Where Will the Beast Propaganda Take the Bible Changes?

The image of the beast (tv) will first first steal the narrative and admit the supernatural bible changes on videos. Then they will say, “since the bibles were never true and are changing on the shelves.  Then Jesus cannot possibly be The Son of God”. Cause if the Bibles are lies then so to is the gospel of Jesus a lie.

Same precept as the childhood trauma, Santa psyop…they lied about Santa so Jesus must be a lie as well…..  It’s a brilliant and diabolical psychic set up!

But the heart does not lie.  The Father points us to The Son.

Seek God. Seek Jesus He is the only one who will answer a call of heartfelt desperation. Seek Jesus the Son of God in Truth then you will know He is real. Then He will show you the Way to go. His name isn’t chewa. or ya chewa. or shoe ah, or yah or yash or any of that pish posh. And certainly His name is not the Hebrew blasphemous word “mishiack”  a cursed word from Hell. Those names are the new jesus the Dark Lord of the bibles.

The entire Hebrew language is blasphemous and not original Hebrew.  The ruling elite Pharisees themselves are the demon worshippers.  The brood of vipers who traded their souls for riches and human glory.  They were never victimized in any holocaust but they did likely create the genocidal trains and gas chambers for the non compliant.

They control the food and anything we walk out of a store with making everything toxic.

The Covenant with many

Demons made a covenant with powerful evil men who by D-wave are able to communicate with the dark realm of demons on Earth.  The deal was this:

The back scenes’ victims are the back sin ate Ed. Here is the source code of the back scene. See the pitch forks?


Stoled their spiritual inheritance.  Rendered them part beast (animal) and finally killed them or put them in the hands of the serpents on the pole.

The demons provided evil humans access to the sales nucleus.  They did so by giving diabolical power hungry men the final symbol to unlock the keys to the body’s own source code.  Hence the diabolical men wanted to control mankind in every way.  Inventing their microsoft immune system.  Along with a whole new array of genetic diseases.  Of witch they already have very expensive cures for. 

Line em up and knock them down a new array of genetic illness created by the desecration of the blood and Dee Anne a..  We live in the upside down where the cure is the cause.

Locust on face mark of the Eagle/beast on the forehad.
Not all marks protrude. Some are just light. Others are serpents, brood of vipers, and goat head on foreheads
All the marks start as an eagle meaning Rome/the world the beast system. The pitchfork is their symbol.


Furthermore the back scene (sound out italics) was given to the entire world to add beast Dee Anne a to mankind’s blueprint.  Hence the mark of the beast.  Esau’s soup.  They lose their spiritual inheritance.

The men of science had (like stargate movie) all the keys to the sale’s nuke Lee us except the final symbol.  The pitchfork symbol is the final symbol.

(Sidenote-The forehead mark is a spiritual one that shows the elect (the Seers by the Holy Spirit) shows them the god of that man right on his forehead and shows us what they worship above God.  It’s like reading a picture book on their foreheads)  The marks show the spiritual warfare going on inside the man’s or women’s heart.  And it shows which aspect of the man wins the battle.

Monkeys cannot inherit God’s New Earth or His promises.  His promises are for humans.  If they took the mark they are no longer human.  They are gee Emma oh! (sound it out).  They are no longer pure blud.  Are there exceptions?  If they were marked against their will then it’s not voluntary and the soul of that human is likely still in tact.  But we don’t know if their line of blud is still in tact.

The Dark Lord proclaims that the Earth is made to be one blood line now.

Act 17:26

“And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;”

He is saying that by their cell phones he knows where they are at all times. Not all the bible changes are lies. And we must not wage a railing accusation against the Dark Lord (though it is tempting). Why? Because he is given authority over all books by God’s permission.

Who is the Dark Lord who is rewriting all bibles?

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