What Triggered the Apocalypse of the Four Horsemen 2024?

More Will Be Revealed.  The Dark Lord is here now.  The scales the horseman holds have tipped.  More evil on Earth now than good.   So the Black horseman rides his ride of famine by evil greedy corporate food.  Big food they call it, has taken over the wealth of grain/produce/livestock/& feed.  The Rider’s course changed when he beheld more evil on Earth than Good.  The suffering & pain of agony on Earth has reached the Great Spirit.

The tipping point, the trigger, the tip of the spear for the tribulation and harvest gathering is here now.

Four horsemen black horse

Is our rider an evil entity who betrays the Living God?  Or is He perfectly aligned with the will of the Mighty Creator God?  Each man makes his own choices in life and in Love.  Each man shall know as well as he is known of God.  Then remains his Faith, Hope, & Love eternal.


I say the four horsemen and the Angels that came to Earth all do and did exactly what the most high God called them to do.  For it is a spiritual journey that we are here.  Creation did not end at Genesess.  But rather we on Earth are in “creation of mankind part II”.  Being, the spiritual choices.  Will we face nothingness being worthless to the Kingdom of Heaven and never to nurture the greatest eternal gifts ever given on Earth besides Life itself?

Shall we let Hope the helmet of salvation fade and die?

Shall allow Love to grow brittle within is due to so much betrayal and pain?

NO!  Not while their is Life everlasting in our spirit of life!  Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

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