What is The Abomination of Desolation?

This is “X” Rated “Horrifying”.  Graphic not for children or the timid.  End of Days are Perilous Times. But many are oblivious to their own peril.

God is Love.  He forgives those who ask Him.

An In Depth Explanation of The Abomination of Desolation

If you see the Mandela effects and especially the supernatural bible changes(for those who knew the bible) fear not, you likely wear the armor of God and do not embrace the lie for comfort.  Apparently, your heart condition is favored by God & you need not fear the abomination that flies by night.

Sorry folks if you don’t remember what the KJVB looked like three years ago, I have to be the one to break it to you.   Very bad news that can be undone with a little humility and prayer. (I hope)

The shot is the M.O.T.B. it had beast Dee Anne a (chimp) in it to replicate and run rampant changing one’s very line of heritage to beast blud.  It had also  can sir sale lines for speedy mitosis. It is Esau’s soup it steals the inheritance and the crown of life from the human rendering them gee Emma oh.  They threw their crowns on the floor at the alter of the beast and were proud of it.

Do you think he stopped at mosquitoes and produce?

Bad news-The two abominations of desolation are the desecration of men’s minds & bodies.  And the second is the desecration of God’s holy and sacred words given unto mankind.  God has removed His words from Earth already and allowed the wolf to take over all bibles.   Amos 8:11 & 12  The bibles are in the hands of supernatural evil.  The bibles are all being rewritten supernaturally.  Some godly Truth is left in bibles for authenticity & credibility.

Update.  The wing of abomination and the Locust from the pit are two separate creatures.  Since the locust cannot fly it road in on a wing of abomination.  Here we see the invisible locust consummated with the human face.  Whereas the top drawing is the raptor or wing of abomination.  The locust is part of the scorpion sting in Rev. 9.  And the scorpian sting is the [backscene] as some have said.

The Locust attaches to or it created the mark of the beast that’s on the foreheads.   When we first saw the mark appear on foreheads we could not see it on women yet.  Now it’s on young & old women bold and viewable.

The KJVB & all Bibles even the English language itself has changed dramatically in the last three years.  But lets focus on the KJVB & all bibles.  It has changed by at least 75%.  No exaggeration and there are many of us who see these changes and know well the original scriptures as they were before the changes.

Most of the bible changes are VILE and PUTRID at best.  There are nonsense scriptures, horrid grammar, spelling errors galore, and ridiculous topics.  There are scripts that contradict the very precepts of God Himself.  There are insulting scriptures that disrespect both God, & man.  There are new doctrines and the new Jesus who wears a girdle and teaches men to hate their family or else.

The problem-  Men who do not remember the way the bibles (ALL bibles) were,  have lost their memories of the scripture.   But also they no longer know right from wrong and are receiving new deceptive memories straight to their brains.    Most Christians do not blink an eye when reading blasphemy and insults to God & man from the bible.

Men (mankind) No Longer Know Right from Wrong

Seems they cannot dicipher blessing from blame, blasphemy from wisdom, and understanding from intolerance nor Love from hate.  Preachers no longer preach Love, wisdom, understanding, tolerance, care, empathy etc and they cry for retribution and punishment unto their fellow man foremost.

But that’s not all.  They parrot the new inferior/vile language of the books.  They say things like “as it were” and “them that” instead of “as it was” and “those who”.  As a writer I know the word “who” shows  respect to human kind.  We do not refer to Jesus as “it” or “that thing” or “that holy thing”!  Yet they have no memory of these changes to language and how it was.

God is not “The ancient of days” nor is Jesus a “son of man”.  He is The Son of God!  Yet the mummy in the movie is called the ancient of days.  Many of the bible changes do reflect & copy movies.(no not the other way around unfortunately)


HOW CAN THIS BE????  What on earth do I do if I am one who cannot remember and who does not see anything wrong with the way the KJVB is written.  What is going on?  I need answers!  If you are humble enough to ask these questions then their IS hope for you yet!

What Is Causing the Memory & Moral Blindness in those who don’t recall the Bible or see its supernatural changes?

This isn’t going to be easy.  But know this I have been delivered from demons myself.  Pretty much everyone has toted around one demonic influence or another, or many in their life time.  A good preacher will lay hands on a man at alter call and cast a demon right out.

Preachers are often gifted in that way.  I know one in Florida who has the gift to cast off and cast out demons & to heal.  The trick is to not take them back.

The person must be done with the sin they strive to be delivered from otherwise a deliverance won’t last.

Often as with addiction both deliverance & other work on emotional issues is needed.  Therapy is vital.  Addicts are experts in denial.  Denial is a lie one perpetuates upon one's self.  Being good at self deception is something that must be changed to be in Truth before God.  Changing the brains neuralpathways takes repitition of certain healthy new learned behaviors that are solutions to addict dysfunctional behavior patterns.  Meditation is vital with positive affirmations.  Building self worth is vital by doing esteemable acts and acknowledging to ourselves we have done good. Addicts are experts and self condemnation of their own heart and mind.  Or they are so blind they cannot even see their own heart.  But this is another topic I cover in depth at https://recoveryfarmhouse.net and .com

(if you need A deliverance preacher’s name email me at admin@abominationdesolation.com  Be sure to write ‘DELIVERANCE PREACHER’ on the subject of email.


The Abomination of Desolation is the desecration of the Holy Bible foremost.  But it is also something else.  There is a script about the “wing of abomination”.  Realize there are still some original inspired scriptures left in the bibles but the changes are ongoing nearly daily it changes drastically.

The Bible is not and never was “The Word of God” to call it such is idolatry at its worst. John 1

“Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week; (this used to read “covenant with the few” and people quoted it often as such.

Over night I watched as proclaiming Christians on YouTube started saying the opposite-“the many” then the word “the”was removed.  A similar supernatural edit happened with the restrainer scripture.)

“But in the middle of the week (In the middle of the week…Really?  Ridiculous.  Most of the new timeline scripts mentioning & counting days, weeks, months & years are new.  The bible was never specific on any timelines, not even close.)
He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.  (last week approx. this said “oblation not offering”.  Moreover there’s usually a winky after the worst changes as if the wink is aimed at those of us who remember to mock us.)  Stay with me here I am making a ver important point.

“And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate,
Even until the consummation, which is determined,
Is poured out on the desolate.”

The “consummation” even though its a new word biblically HAS TAKEN PLACE.

The answer to “why they do not remember or see evil in the bible” is this, the wing of abomination.  It is a winged demon who was raised from the pit once called a “locust from the pit” causing men to suffer pain.  It looks more like a raptor or a bat. Yes it looks very much like a large winged bat.  Black it flies and lands on the head of its victim.  It then covers the head of its victim in its wings and body and attaches as if it has super charged suction cups.  The consummation, it becomes one with its victim.   Like a vaccume cleaner it attaches to the head.  Its invisible obviously.

What is it that is becoming desolate?  What is the winged creature from hell making desolate?  Answer-Both the bible to be desolate of God’s wisdom/Love/goodness/upright speech etc.   And men’s moral compass with also certain memories of the past is becoming desolate.  The winged creature doesn’t just steal men’s memories.  These men can no longer be trusted with the knowledge of evil.  They are losing memories and gaining other false memories. 

How Do I Know Its Not Those Who See the Changes Who Are Desolate in Mind?

Because the bible changes are vile blasphemy and a righteous man recognizes this.  God’s Word is written on the hearts of those who Love Truth.  Therefore we know Truth from lies.

The same thing that men accuse the Mandela affected people of by saying they have “false memories”.  Is actually happening to Christians and others who have received the mark of the beast due to the condition of their heart.  What condition?  Primarily I surmise (and could be wrong) that they embrace the lie and hold it close to their heart.  They prefer the lie.

“For a man cannot serve two masters, he will love the one and hate the other, a man cannot embrace both God while loving the beast and its possessions.” (paraphrased)

The heart condition IS THE ONLY BAROMETOR WHICH DIVIDES MEN’S ALLEGIANCE TO THE BEAST.  The mark of the beast has fallen upon the heads of those with the creature demon Raptor who feeds lies to them night and day.  It is a terror.  Yes.  This is about one of the absolute worst spiritual maladies I have ever seen.  It is vile.  It is invisible.  And it is consuming the minds of men.  It is, THE LOCUST FROM THE PIT.  THE RAPTOR.

Mark of the beast is either wings (no head/we think representing fallen angel wings head down in shame) Or horns seen on the forehead.  Sometimes it shows as full blow goat head.

Talents Means Spiritual Supernatural Gifts/Talents.

So how do I know this creature the Raptor exists if its invisible?  Some see into the spirit realm as an end times gift.  I look into the darkness I see demonic forces at play.

The prophecy of the talents has come to pass (come to find out it wasn’t a parable it was a prophecy) giving men new end times gifts.  Those who did not use their gifts and neglected them all together (not just sometimes as everyoe will neglect their gifts at times) have lost them.  For the rest of us our gifts have morphed due to the needs of the saints changing because of the end of the age.

Example of talent redistribution-Those who used to intercede for souls by deep burdens of travail (the woman of Revelation 12 the many) no longer travail and intercede with deep moans and cries for the lost.  Sory but those days are gone.  The sight into the hearts of men that they used to use to receive such burdens has changed.

Now instead of seeing into the hearts of men to pray for souls, instead they see both the winged abomination on men’s (mankind) heads and they see the mark of the beast on the foreheads of men & woman that has already flown. 

Yes the mark of the beast- come to find out is a supernatural mark on the forehead.  That is why the forehead mark never made sense to us.  This isn’t  the buy and sell mark if there even is one.  More will be revealed.

Clearly the prophesies are not being fulfilled in the way I expected.  But they are quickly being fulfilled.

How Can I Be So Certain The Locust is the Raptor?

Father gave me a dream of the locust as it suctioned to my own head I was terrified at the way it felt.  Perhaps the creature was trying to attach to me and I wear the helmet of the Hope of salvation therefore it could not.

The Spiritual Gift that Allows Believers to See Clearly The Mark of The Beast

Or perhaps it was just Father showing me what the creature is like so I could share it as a scribe of God.  Later I began to see the Raptor on men’s heads as an end of days gift of seeing visions in abstract shapes.  This gift of abstract shapes is somewhat like reading tea leaves the quite famous gift of long standing. (of course Christians will call any gift not listed in the book as evil and Satanic even the gift of tongues that is listed only those who have the gift of tongues understand the gift of tongues) This new abstract sight end times gift the ability to see viable stories in abstract shapes is real.  Its a new gift specific to end times.  And it allow believers in Jesus to see the mark of the beast and the Raptor on the foreheads of mankind.

4 Replies to “What is The Abomination of Desolation?”

  1. Where can I find the true words of the Bible. I’m desperately seeking God and I love Jesus do you have a website for people like me seeking the truth.

    Love in Christ
    Cindy Ellis

    1. Bless your heart Cindy Ellis. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Seek God in prayer and meditation. The best way to find God is by sharing your TRUE unedited heart with Him in prayer. Share with Him your fears (part of the human condition) Make a God box. Write down your fears and give them to Him. Put the written fears in the box. It is better to give than to receive. Many Christians read the bibles and see only the good in it…magically. There is still alot of truth in it. If the scripture is Love based its True. God is Love. If its hateful and violent toward anyone it’s not God. I recommend a catholic bible. They are the least desecrated at this point. I know its a religion. For some reason “The Holy Family edition of Catholic Bible” I have is my most accurate. Prayer toward God in Truth is your best connection. Meditation is to learn to lay or sit quiet thinking only one thought. Do a mantra of “The Lords Prayer” in meditation to train your mind to think only one thought. If you do this for years it will help you learn the voice of your heart. And shed programming. You will see in meditation your greatest trauma will surface if its not processed emotionally yet. You will likely need to cry the uncried tears of your past.

    2. Lord Prayer
      “Our Father who is in Heaven Hallowed is thy name
      Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done ON Earth as in Heaven.
      I ask for my daily bread, I ask for forgiveness of my TRESPASSES toward others. Help me to forgive others. Let me not be lead
      into temptation. Deliver me, I pray, from any evil that comes or abides against my well being. For thine are the Kingdoms The Powers and The Glory for ever and ever. Thy will be done in my life.”
      Consider every word. Do not say “Thy will be done in my life” unless you thoroughly think through what that means. (possible changes etc.)

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