Why God Took His Inspired Written Words From Earth

A Story of Creation and the Rise and Fall of Man

There was a mighty God. He made a beautiful habitat of gorgeous flowers, plants, and mountains, and hills. There were rivers, waters, flowing streams of colored fish and beautiful animals.
He looked upon it and said “It is Good”.
God Made Man
Next the Mighty Creator said I shall make a number of souls with bodies of varied kind’s to inhabit and fill land that I made.
And He did. God sat back and left the children of the land to enjoy one another. He sent to them a great book of words inspired by Him given to men to write. These scribes of God wrote from inspiration and from experience what they knew and learned about their Creator and they called Him Father.

The Book

Soon the book grew in popularity. Men made churches and preachers to read the books aloud and talk about them. They sent the books far and wide and much wisdom and life itself could be found if a man applied the book to his life by putting the words into action.

There were stories of Love, Truth, Faith, Hope, Understanding, Wisdom, and Grace. There was forgiveness and repentance explained. There were stories of men whose lives were changed from their relationship with God and learning of His precepts. God was listed as good & doing good.  And Satan or The Devil was listed in the book as bad & committing much evil.

Understanding of the Holy Book was a simple and easily applied.   It gave clear directions on how to live.

But more importantly it was a series of “how to” be given soul saving eternal life offered by seeking, finding, & knowing God through prayers, meditation.

The Creator is Love and by Him men could not be trapped any longer by death.
Many men gained eternal Life & Love by seeking God. “Seek God & you shall Find God”.

An Odd Thing Occurred.

God the Creator noticed one day that the people and preachers seemed to be honoring the book more than they sought God.    The people spent a short time in praise and then went on to lift up evil as powerful.

They also began to wave the book around and call it by God’s Holy Son’s name. John 1 clearly calls Jesus “The Word of God” NOT the book.

They began calling the book by God’s name.
They sought God’s presence less and less.

His Holy Spirit that He sent forth In the Name of Jesus was called “evil” and satanic. People labeled God’s gifts of the Spirit evil as well.  They blasphemed miracles done by the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  They refuted healing and the baptism of The Holy Spirit.  They especially mocked higher godly languages of speaking in tongues.

God’s Great Test for the presence of Idolatry in the Christians

So my story is this.

The Creator said I shall remove the security seal of Daniel off the book at the end of the age.  I shall allow the evil one to take the book and day by day week by week, make it vile, by supernatural means. ALL the books old new paper and post will be filled with lies and contradictions, hate, and vile disgusting written lies and notions of God.

If my words are on their heart they will in no way forget any of them.   Those who Love my Truth have my words in their heart.  Those who do not join by Love with my words do not Love Truth.   These people shall forget what the Bible once said.  Day by day their memories will match the words of the wolf.  They memories will match the words they Love.

For man either Loves Truth or prefers the lies.  It is free will of choice.

God said,
I shall even give them scripture that warns them I will remove my inspired words from Earth in a famine at the end of the age.  All my words shall fade from the land & go up to Heaven as a scroll.  My chosen will see the scroll rise to Heaven.  (and we did).  Amos -8: 11 & 12.
And I will give them great hints making some good changes myself in hopes they will turn & repent from worshipping the idol.

 "The Wolf now lies with the lamb".  And Jesus now requires you to "hate" your loved ones.

I shall tell them to never ever accept a new gospel.  I shall tell them to depart and have nothing to do with those who proclaim a coming new gospel.

If my words are not written on their heart because they Love my Truth they shall be deceived.  They will fall under a strong delusion of memory loss. They will not remember what the bible once said.  Their very memories will align with the wolf’s re-write of not just new but ALL FORMS OF ALL bibles.

By their belief in the lies, for instance, “the wearing out of the saints”…a lie that they say over and over and over made into truth by their own belief.  If they choose the wolf, then the wolf they shall have.  (free will)

Those under the strong delusion of the wolf’s words by their idolatry will chant “same as it ever was, same as it ever was.” when and if confronted with the stark changes by someone who sees.

Idol worshippers will by their heart, lift up the book in praise to it no matter WHAT EVIL IS WRITTEN IN IT!


I told them to seek me and My Son.  Not to serve the books and glorify them calling them by one of Jesus’ names, “The Word of God”.

By Jesus name The Holy Spirit comforter and helper did come to men if they asked and sought.

Therefore now that the harvest is truly full and the separation of goats and sheep is complete also too I had to separate the religious people who follow the bible wherever it goes from my elect/my chosen who follow me and My Son wherever we go.  The wheat and chaff.

So then I shall say to those who worship the bibles and call the book “the word of god”, “get thee hence for you never knew me.  For you prefer the lies and follow after the wolf’s voice now.”

God looks upon the heart.

By Jazweeh.  Woe to those who call “evil” good, and “good” evil.

Wolf’s latest rewrite,


Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it.

So basically we’re talking about “solemn shit feasts”.  HELLO– Mr. Wolf.  Do I need to explain what a shit feast is?  Like I need to explain what “hate” means when Jesus now instructs all men to hate their loved ones?

Poop feast.  Excrement feast and SOLEMN at that my friends.  If it was just one script or even just 100 or 500 changes.  But there are thousands upon thousands of changes and hundreds of VILE CHANGES.  I am not the only one who knew the KJVB inside out, back and forth but especially I knew the New Testament and what was once Old English, poetic, respectful, truthful, articulate, never vag, it truly was inspired words from God given to men.  NO MORE.  I knew and looked up in Webster’s every new word when learning & reading.  Now there are HUNDREDS OF NEW WORDS IN MY BIBLE AND ALL BIBLES I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF in the English language.

The wolf openly mocks Christians by this changes in the bibles.

If any reader honors this Solemn Poop Feast calling it “the word of God” they do clearly commit idolatry, do not know the voice of The Good Shepard and need to read my most recent post. https://www.abominationdesolation.com/why-god-took-his-inspired-written-words-from-earth/


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  1. All I know is this brought me to tears , happy yet sad tears ..This has been a struggle seeing and hearing a different voice coming from within the Bible About God who now hisses.. I’m outcasted which is fine as long as I’m not planting seeds of doubt in other believers minds .. I worry ,but I know I follow my Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST .

  2. All I know is this brought me to tears , happy yet sad tears ..This has been a struggle seeing and hearing a different voice coming from within the Bible About God who now hisses.. I’m outcasted which is fine as long as I’m not planting seeds of doubt in other believers minds .. I worry ,but I know I follow my Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST .

    1. Bless you Amanda. It is hard for us as it was hard for those who saw the Old testament desecration of the physical temple of God which held the sacred objects on Earth at that time. We are grieved by the desecration of our Holy God’s words on Earth. But the New Earth is coming. And by your Faith in Jesus ye shall see miracles.

    1. Blessings. I was just reading the word “abundance” being trashed as “vanity” in Ecclesiastes 5:10. I Was looking for the script about vows in Proverbs that no longer exists in its pure word form. “It is better for a man to not vow a vow before God than to vow and not fulfill it.” So …every page of the bible has desecration after desecration. Though I know God allowed it. And it’s synced with His will as prophecy. And the famine of God’s words. Amos 8:11 &12. Still I am dismayed at the violation of the Holy words. Bless you and please pray for the writer.

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