Jerusalem Will be Laid Waste Prophecy

“The sheep know His voice”.  Supernatural KJVB Changes

Most Christians do not recognize the wolf’s voice who has snuck in by the crooked gate into the holy place.  The wolf is speaking from the Holy place great blasphemies like “hate your family”.  The holy place was the KJVB.

The parable of the Good Sheppard is also desecrated with a “porter”door man for whatever reason.   Instead of a wolf disguising as the Good Sheppard to fool the sheep.  The Sheep know His voice and will not take heed to the wolf/serpent/or goat speaking from the book that was once God inspired!  The KJVB is now vile.  See EYA on youtube or the bible change log on this site.

The prophecy did read that when we see the abomination of desecration (yes it was desecration) that makes desolate, flee Jerusalem, run to the mountains.

The books desecration will be full inside of 6 months to a year at the very most we believe.  The rate of the desecration is increasing as labor pains increase.  So its likely Jerusalem will be laid waste within the year and probably by Turkey.   I really think within six months we can expect a rash military action against Jerusalem by Arab nations & lead by Turkey.

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