Holy Spirit Inoculation for Corona (Kronos) Virus (Coronavirus)

Corona means crown.


So, this Coronavirus is sponsored by “The Crown”.   And inspired by the disobedient god Kronos.   Your guess is as good as mine just who the crown really are.   DO NOT GO TO HOSPITAL IF YOUR NOT SICK.  Be sure to read the Pine Hot Tea instructions as well it is an important part of your healing from flu or Croney Virus.

Now, for quite a long time Jazweeh has been warned of a pandemic to come.  This is an end times event. She was given this prevention long ago.  I don’t know if its a cure just a prevention.  You be the judge, it may also cure.

Prevention of Wuhan virus. Since when does “Scottland only have one “t”?  Mandela effect.

But I veer from topic.

CLOVE……CLOVE…CLOVE. Buy dried clove at the holistic food store.  This means where they sale herbs and organic products.

HOW TO MAKE REAL CLOVE TEA (or also chew on a couple dried cloves)

Put about 10 or 15 cloves in a 2 cup GLASS measuring cup (or something similar/stainless or glass).  Boil water.  Add boiled water (hot) to the clove measuring cup.  Let steep (sit with a glass saucer cover not plastic! for 12-14 minutes.  Pour into cup filtering out the cloves in whatever way works.  You can just pout and let cloves fall to bottom of cup allowing it to get stronger.  Stronger the better. Don’t make yourself nauseous.

Clove flavor sucks!  What can I do to make it taste better?  Add honey and add orange peels washed and clean, cut up, for flavor.  Or add a squeeze of lemon and honey.  DRINK HOT.  DO THIS 2-3 TIMES A DAY.  Add more water to your cloves for second use and keep them on low heat on burner.  Glass measuring cups can withstand medium heat from burner like a pan.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU WEAR ANY OF THE MASKS PEOPLE ARE FLOCKING TO.  We do not trust the beast system and the upside down says the cure is the disease.  Go figure.

Also if its in your lungs use the hot clove steam, put a towel over your head and breath the steam for a minute or two.  Do not burn your lungs and DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES in steam.

I believe the “theys” are spreading fear and thaat they did send out a flu this season to kill off the elderly and clean up the sickly by death.  I know this sounds cruel and it is.

WE SIMPLY MUST take responsibility for our health because the theys are trying to make us sick, give us Cancer, and God only know what other diobolical depop schemes they have up their magic black bag. The theys send out spells against those who pray.  They send out sickness against those who believe and serve Father.  We are in a war and every Christian should be utalizying a spiritual gift unto warfare.

Nevertheless there a carnal solutions to physical ailments within arms reach.  The wisdom and knowledge of nature for healing has been stolen and educated out of us.   The cures have always been in nature.  Chemicals that evil men use to control the masses cannot stand against God’s natural cures.

IF the flu of 2020 that they sent out or the Corona Virus “The Queens Crown Virus” her pride and joy, her baby has gotten to your respitory system do not fear!  Even if you tast blood in your cough that is the perfect time to start the pine regiment.  IF the sickness in your lungs has not broken up, go outside and sing very very loud, scream, yell, process some emotional issue, or just practice tones but do it for at least five minutes and scream until you feel the plaque on your lungs breaking up.  Cough it up and spit it out.

Now go to the nearest Pine Tree and pick a nice juicy branch that has male cones on it.


We believe this virus is downloading the CRISPR DNA edit gene edit technology to the world as we speak.  The viruses they are using are many.  Some will not be able to physically handle it.  Furthermore if you see the bible changes you have not gotten the downloads of lies so you do not have the precursor tech code for the CRISPR follow up.  Fear not. Father is more powerful than any tech or virus.

Zombie Apocalypse and CRISPR Gene Editing

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  1. The abomination of desolation is the isolation of aborted fetus’ cells, a ‘death cassette’ put into the holy place as our bodies are temples of God. The antibody is the anti Christ.. vacca means cow.. sine, sign or mark…brand- Innoculation is Enoch plus the God of negation..the great merchants have deceive with sorcery meaning pharmekia, to administer drugs.. thanks first sight to be on the wave length

    1. Or if you got the theory about the AC antibody from a youtube video could you point me to it? Either way would love to post your article if you write.

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