Its Time I Showed You “The Strong Delusion” Close up & The Mark of The Beast-Forehead

What is the “Strong Delusion” Written of in 2nd Thessalonians 2 2nd Timothy 4:4

They honor me with their words but their heart is far from me.

Why Would God Show Me Truth to Share with You?

Please think me not judgmental.

“For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy.”  WHATTTT?  Rewarded for destruction of those men of God?  You don’t call the evil “worthy to be rewarded to drink blood”.

It’s not cognitive dissonance that blind Christians to the supernatural bible changes..  As much as it is the vail of blindness and their protection over the idol they call by God’s name. “The Word of God” is Jesus period.
Legion is like this, the loyalty that true believers feel toward Jesus Himself is the way the religious feel about the bible.  It is their God.
Make no mistake I have studied God’s inspired words for years on end.  But He also showed me that I must not treat it as God.  That I must let go of it.  His words are in my heart.  I still use it to watch the changes and to glean a remainder of Truth from it.
Clearly the destroyer of the righteous has control of all bibles old and new.   Furthermore the beast/locust has control of the mind’s of those who have consummated with the beast and received the mark on their forehead.


I know what it is to hide parts of my heart from God.  I have felt the fear of my earning His distrust.  I want deeply for God to know and Love me, to set me above in His heart.  This is surely the yearning of all His creations, His beings.  Who would not want deeply the Love of God their Creator?

Bottom is the Seal of God. Sometimes it appears as just a cross bright on the forehead. Look in the mirror to see if you are sealed by God.
Mark of the beast is in plain sight on the forehead of mankind.  When we watch old movies the men have no mark.  But most all the men in most all the movies of last 5 or 7 years have the mark of the beast.  Some have a goat or a serpent.  Others just have the fallen wings.  Angel head down.  Representing Satan the King of Hell.  And he is only doing His appointed job according to God.
Hate hate hate. “If you hate not your family you have no part in me”.  Says the new Jesus from the new gospel.

Born Again at 27.  Then Filled With The Holy Spirit at 30, The Long Prodigal Son Walk (for years unknown), And Finally The Walk of Truth.

I know the stages of anger laced with fear of God for the state of my own emotions and circumstances.  I know my anger toward God holding Him alone responsible for all my misery of youth.  To know these things was the beginning of my steadfast relationship with God Himself.  Or am I deceived?  “Wackadoodle” as my husband kiddingly calls me when I speak of the supernatural..

Step One-Tell God that I do not trust Him, that I fear what He will do to me, and that if I show Him my whole heart He will not Love me.  I knew I was bad & wrong undeserving of His Love.  I thought the lies by hiding my heart would protect me.  But Truth is my God given belt of armor not lies.

I saw how my heart embraced lies as protection.  And so I turned from the lies and embraced Truth as best I knew how with God’s help

I worked the 12 steps on my relationship with God.  By courage I did show Him my whole heart. Including the parts I wanted to hide from Him.  And so with my permission, (God does not enter our hearts without our express invitation).

I became the clay in God’s hands about fifteen years ago.

Guess what He showed me first?  He miraculously showed me through dreams and visions why I became a lost and rebellious soul.  He showed me everything about myself.  All the why’s and how’s of my own heart.  He gave me great understanding of my own emotional condition.  He did this so I could learn to finally Love myself and become who I really am.  But also He did it so I could finally go before Him in Truth and take off the mask of shame and fear.  God used both the 12 steps and group therapy to help me grow spiritually.

God Deprogramed Me Away from the Beast System Programming.

He showed me the “I am wrong and bad” program that was running in my inner dialect for years on end.  And He taught me how to reprogram with an inner dialogue of Love & acceptance for Laura.  He gave me eyes to see and He gave me ears to hear.  He showed me how to connect with my Spiritual side.  How to hear my own higher voice.

What Is the Strong Delusion?

It’s usually those who have not the gift of tongues who Love to teach and guide others about the gift.  Blind guides.

Its those under the strong delusion who usually teach about it on Youtube.

This scripture is denied by Christians everywhere as they insist that the Bible is “The Word of God”.  Calling the book by God’s very name.  All idols are above reproach.

Amos 8:11 & 12 “God will cause a famine on Earth. Not of food & drink but of His words.  Men will search far and wide for God’s words but they will be Gone from Earth.”

What is a Spiritual Juggernaut?

Men and women lined up for a great parade to honor God.  As they excitedly praised and worshipped walking alongside of the great procession of floats and enormous statues many of them tripped, fell, and were crushed under the giant wheels of the statues & floats.

That, my friend is a juggernaut.  Now, to show you the strong delusion that most Christians are steeped in blindly I must first show you both the worst Idol in all of Christendom.  And show you the most sacred article in all of Christendom.  Why?  The abomination of desolation is directly tied to the strong delusion.  You can search all the scriptures at

The Holy Bible has been endowed with words straight from Jesus and from God Himself, I believe.  I was Holy.  Even the language, dialect, grammar, spelling, style, articulate design, and numerical coding was all most excellent.  I know this because I studied it for years on end using Strong’s concordance (the actual books), Thayer’s Lexicon, Greek and Hebrew Interlinear bibles with Hebrew Lexicon for the Old Testament.   I studied these books long before they ever went online.  Before the internet existed I knew the New Testament inside out.

In 2017 God woke me up to the now ongoing hundreds of thousands of supernatural KJV Bible changes.  I am watching daily the desecration of God’s Holy Book.  I am watching the wolf speak from the Holy place and the author of confusion changes the words/letters by magic on the pages of every, every, bible known to man old and new.  Including the dead sea scrolls and the first copy of the KJVB ever put into print.  ALL DESECRATED all to soon be desolate of God’s Truth and wisdom.  Even now the word “Savior” has moved from the New Testament to the old and is reduced in number.  I am not here to prove what I say.  God to for proof.

Yes God’s words are forever fixed in Heaven.  Amos 8 said this would happen.  Furthermore this is one of the most profound signs of Jesus’ SOON return.

The strong delusion is very strong.  It’s Strong’s delusion as well since all holy books are desecrated and changing.  KJVB appears to have be written by illiterates now who can’t punctuate much less articulate Old English sacred language.   The bible is now called “middle English” but then most will say “nothing to see here it was always middle English”.  They will say “same as it ever was”.  But it’s not just changing it is being defiled.  The changes are vile, vulgar, lies, abased, against the precepts of God Himself.

“His sheep know His voice” and they do.  Why oh why indeed do so few see the changes?

That my friend is why I wrote the prequel to this article.  This is why I told you how I came to know myself and therefore able to approach God in Truth.  I also told you how I came to know my heart.  It took work and courage.  But primarily it took the hand of God and His leading.

God made me a scribe for a reason.  I am the scribe to the 144 & the 133 Both God’s army and those who go before the throne day and night.  These are the only one’s who will believe and understand what I am saying.  For they see into the supernatural.  They see the prophecies of Jesus rolling out fulfilled right now.  The chosen few are Jacob and they are troubled.

Why is Jacob troubled?  Because Jacob is scattered and alone.  He is alone for his own protection.  He is scattered because some would see him dead if they knew where he is.  The 144/133 are those who are mocked and made fun of.  We have no one to validate us or to say “yes! we also see these things”.

There are scores of Christians on Youtube.  Oh sure some of them see the “Mandela effects” of the supernatural bible changes.  However the Mandela effect is a separate set of end of days signs and wonders to see people saved.  The bible changes are a different animal.  That means you may see 4 or 12 of the supernatural Mandela effect bible changes but that doesn’t mean you will see the many bible changes that are vile and vulgar.


As prophesied again seems the Christians have lost their ability to see evil regarding the bible.  Perhaps because its the worst idol on earth that they call by God’s name “The Word of God.”  Maybe that is why they cannot understand that Jesus saying “hate your family” is blasphemy.  Instead they go to the Strong’s delusion and say “hate” doesn’t men “hate.”  Oh really?

They are blind to wickedness regarding the idol.  And so it seems that Satan’s prophesy is true.

“And ye shall be as gods having both the knowledge of good and of evil by eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

Seems only Jacob is retaining the knowledge of evil.  Perhaps because God trusts Jacob with this knowledge.  Perhaps The Christians don’t need the knowledge of evil anymore because they have made their choices.  They choses their eternal home.  They are going somewhere there is no danger.

Perhaps Father is making Jacob(s) guardians over His New Earth.  And in so doing they shall be as gods.  Transfigured and enlightened.  Reformed to the needs of the New Earth.  A New mother nature taking over.  The new splendid lady come to show.  The Gathering is upon us.  Each man shall go to his chosen eternal home.  Heaven, Hell, Stasis, Personal Heaven, or The New Earth to continue in God’s work.

So the Christians are losing the knowledge of evil at least regarding the bibles.  They cannot see vulgar ruthless evil new scripture.  Their memories do not match our own memories of the past.  They cannot see the simple miraculous Mandela effects that are…well, EVERYWHERE.  No mention of the miracles on their channels.  All the Christians know is that we are in fact in the end of days.

God poured out His Spirit upon all flesh.  Son’s and daughters prophecy, dreams and visions are given.  Still at least they see the end times and what is around them.  The Christians on YT can see the signs.  They are not lost they just can’t see what Jacob sees.  They cannot see the miracles that are the end of days wonders.

List of Jesus’ prophesies that the elect have seen come to pass since 2017.

We do not know if the Christians are lost or not.  According to scripture those under the strong delusion are pretty much toast.  But they proclaim Jesus and convince us on the surface that they Love Him and know Him.  It’s fairly baffling for us to watch.  Jacob’s troubles are watching the blind guides proclaim Jesus while ready blasphemy from their idol that they call by God’s name.

Jacob cannot relate to these people.  They also most of them have the mark of the beast on their foreheads.  That’s right.  We see the mark already. We also see the seal of God.  Some have both.  God says those with both have a hard choice to make very soon.

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