CERN & the Brain-Cell Towers of Babble

That Surround Us

Ascend or fall to the deep darkness. Or go to nothingness. God won’t torture anyone at the end. It will be very quick. Faith in God Almighty Saves.  The lake of fire isn’t eternal torture but rather it ends the body & the soul eternally.

HORRIFYING BIBLE PROPHECIES HAVE COME TO PASS IN WAYS NO PREACHER EVER EXPECTED.  You may want to avoid this Truth.  Some Truth is just to scary to believe.

Also “all things work together for the good to those who Love God and are walking in His will.”

Why has God allowed the towers of babel, the locust from the pit, and the horrid mind control?  All have free will.  You are on Earth by the “CREATION OF MANKIND PART II”  Part one was creation of the body.  Part two of the creation of mankind is carried out by free will.  We had to eat from the tree of the knowledge of evil so we could choose our own spiritual path.

Trust and rely on the beast or learn to trust and rely on God.  It’s not about being perfect and sinless.  It never was.  It’s about getting to know God and showing Him who we are and asking Him for help with that. Or to be a lover of this world and only believe what they see with their carnal eyes.


The Blood god of the desecrated Bibles.  They see good where there is blasphemy


What are they doing at CERN?  Well let’s start here…. humans, and Christians have the Spirit of Life in them given from God.   Humans also have the supernatural eternal gifts of Hope & Faith to grow, nurture, let fade away, or to put in the wrong things.  “All men are give a measure of Faith”.   You won’t find that scripture in the KJVB (Rom. 12:3) anymore because it’s vanished.  There is a similar verse.


The Christians continually proclaim that they are lead by The Holy Spirit and some likely are.  After all God already poured out His Spirit upon all flesh in these end of days.  That’s one reason we have the sign of Jonah….. that is so many Watchmen on the wall screaming, “Rapture Rapture Rapture!”.

So humas were given God’s Spirit but very few have the gifts of The Holy Spirit that comes in the name of Jesus by the laying on of hands.  Those who received the gifts of the Holy Spirit supernatural gifts is rare because it comes in a Way they just won’t submit or humble themselves to receive.

After all Pentecostals are the crazy one’s right?  You’ve seen the videos trashing the gift of tongues.  Which by the Way is one of the most powerful of all supernatural gifts.  How so Jazweeh?

Because people who pray by the Spirit and are intercessors pray according to God’s given language and by His power…it doesn’t return unto Him void.  And of course “God hears our weakest prayer” as well.


This is not “thus sayeth The Lord” but I have the gift of sight and the wisdom of God gives me a pretty good idea of what’s going on at CERN.

CERN and the other hadron colliders in the U.S. are arked at the pass to every cell tower hence the minds of the many.  In turn every cell phone is arked at the pass to the towers and CERN.  CERN facilities send out the frequencies that are transcribed to the memories of mankind.  Those who are not of the “fig tree generation” have no defence against the minds history/memory of lies.

CERN tells them that dialect and bibles have not changed.  That they are holy and sacred and that the words are wholesome.  They call the books “The Word of God” implying that the book is God.  The bibles rewritten now call themselves The Word of God as prophecy. The desecration of the holy place.  At one time not long ago the Strong’s con cor dance defined “holy place” as “a passage in a book.”

If CERN transcribes that you did  or saw something, learned something, spent time doing something then those who are controlled will believe it by memory.  I am certain it has limitations.  But also some people are more vulnerable to the mind control than others.

They say weed keeps the mind from being controlled.  I do believe it does something.  Many have the techtronic eye.  One eye fixed and bigger than the normal looking eye.  CERN attaches to one hemisphere of the brain leaving the other abated, lessoned, slightly compromised in strength and in power of Truth.

It has successfully blinded the minds of the Christians stealing their heads.  Taking their heads as the prophecy laid out of old.  They thought it would be quiatines.  But instead it’s the towers of Babel rewriting history.   And desecrating all language.

ESAU’S SOUP.  A Lesson on How to lose one’s inheritance of eternal life.

By allowing their blood to be part beast and part dead man’s spirit the Christians lost their crown of Life everlasting.  They traded it for a shot in the arm.

Esau’s Soup the Loss of one’s Bloodline.

MAKE NO MISTAKE GMO humans are all around us now.  And they are desecrated with chimpanzee biology.  I read the in greed I ants.  1+2=3.

“They threw their crown of life unto the floor at the alter of the image of the beast.  Esau’s soup on the other hand changes one’s literal bloodline.  Desecrating it into beast pathology.  And managing to turn men into monkeys.  But also the spirit of antichrist was invoked into the blood of the many.  Their spirit’s quieted or gone.  Now they have a strange spirit about them.  As the walking dead.

Many people now have a dead man’s spirit within.  A dead man’s spirit cloned to be in so many people that the sick blood god assumes it would make him immortal.  But all it really did is raise up from hell a family of death spirits that cannot go to the deep where it belongs.  They must all be thrown into the Lake of Fire which ends the soul bringing it to peace of nothingness.

How do I know these things?  Because I have one foot on Mt. of Olives and the other on Zion. One eye in the spirit realm and the other eye in the carnal world.

Yes I could be wrong these are theories and feelings pictures in Life drawn by Faith in God.

THE LOCUST FROM THE PIT IS A PARASITE DEMON part corporal seen in the face it attached to the mark of the beast on their foreheads.  Eagle or brood of vipers.  Still they can be delivered if they repent.  Even if they took the mark of the beast and changed their bloodline heritage.  Still if they can repent God will forgive them I believe.

Let’s not forget the Locust from the pit.  A demon attached to the inner face of the many.  Likely feeding them lies and horrid thoughts.

Footnote new word “alleging” or to alledge, allegedly Paul the apostle allegedly now writes “alleging” instead of stating his words as truth.  The book is desecrated and Jesus will return soon.  Also the daughters of God shall come sent by the Mother Goddess of Love.   Father, Son, Mother, Daughters, Holy Spirit.  I supposes the chauvinists chose to leave out any female deity from their “Israel” infested book.  The Israelites inserted themselves and their country into the sacred writings of Truth.  The serpent was always those who ruled Israel…the Pharisees and the rich and greedy man who will likely answer to My Father on judgement day.

There is a true Israel and it is not a geolocation.  God looks upon the heart.


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