16 with a “SHALL” not a “should” is the only scripture you know….it’s enough to start your personal relationship with God Himself.  In Truth approach Him with transparency.

Whosoever believeth in Him IN HIM SHALL, not perish but (rather) has everlasting Life.

No one needs a bible to be saved from death.  Jesus died and took the keys to death and hell so we too can overcome death.  He made The Way for us.

The bible manipulators & elite take great Truth and mix it up with horrid besetting lies.  The preachers have abused God’s Holy words for too long.  No longer will they have the right to do so.  They abused the scripture and used it for personal monetary gain.  They commercialize the bibles to control the masses.

When I studied the Bible there was Truth, wisdom, great spiritual knowledge to be found.  Jesus was edified by the gracious words in the bibles Old English style.  Old English no longer exists in the KJV.   What the scholars wrote is gone.

The book is now full of lies and curses why pray tell would they follow it?  Either its their idol or they are shills.  One of the other.

God has muddied the waters of the bible changes to protect His children.  Hence the mandela effects.  If His children were the only ones to see supernatural changes we would be invalidated and we would fear we are wrong.  Plus we would easily be singled out.

With the mandela effects being so rampant the supernatural bible changes are thrown right into the same mixed basket of changes.

Mandela Effect & Strong Delusion

However there is a difference between the Mandela effects that are God’s miraculous signs and wonders so men will seek Him.  Verses the deceptive signs and wonders.   The M.E. are not blasphemous lies.  The deceptive bible changes are vulgar, vile, and a desecration to what was good and right.

What’s the strong delusion?  Three things.  The inability to discern blasphemy when reading it in the bibles.  And memory loss.   And new false memories added to the minds of mankind.

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