Now that the Bibles are All Corrupt as HELL…

More people are trying to read it than ever before.  I have even seen people I know personally who never were interested in the book reading it now.

I predicted approximately 3 years ago that now that the bibles are corrupt they will probably put them in the schools.  We shall see but Fox news is supporting the book and they represent the beast.

The wolf is rewriting the bibles/all the bibles old and new, digital and paper, audio, and the rest.  The author of confusion has taken the books because God has removed the security seal OFF THE BIBLES.

Why?  God told us via his scribes when the book was Holy that He would cause a famine.  Not of food or water but of His Words.   His words are being removed from earth and now abide in the hearts of those who know Him.  And what is left of true scripture.

He said this would happen in the end of the age. And He clearly wants to see which Christians follow Him wherever He goes.  Or do they follow the bible wherever it goes.  And right now “its” going to the wolf and the hearts of the Christians?  Well they seem to like what the wolf has to say.  Not only that since they prefer the lies their memories match the new corrupt bibles.

There are thousands who see the supernatural bible changes at length.  I am guessing (since myself, and I don’t get out much but I have met one (1) other person who see the blasphemous supernatural bible changes and of course we have several people calling it part of the mandela effect online who see the changes at length and cover them.  And EYA YT channel who sees them at length THANK GOD!

The Wolf now speaks in the holy place.  The abominations of desecration have commenced.  God’s words are being removed from Earth as prophesied in Amos 8:11 &12.

The book is vile, just watch EYA on YouTube while she is still there. Or see the bible change log ongoing and very exhaustive.

Granted it seems that those Christians who want to see good in the book just ignore the English language definitions and make what they are reading say whatever they want it to say.   And also those who expect the bible to be holy and who have preconceived notions that the book is “holy” see the vile scriptures in their own little boxed in light…in spite of what Webster’s may say.

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