Dark Days of the Crow


Soon after I wrote this article/poem Mr.Mbb333 posted photos of a black rainbow in the sky.  And a few days later a black halo around the sun in the sky.



There are now two groups even three groups of people on Earth.  #1 Unbelievers.  #2 Believers/Gentiles those who proclaim Jesus but their heart is far from Him.  And #3 Jacob or “Israel” the chosen few.

How does the Seer know that “their heart is far from Him” writing of group #2?

Because the mark of the beast and their first Love is on the foreheads of all men in plain sight for Israel to see.  Also there is some prophecy of the end on their foreheads showing their fate.

You can just imagine the first love of vile men and what that looks like stamped on their foreheads.

The Seal of God has also already gone out.  The four sacred angels are here and have been for nearly seven years.  The first seven years of Jacob’s troubles is nearly finished.  If your Jacob you spent three and a 1/2 years living one trouble after the next..  Including near death experiences and several health problems.  Jacob is at the last stretch of his warfare.  He is having trouble staying positive among the poverty and illness.  Still he will not give up Hope or Faith.  Time is short and the serpent is already crushed under his foot.  Jacob is the 144 a warrior of God.

“No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”.  “All things work together for the good for those who Love God walking according to His will.”

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all.”

The Dark Lord In the Holy Place

“Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,(bible) shewing himself that he is God.”  Bible (temple of God’s Sacred words) now calls itself “The Word of God” that’s Jesus’ title.

Well, the Christians on YT certainly call the god spoken of in the bibles “The Word of God” and they call the bible itself by Jesus’ title name.

Making the book their Idol and their God.    They also call Jesus God the Creator.  But He is the Son of God.
Look at this translation of 2nd Thess 2:4

Holman Christian Standard Bible translation

“He opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he sits in God’s sanctuary, publicizing that he himself is God.”

The truth of the desecration of the holy place/temple of God’s words is now pointed out in plain sight.

What do I mean?

The word “PUBLISH” Is very close to the word “publicizing” in one translation of 2nd Thess 2:4 .  The scripture nearly states in simple terms that the Dark Lord is sitting in the bibles proclaiming himself to be God.   Fulfilling the prophecy of the antichrist sitting in the “holy place” calling himself God Almighty.

The bibles now call themselves “god” by using the term “The Word of God” in reference to itself.  Instead of reference to Jesus the only begotten Sun/Son of God who brought us God’s words and died for that Truth to be proclaimed far and wide.

Its frustrating that the Christians who claim open eyes cannot put together the two things that truly are holy & actual “temples of God by containing something Holy of God”.   Also called “the holy place” in some translations when referring to the desecration of the temple.  And the infiltration of “that wicked” into the holy temple of God.

WHAT IS REALLY HOLY TO BELIEVERS?  If the believers would just consider that one question.  “What is really Holy to me?”

The answer is the place where God Almighty puts His anointing of the Holy Spirit making that place sacred & wherever the Holy Spirit Himself is.

  1. Within mankind.
  2. Within the books which held God’s sacred words.  His words are anointed and Holy.


Obvious to me anyway the Dark Lord went after (to desecrate) men’s bodies/minds/soul. And the Dark Lord went after God’s sacred words in every BIBLE on the face of this Earth.

The first desecration is the mark of the beast. The mark utterly desecrates the holy temple of God the body of those who God created.

How So?

I studied the back scene for many years.  It desecrates & attacks mankind in several ways.  First massive inflammation is ensued which is the groundwork for all disease by the PEG chemical infused in all of them.  Hence, he poisoned the blood with inflammation to the body to “rend the heart” as the Dark Lord says in his new desecrated book.

Next Esau’s soup steals from the body the inheritance of the crown of life everlasting.  They are not human and therefore gmo creatures with beast dna do not inherit the kingdom of God.


The literal beast pro teens.  Pro teens are Dee Anne aye via Emma are an aye command center directives by the immune system.  Giving directives to the bodies own first line of defense against danger to turn it’s own sale structure into Chimpanzee gee gnome.   Copying the scriptese payload.  The body thinks the commands are from it’s own high command.  A horrible deception.

Hence the name “mark of the beast” is literal.

And so finally turning God’s Spirit filled creation into a high brid Gee Emma Oh!

Just as the prophecy said before they turned it into a scape goat fallen angel picture show by massive propaganda campaigns.    Its always been mankind who wants to be a god. It was always mankind who changed their very nature.

It’s a call to trust God over men and most people have failed utterly.

Didn’t they always teach us in school the insulting theory that “humans came from monkeys?”  The statement is an inverted threat finally carried out by the Antichrist’s agenda and the False prophet to turn mankind into monkeys.  And they have by the mark of the beast in their bloodlines.

All Set Down by The False Prophet The Oracle of Omaha

Who?  Prophets & false prophets are identified because they make predictions.  Who put “Gates of Hell” into power?  W.H.O distributed the motb high and low?

A prophet of course aided by his antichrist puppet. The Oracle of Omaha is behind Gates of Hell.  He is identified because of his many public predictions.  Not only is he the owner of about everything on Earth.  He also makes public financial predictions “prophecy” by inside cheating and he has for years. False prophet in plain sight.

That’s right…War on Buffet or Oracle of Omaha is his name.

Christians say “the anti and false prophet are not revealed yet!”  In all Truth they are not revealed yet TO THEM.

Eschatology (Eschatological)

1. : a branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history of the world or of humankind. 2. : a belief concerning death, the end of the world, or the ultimate destiny of humankind.

Black Rainbow shows the reign of the beast his time is very short.

The day of the crow came but will soon go with it’s poverty and destruction.  With it’s four horsemen of the apocalypse rushing through.

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