Live According to the Flesh and Serve Men As if they were Gods. What?

“Serve God not Men”

Is how I remember Paul’s teaching. But we live in a fluid reality where the KJVB and all bibles are corrupt as Hell itself.  The books changing print on pages daily.

More is wrong with these script below.  “menpleasers” all one word?

According to the flesh with fear and trembling is blatant blasphemy as “fear and trembling” was for working out your own salvation previously.

The winky is always pasted after the most vile changed scriptures.  Perhaps to mock those of us who see.

We are Jesus’ Breathren not wretched scathing servants.  We are children of God deserving of respect and salvation.  False humility gets us nowhere in the furtherment of The Kingdom of God.  However learning to accept that God made us imperfect in flesh yet perfect in Spirit with an eternal Home in God.

Eph 6:5

Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ;

Eph 6:6

Not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart;

Eph 6:7

With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men:


Beating myself up will never improve me.  Calling myself a piece of shit is to disrespect God who made me.  Don’t follow the misleading parrots of society.  Hold your head high in Truth by your armor you see that God’s words are leaving Earth.  By the Hope that is in us we hold eternity in our own heart.  By the eternal gift of Faith we put that Faith where it matters…in God not men.  Screw their twisted doctrines of demons.  Let them follow the changed corrupt and defiled books.  For we know this, we no longer need the bibles because Jesus is coming very soon says The Spirt to the Children of God.

You are destined for either the New Earth or Heaven.  Father WILL make good on His promises to us.  We will NOT START BEATING THE SERVENTS in real time or online either. Let the blind have their choice of deception.  They have that right.  All have the right to choose by eternal Faith either God Himself or some other anchor for their soul.  If you fear tell God.  God doesn’t require perfection.  But rather He requires transparency.  He requires Truth.

If you, child, are so blessed to know your own heart (cause most do not) share it by courage with God and He will make it right as only He can.  Read my book Paradise for the Hellbound.  Of God’s Grace and mercy toward me as I walked the Prodigal son walk deeper and my desecrate than most people ever go in this world.  I am the woman at the well.  I am the prostitute’ at Jesus’ feet.  I am the child who He swings in a circle and filled with joy.  I am Mary of Bethany who learned from Jesus and holds His sacred words in my Heart.

We mustn’t grow impatient and begin to beat the servants.  We are the bride waiting for her groom in Songs of Solomon, over and over we go to the door asking “Where is my Love?  Why has He not yet come to take me from this place?  He said He will be here and He will.  For He is Faithful and He is Truth.  He will not leave us to be dishonored and thrown to the wolves of the Great Tribulation.  We hold on to our Faith when others give up.

We continue our walk with Him when others sign off and turn from God, saying…“He is not coming or He would already have been here.  I shall stock up on money and drugs with lots of junk food & debaucherous sex and entertain myself with the gods of this world.  For He has forsaken us!  The stories of His return are all lies.  Do you not see the bibles have changed?  They were never truth!”


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