King James Supernatural Bible Change Log part 2 – 2020


Hi!  I am back.  My end of days website has kept me busy for several years.  But now our seven years of waiting is coming to an end.  Our stress of seeing into the realm of the supernatural while our fellow humans are oblivious to it is about over.   SEVEN YEARS WAS IN ALL BIBLES MISS BRENDA WELTNER.  Not only that the Gentiles have a separate seven year tribulation we think.  Jacob’s troubles is for the elect.  While the Gentiles are oblivious to the signs and wonders all around us.  Either they will have NO tribulation of there are TWO seven year periods of distress.

A juggernaut-. A fiction (or real) example of a spiritual juggernaut. There was a procession of a religious ceremony like a parade that included sacred and holy statues anointed by God Himself. For they contained God’s words on and inside each of them kept safe within and carved onto. But God looked at the people praising the statue & said to Himself…the people are now calling the book/statue by Jesus’ Holy Title. They give the worded statue honor and praise in every church service. Holding it up in praise. So, God said, I will send my sacred words to Heaven. For it is harvest time anyway. And those who Love my words will keep them in their heart. I will remove the seal of Daniel from the words. And allow the dark lord to do his best rewrites with his Author of confusion. I will allow him to rewrite the books and those who know my voice will turn from the idol. Those who worship me will continue worshipping me and learning from me. And during the procession of the spiritual parade the statue fell to the ground and crushed the paraders in the procession who worshipped the statue instead of God. Calling it by God’s Son’s name. The name by which the Holy Spirit comes. And even though the words were vile the worshippers still called the statues “perfect” and “The Word of God” they didn’t seem to care what it said. For they worshipped the book not God.

Perhaps instead of covering the grammar error, sentence structure mistakes, new words, fake words, new verses, blasphemous verses, anti God scripture I should instead cover the Truth that is left in the KJVB because the un-corrupted scripture in the book are far less in number than the corrupt text.   Do you think I am kidding?  Exaggerating maybe?  Not so.

I didn’t Expect they would make the KJV Bible changes this extreme and this fast.  I didn’t expect it to become so unholy so fast.

My God, If these Christians still Idolize the book after this stuff….STUDY

Today’s new words KJVB 01-15-2020.





Jesus now says “ALL HAIL” After his descension back up to Earth.  Now instead of just “Mary” returning to the cave/sepulcher both “Mary’s” return and see the angel who moved the great bolder from in front of the cave opening

Everyone knows Jesus said to one of the MARYS “do not touch me for I have not yet ascended to the Father”.

The scripture in Mathew 28 was a mystery of sorts.  Jesus said it to ONE MARY.  I believe it was Mary of Bethany who also sat at the feet of Jesus.  She was the sister of Martha who rebuked Mary to help her do the dishes. Jesus had then said paraphrased….”to each his own, it is Mary’s part to learn at my feet, and yours to do the works of the house.” something like that.

However that is not my topic here.  NOW they the TWO MARY’S grab His feet and are all over Him with worship.  He never says “don’t touch me I have not yet ascended.”




GOD THE HATER of His own children?  Either the book is corrupt or those who follow its lead must worship evil and lies.  That is the choice.  Serve the beast or serve God.  Choose this day whom you will serve the books or God.

The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.

And what manner of God is this in the new M.E. KJVB?  As Jeremiah allegedly congratulates his God for being a “great deceiver” of the kings and nations in

And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.


Jeremiah 4:10.

Then said I, Ah, Lord GOD! surely thou hast greatly deceived this people and Jerusalem, saying, Ye shall have peace; whereas the sword reacheth unto the soul


This hater, canable promoting god could not possibly be the God whose Son is Jesus because Jesus is The Truth.  Truth is vital to Faith, Spiritual condition and purity of heart.  Know ye not that it is impossible for God to tell a lie.  And now all over the Bible God is depicted as a deceiver, sending out strong delusion, renigging on his promises, and his actions which are viscous and malevolent including sport-like punishments.  Example-He feeds his children’s, children to them for dinner.  Lev. 29:26 COME ON!

I watch in anxt as Christians read over the book accepting ANYTHING it says as being benevolent, good(oh wait now it’s “goodly” not good, right and true.

Listen I was at a friends house trying to showing her and hoping to God she would see the Bible changes and their blasphemous nature on the most part.  She read scripture.  Oddly it seems far more people are inspired to read the Bible now a days, now that its so extremely error filled and a doctrinal swamp of mis-spoken dialects from a mix of white trash trailer park lingo to west Virginia illiterate hick jawl  followed with a spin of Old Norse Viking Celtic demure hence the “Lo” this & “Lo” that!  After all, Jesus now saying “I reckon” and Christians don’t bat an eye.

There is no Old English left in the book save the “Our Father who art in Heaven Hallowed be thy name.” I think they preserved that line because so many people would remember it.

SORRY YOUTUBE REMOVED THAT VIDEO OF COURSE-  When they remove videos off YT it also get’s removed off sites that embed it or link it.

Then said I, Ah, Lord GOD! surely thou hast greatly deceived this people and Jerusalem, saying, Ye shall have peace; whereas the sword reacheth unto the soul


Here’s an entertaining scripture change.  I was looking for the mature and poetically respectable verse “make your home among the rocks” and its no longer in KJV but this is.

The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks;

The mocking scriptures often have the winky.

Crony= is the practice of partiality in awarding jobs and other advantages to friends or trusted colleagues, especially in politics and between politicians and supportive organizations. For instance, this includes appointing “cronies” to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications

A feeble folk?  Nice.  I had a vision of the twin owls of the Lumpy Ridge, Rocky mountains being split.  I am sure the “cronies” as well as the “conies” are making their home among the rocks.  And how can an animal be called a “feeble folk” anyway?  RIDICULOUS!  The owls that the elite worship in the rocks will be split in two just and the separation of twins born attached at the hip.  The rocks will crash and end up exposing all who hide within them. Prediction received on 1-13-2020 fulfillment of prediction will be during the great tribulation in the next four years my guess.  Father did not give me a date.

holpen   New word term.


More alluding to cannibalism to salt an infant after its born.

You DON’T salt infants and newborns.  You salt the fatted bullock.  What the scripture probably used to say was “anoint with oil”.  Back in the days of Ezekiel they knew the value of plants and they used holistic medicine that is now wiped off the face of the earth by the elite whenever possible.  They brought Jesus Frankincense and Myrrh when He was born just for that purpose.  Oil was expensive, sacred to divine callings of God and used for spiritual and health reasons.

Strongs definition of “salted” is not good in this case verse.

King Jame Version Mandela Effected Bible Reads, “Salted Infants” Implies More Cannibalism

#4414 In the Concordance

mâlach, maw-lakh’; a primitive root; also as denominative from H4417 properly, to rub to pieces or pulverize; intransitively, to disappear as dust; also to salt whether internally (to season with salt) or externally (to rub with salt):—× at all, salt, season, temper together, vanish away.

Knat is now Gnat.  Can’t find anything online on that change.  I remember me and my brother using the word like KaNat because of the spelling we made fun of the word.  Now the spelling G-nat.

“MEAT” and “FLESH” are MULTIPLIED IN THE KJVB (I probably already posted this word once.)  But its worth repeating.

FRUIT, BREAD, NUTS, BERRIES, FOLIAGE, and pretty much anything edible has been changed to “MEAT” of “FLESH”.  It’s fairy disgusting what the KJV Bible has turned into.  Very grotesque.  Especially for those of us who do not eat meat anymore since the great awakening has occurred.

Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls:

Aroma, Fragrance, Savoir are changed to “odor” or “odour” in the KJV.   This is a perfect example of the desecration of abomination as prophesied by Daniel of the Holy Place (Holy Book) that is taking place here.  “let the reader understand” says the scripture noting that it is referring to the desecration of that which is READ.  Furthermore the Strong’s definition of the “holy place” is “scripture in a book”.  It tells us flat out what the abomination desolation is.  I say “DESECRATION” because that is what the book used to say not “desolation”

If your new to the bible changes and a believer. Do not think that I cover the changes because I want to discredit God or Jesus. On the contrary, the book WAS Holy and had many truths before the Mandela effect changes.  The security seal of Daniel is off the book.  If the book is honored now or viewed as worthy to teach us or instruct us we advocate lies and put the book above Jesus who IS TRUTH and IS THE WORD OF GOD.   _____________Jazweeh

Word ‘FUGITIVE‘ now in KJVB.

Oh boy!  The Antichrist has finally outed himself clearly and by verse.

In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of Davidshall beas Godas the angel of the LORD before them.
Now taking Zec 12:8 in context and by its words, definition of the English language what does this script mean?
Answer,  What is the house of David?  The third king of Israel.  David is multiplied in the KJV.  The house of David is David being Israeli and his home and family in Israel.  So there it is the Israeli Jews shall be (as) God..  ‘Acting’ God if you will, Israel ruler of all.  NO-thing is God except God we the true worshippers of Jesus/Father in Spirit and Truth refuse any “acting” God that would usurp itself over the indwelling power of The Holy Spirit in us the True church the elect.  The Elect do not want to be God but for some reason Israel and many Jews do.   This antichrist WILL rise up in and out of Jerusalem.  Salem his lot.  Salem’s Lot.
NEXT we see “David shall be as God and the angel of the Lord before them”.
So this Israel, David as God is as an Angel of The Lord before them.  This is Satan an angel of The Lord before the people, ruling in Jerusalem.  The fallen.
COVERT now in scripture KJV

FISHES” is not a word people YET there it is in KJVB.

And they say unto him, We have here but five loaves, and two fishes.

Controversy new in KJVB.

“Depart from me ye workers of iniquity I never knew you”.  Scripture is changed backwards and inside out but still says basically the same thing.

HOWEVER the two prior scripts are jacked up and slapped down.

When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are:
Then shall ye begin to say, We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets.  ”hast” would be “hath” Taught in our streets is new.  I know you not whenceye are makes no grammar sense.

Most of the KJV bible is now corrupt.

He doesn’t “WROUGHT” miracles by the hands of Paul.  Miracles are done by God and by His Holy Spirit in us.  And “rot” by “wrought” is NOT a word.

The Book of “Joshua” pretty sure never existed.  Its no wonder “AI” is all through it.  Yes Joshua was a significant bible personality however he did not have his own book.  So this means a book is missing since there are 66 books and apparently were.  Or was it 70?  I do wish I had paid more attention to the particulars such as that.

“But when divers were hardened, and believed not, but spake evil of that way before the multitude, he departed from them, and separated the disciples, disputing daily in the school of one Tyrannus.”
Jesus taught in the synagogue He did NOT “dispute daily” that is against His nature.  Tyr annus more mocking words.

Deputies, Crystal, Derision, 

Deputy now in KJVB

Here we see the anti christ being exalted in the idolatrous book by capitalizing “Wicked” as his name mid sentence.

And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

Now We Must!  Need be, Die for Jesus sake, says the KJVB.

Wow really?  What is this payback?  Salvation no longer free?  Now for Jesus sake we must needs be DIE!

2nd Corinthians 4:11 Show that We die for Jesus instead of showing the other way around.  The New UP SIDE DOWN GOSPEL FOLKS.  Know it as it is written not as you want it to mean changing even the English language one word at a time to make it fit.  The book is now an idol of lies. “alway” is not a word.

For we which live are alway delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.

The following Scriptures are Wrong wrong wrong and utterly contemptible not of God whatsoever!

  1. God does NOT make men cannibals are you kidding me?
  2. Our Father will not “feed us the flesh of our own children”.  To interpret the bible changes at this point you must know the temperature and countenance with behavior and personality of a God Who Is Love.
  3. God talked about the prayers of the saints being a sweet savour.  Now the word is odor.  What is an odor?  Come on that is an insult and a negative bad smell.
  4. The entire book is filled with lies that changed terminology sets forth.  Old English has turned to what they now call “middle earth English”.
  5. Used to be the KJV Bible was Old English very poetic always eloquent, never crass or brutal.  Old English was spoken in certain movies and films like the “Tudors” series.  And other movies with Shakespeare.

Think Romeo and Juliet, and they of that language HERE ARE EXAMPLES OF OLD ENGLISH AS IT WAS PRIOR TO THE MANDELA EFFECT.


A Farewell to The Words in The Book  Farewell to the renowned and exquisite grammar and spelling farewell to that which lent itself to right and good.

Farewell to preachers who deserved not to speak its graceful words.   Truth shall flow no more from their wicked tongues.  Farewell.  For we who are True have the Words wrapped tightly and evenly around our heart.  Our heart’s desire is composed of these such words.

The famine is upon the lands of men, though they see it not. Until the mass of men be pricked to the core of their heart by apocalyptic shock and events, they shall neither see or hear by man, or beast the words God has set in the hearts of His own faithful.

The Word of God is written on my own heart.  The lies are written on the paper. 

Beautiful with elegance not a saucy or obscure term in any line of text.  Forthright were the word terms, and to the point the verses were fragrant to the soul and palatable to the spirit.  The bread of Life is Jesus and His Truth feeds His children.   A refreshing of Spirit shall follow reading words that agree with one’s heart.

Could it be so that those whom Father appointed the greatest task of all time on Earth itself be corrupt in their intellect and thought or perhaps careless and ignorant of their own language?  I think not!  Yet educated Christians take no thought of the errors in the text.

Will not our Father bring forth words and terms of delight with excellence?  Do you who are so learned about His words and terms see the corruption of the text at hand?  How be it pronouncements are skewed?  How be it spellings are tragically dispondant (despaired, discourage of, urged to gloom) of mood and Truth?   

Our Great language of Old English were words that meant what they said and said what they meant in EVERY instance both of tongue and of the ink well. 

Where for art thou oh sacred writings of old?  How be it thou hath gone henceforth from my sight with haste?  I bid thee farewell blessed words of Father portraying both hope and faith. 

Prophesies of Amos 8:11 and 12 must come to pass before us in full, prior to the passing away of this generation. The decree of Famine of God’s words was set forth not in hast, nor without regard for those who would remember the old ways of the sacred text.  Wherefore art thou oh book of old on which per adventure, I weighed its pages to heavily upon my very soul.

  The written words dismissal from my presence hath abated me if only for the time, sorrow and dismay.  Shall I miss thee as if thy were my own breathren?  Shall I grieve ye long in passing oh book dissolved?   Misshapen and heinous is your successor I proclaim it.   Seeing the sacred words flow out as water from the vase is no small event to my heart.  The loss is both miraculous and tragic,supernatural and amazing.  I welcome to celebrate my great loss and grieve it together.  Once in a lifetime.

The result of the passing of sacred words render my very heart a deep well of loss save my Savior come here soon and my joy return unto me.  He shall quench my heart as a dry green plant thirst for water for its very survival and life.   

I must either cleave away or  bind forthwith in sorrow and icy shallow dreams my remembrance of said text?  “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was” scream those blind men.

The Word of God is written on my own heart.  The lies are written on the paper.  I choose Truth and the wherewithal  to accept, endure, and allow the changes to flow thru and about me as I sway like a tree when the strong storm wind surrounds it.   I bend and sway, not broken by the change of time, two times and the dividing of time.

Surely thine Author’s arms must reach through and breach time itself by the vail that succumbs to no one except He, and henceforth deliver all who see the passing of Truth and greatly we grieve it.  

And if ye will not for all this hearken unto me, but walk contrary unto me;
Then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury; and I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins.

God Makes Men Cannibals Scripture So the God of the bible makes Pepsi products with fetal cells in it.  Look it up.  This is the antichrist who turns men into cannibals.

And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.
And I will destroy your high places, and cut down your images, and cast your carcases upon the carcases of your idols, and my soul shall abhor you.
And I will make your cities waste, and bring your sanctuaries unto desolation, and I will not smell the savour of your sweet odours.


So insulting “sweet savoir” of the prayers of the saints is changed in Rev. to vials full of “odours” both crass and misspelled.  Plus the prayers of the saints were also “went up as the smoke of sweet incense unto God” Our prayers are sacred children.  And Father hears our weakest prayer.

Revelation 5:8  “And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints.”

Furthermore “men have sought out many vices” changed to “many devices” changed to “many inventions”

How will the experts explain away the new contradiction?  Now Moses brings down the ten commandements from both Mt. Sinai and Mt. Horeb.  Whatever, these people will never see until the great tribulation peels their spiritual eyes and shocks them into truth.  Or they may never see.  Their natural eyes rule their mind.   Their spiritual eyes have been dimmed.

Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai (Hebrew: הַר סִינַי‬, Har Sinai) is the mountain at which the Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God, and is one of the most significant of the Stations of the Exodus. In the Book of Deuteronomy, these events are described as having transpired at Mount Horeb.

Brothers and Sisters now has come more changes in the KJVB than I have seen in 3 years.  The new words are galore now.  This whole business of the KJvb is nearly unrecognizable.  I have see more changes today than ever.  The changes have been amped up mostly with words that are way too modern for what the KJV used to be.

Jesus please come soon.

Few know or have experienced the deep frustration of watching the blind lead the blind.  Its very difficult for us to watch the blind sheep choose the lie over truth.  We watch them justify contradictions, grammar errors, new ridiculous words, spelling errors and deeply blasphemous changed scripture.  Why do you watch if its so distressing?

We want to keep up with the book and its new narrative while hoping others will wake up at some point and see.  But we are setting our hope on the great tribulation because without the gift of desperation the sheep will stay asleep.

Blasphemy Jesus by comparison of script being impaled?

These “Joshua the Impaler” scripture are sick. But now I am seeing that other versions say Joshua hung the captain on a tree.  Is this why they changed Jesus from being hung on a cross to hanging on a tree said Paul in Galatians 3:13.  Which never made sense anyway as it contradicts the cross.  But now we see the bible changers motive to show Jesus as impaled.

And the king of Ai he hanged on a tree until eventide: and as soon as the sun was down, Joshua commanded that they should take his carcase down from the tree, and cast it at the entering of the gate of the city, and raise thereon a great heap of stones, that remaineth unto this day.
He impaled the body of the king of Ai on a pole and left it there until evening. At sunset, Joshua ordered them to take the body from the pole and throw it down at the entrance of the city gate. And they raised a large pile of rocks over it, which remains to this day.

Mar 1:17

And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.

He said “follow me” and I shall make you fishers of men.  Not “Come” with a mid sentence capital C.


Word “DISEASE” now in KJVB 15 times.   Supposedly Jesus “sends disease before Him” this God of the Bible is not Jesus or The Father..NOT ANYMORE If it ever was in the O>T at all.



Pro 11:15 He that is surety for a stranger shall SMART for it: and he that hateth suretiship is sure.

LOL sure i ti ship….. Oww that “smarts” lol RICDICULOUS! OMGOSH.

NOW Look on Breathren “OFFICERS” NOW IN THE KJVB SEE the following ridiculous verse…..scripture, passage, sentence.  Ward also.

And he asked Pharaoh’s officers that were with him in the ward of his lord’s house, saying, Wherefore look ye so sadly to day?

Penis Fish Decode this word Urechis unicinctus  seeing alot of U R sin Rechtus Eunuchs cin sin…and on and on in the decode terms or word scramble.

Image result for Urechis unicinctus penis fish

THE NEW HATER GOD OF THE BIBLE WAKE UP DO NOT FOLLOW THE BOOK OF INIQUITY AND LIES.  If your heart agrees with this book you have problem.

The term “Holy of Holies” is erased from all Bibles now.  Its not even in the KJVB.  Changed to “Holiest of all”.  So those under the strong delusion DO NOT EVEN REMEMBER THE PHRASE “HOLY OF HOLIES”.  Maybe that’s why they have forgotten about “saved by faith through Grace” and now they fight over Law & blood leaving faith in the dust.  And the greatest gifts of all are Faith Hope and Love. SAVED BY FAITH, SAVED BY FAITH.  The heart condition is what matters to God I believe.  They preach blood like the Exodus blood of the Lamb on the door.  The blood is symbolic Faith is Real and necessary in comparison.  Show me your faith and I will watch your works because of that Faith.

For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee.
The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.



And they gave him to drink wine mingled with myrrh: but he received it not.

Genessis 3:15 Is blasphemous calling Jesus an “IT”.


In the same day shall the Lord shave with a razor that is hired, namely, by them beyond the river, by the king of Assyria, the head, and the hair of the feet: and it shall also consume the beard.

Here’s a non bible change from “Candle in the Wind”

“PAIN” was “FAME” as usual the change makes little sense as per following lyrics.

Loneliness was tough
The toughest role you ever played
Hollywood created a superstar
And pain was the price you paid
Even when you died
Oh the press still hounded you
All the papers had to say
Was that Marilyn was found in the nude

Jesh!  PRESIDENTS NOW IN THE KJVB.  That’s right folks…the the nay sayers will say “it was ALWAYS there.”  Right.  The Book is UNRECOGNIZABLE at this point along with the English language where many words have changes to the way they are spelled.  If you find yourself in spellcheck constantly having to relearn spelling its not you.  The language is being rewritten very abruptly as changes and downloads happen bi-weekly.

Braham Stokers “Dracula” Rats Scene.  New scripture often mimics movies or headlines.

Leviticus 13:45

And the leper in whom the plague is, his clothes shall be rent, and his head bare, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip, and shall cry, Uncleanunclean.

Another ridiculous verse supernatural bible change, who knows what it used to say.


AI is taking the LOVE out of the Bible and replacing it with legalism and legalistic terms of carnality and shallow minded suedo spirituality.

FORGIVENESS OF SINS IS NOW “REMISSION” A more legal term that is like being acquitted by some judge rather than forgiven by LOVE the action of a God who Loves us.

Furthermore the following scripture shows “propitiation” a LEGAL TERM of the court meaning to “appease” some authority as if Jesus just appeased God by His sacrifice.  As if it was not out of Love but rather some action of a attorney who cares not a bit for his client just wants to get paid for his work.  THE LOVE IS REMOVED FROM THE BOOK.  The empathy is removed from the book.  The English language and the book are transformed to fit the likeness of the Beast.

Romans 3:25

“Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;”  Not the disgusting winky.


the action of refraining from exercising a legal right, especially enforcing the payment of a debt.
By this definition, more courtroom terminology taking the Love of Jesus and God is Love into the realm of “DEBT”, payment, and the big bankster in the sky.


Moreover “faith in his blood” whose blood, this isn’t even referring to my God anymore.  FAITH IN BLOOD?  No Faith in Jesus, Faith in God.  The blood is symbolic.

We have the New Agers acting as if the downloads of lies and strong delusion from EMF and God only knows what else is actually some grand spiritual upgrade from the benevolent ones (whoever they are).  NOT SO.  How do we know?  Because Truth is Good and Lies are Bad…its that simple.

They New Age YT channels are running the propiganda that points out the many side effects of EMF and WIFI 5GHZ etc. as they explain it all away as some “Ascension Process”  BULLSHIT…I call bullshit!  How long until the word “bullshit” is found in the KJVB?

The following scripture has had an AXE taken to is, its butchered.  It would have said “the meat of the word” as compared to the “milk” of the word for babes.  It would not have read “to them that” but rather “to those who”, neither would it have said “by reason of” instead of “for this reason” or another more excellent term, the book was sanctified, it was holy.  The book was respectful by its words & terms.  Nor would it have read, “exercised” and this “by reason of use” is new to me…maybe it said “Due To” & “wisdom” or “experience” or “applying the scripture to one’s own life” and so on.  See the difference?

Why do Christians side with corrupt language and blasphemous ideals?  Because they Love not The Truth nor do they know Father by His Love.

The KJVB is now a mockery of God HImself and especially it is a mockery unto those who are born again believers who knew the temperature, mood, and attitude of the book.

But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses G145 exercised to discern both good and evil.



The Sword, the weapon that is The Holy Spirit is the “The Sword of The Spirit”.  To call it now in KJV “The Spirit of His Mouth” is an insult to say His mouth has its own Spirit.   Also says “He destroys him by the breath of His mouth” that one is also questionable.  As if his breath is so bad it knocks you over.   See the sarcasm behind these terms?   The author of confusion is writing the book.  And re-writing the book.

They say we who see the KJVB changes are those who are deceived and we are under the strong delusion.  PROBLEM IS….WE WHO SEE ARE THE MINORITY, WE WHO SEE, ALSO SEE THE EVIL IN THE WORDS AND TERMS they are countless!  The Bible is full of blasphemies now.  Hate and whore, and piss, and “stupid son of a whore” in the NLT these attitudes are not platitudes.  The book has gone from Holy to wretched, from respectful and poetic to crass and wisdom-less.  Look at Proverbs now it folly.  The book was so full of wisdom and beauty.  And yet they say WE ARE THE ONE’S, UNDER THE STRONG DELUSION. And that WE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE CORRUPT.  Those who see are mature Christians, who are born again. We who see hear His voice and we recognize a foreign entity in the book.  We know what this means.

The wicked one is standing in the Holy place.  ITS ON!

ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE BELOW JESUS WAS “BURIED” Instead of being put behind a great rock in a cave on a great stone, and wrapped in the cloth etc.  Book has become unrecognizable.   I believe it is here that they deleted His descent into Hell where He overcame death and TOOK the keys to death and Hell and overcame Death by Love, Faith, and power in The Holy Spirit as the Son of God.

And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

Now the book is idolatrous and must be viewed as corrupt.


SIDENOTE:  Good luck keeping the belt of Truth on with this kind of teaching.  JESUS IS TRUTH.  The book now portrays the Father of Lies as Author and finisher of these writings of confusion by the author of confusion.

New International Version
“‘And if the prophet is enticed to utter a prophecy, I the LORD have enticed that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand against him and destroy him from among my people Israel.New Living Translation
“‘And if a prophet is deceived into giving a message, it is because I, the LORD, have deceived that prophet. I will lift my fist against such prophets and cut them off from the community of Israel.English Standard Version
And if the prophet is deceived and speaks a word, I, the LORD, have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand against him and will destroy him from the midst of my people Israel.

This is a new word “marvel” but I am going to quote it anyway…maybe some changes are of God.  This one is Truth.

King James Bible
And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the LORD have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand upon him, and will destroy him from the midst of my people Israel.


Christian Standard Bible
“‘But if the prophet is deceived and speaks a message, it was I, the LORD, who deceived that prophet. I will stretch out my hand against him and destroy him from among my people Israel.


Contemporary English Version
If a prophet gives a false message, I am the one who caused that prophet to lie. But I will still reject him and cut him off from my people,


Good News Translation
“If any prophets are deceived into giving a false answer, it is because I, the LORD, have deceived them. I will remove them from the people of Israel.


Holman Christian Standard Bible
But if the prophet is deceived and speaks a message, it was I, Yahweh, who deceived that prophet. I will stretch out My hand against him and destroy him from among My people Israel.


International Standard Version
“Now as to the prophet, if through deceit he delivers a message, I the LORD have deceived that prophet! I’ll reach out in opposition to him and exterminate him from among my people Israel.


NET Bible
“‘As for the prophet, if he is made a fool by being deceived into speaking a prophetic word–I, the LORD, have made a fool of that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand against him and destroy him from among my people Israel.


New Heart English Bible
“‘”If the prophet is deceived and speaks a word, I, the LORD, have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand on him, and will destroy him from the midst of my people Israel.


GOD’S WORD® Translation
” ‘If a prophet is tricked into giving a prophecy, it is I, the LORD, who tricked the prophet. I will use my power against you and destroy you from among my people Israel.

A Short Study on new bible DEBAUCHERIES that shows nefarious motive.  And shows strong residual.  (by the way the “remnant” is now called the “residue”.  Nice huh?  Occurs 34 times in 33 verses this week.

Jude 1:8 KJV

“Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.”  Also “despise dominion” is new.  Despise dominion….so if I have dominion over something or someone else has dominion over something they despise that precept.   OR…..”dominions” used to be the term and meant or means a type of hierarchy of angelic being.  “dominions”.    The way its worded now changes the meaning of the word it self just by changing it from plural to singular.  Granted the word “dominion” does have two meanings now you would need to look up the root word.

Col 1:16  This scripture has the same ref. number G2963 but we know its talking about an angelic being type.  NOW “GOVERNMENTS” IS DEFINED AS A DOMINION AS BEING A SACRED AUTHORITY.  The word “governments” is new and inserted illegally it is a lie.  Whoever is changing the Bible wants humans to worship governments and kings, and other humans.

“For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:”   But wait the famous scripture that we wrestle against “dominions” meaning wicked beings in high places

DIGNITIES” IS NOT A WORD BUT I AM SURE GOOGLE HAS SOME DEFINITION ALREADY in keeping up with the changes, they must.  Lets face it “dignity” IS a word that means self respect, basically.  So “dignities” would have to be types of self respect or types of dignity, right?  So its saying types of dignity are entities of which we can speak disrespectfully against.

Boy I should be a Preacher myself, “PREACHER” is now in the KJVB also btw.

Now!  This Dignities thing is in another verse also….same thing “dignities” in KJV and “DIGNITARIES” in NKJV which IS WHAT THEY BOTH USED TO READ.

“But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.”  come on! “them that walk after the flesh” its as if the King James Bible Scholars were trailer trash” Yep I reckon it was them that bla bla bla”  YES JESUS IS NOW SAYING “RECKON” IN THE KJVB.  Still the sleeping cannot wake or see.
“and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise authority. They are presumptuous, self-willed. They are not afraid to speak evil of dignitaries,


WHY?  Because the NEW KJVB still says “dignitaries”

“Likewise also these dreamers defile the flesh, reject authority, and speak evil of dignitaries.”

They (the controllers/powers who be) WILL NOT leave it this way because its obvious residual.  Not to mention folks…we were seeing the word “DEMON” disappear from the KJVB bit by bit word by word till NOW ITS GONE TOTALLY.  FINALLY I saw a guy on YT site the change to the name “Mandella” it always had two “L’s” for me too, thanks whoever you were. Some guy being interviewed I forget which channel it was.

Gal 1:6

“I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:”   

“Who” is diminished while “which & that” are multiplied in the book.

occurs 12,916 times in 9,900 verses in the KJV.

occurs 4,414 times in 3,881 verses in the KJV.

occurs 970 times in 867 verses in the KJV.

The Word “WHO” has been removed hundreds of thousands of times from the KJVB replaced with “which” & “that” to lower/demote the respect and honor of men and God by the pronouns that used to be used for non people or improper nouns.   Proper nouns no longer sport the “who” & “whose” oh no whoever is changing the book likes to call Jesus, God, and man a “which”.  Like “those which” or “he that” or “him which”.

Furthermore, EVERY time they use “AS IT WERE” not only is this improper English grammar but its also mocking those who do not see how ridiculous it sounds compared to “as it was”.  I have heard over and over those who claim they see the Bible changes yet know NOTHING of most of the debauchery.


Most likely people on YouTube are either just making videos because they are trending and are copying EYA who is the expert and forerunner of supernatural bible change videos.  OR someone wants to make a list of those who truly do see the changes.   Lets face it people, we are not getting the corrupt downloads of the false history (fake bible etc)  if we see the changes, and this means they can’t control our minds.  Surely they don’t like that.

Those who end up facing the end times gallows may be those who see and cannot be downloaded with the fake bible.  The controllers are probably baffled saying “why can’t we download these idiots with our false history and fake bible verses?”

They are probably incapable of realizing that those who see are protected spiritually and its not about science or emf or 4g downloads as much as its about those who Love Truth and worship Jesus.


WARNING! The majority of channels on Youtube by people who claim to “see the KJV Bible changes” I have found don’t see most of the changes.  They see the obvious signs and wonders that anyone can see if they look.  I call the obvious signs and wonders like “Lion & Lamb” and “slay them before me” Jesus.  While these channels subscribe to the most blasphemous of bible changes as if they were always that way and are truth.

The following baptism scripture is disgusting, an example of putrid sarcasm toward Jesus and John the Baptist.  The scripture was NOT written this way originally and the word “suffer” is a negative term.  Reminds me of the movie “Black Snake Moan” where the girl suffered moaning on the floor taken by some demonic perverse force twisted and mangled.  Same with “suffer the little children”.  That also is a very old change.  I have seen changes as far back as 2007 for sure.  And now that I have a more critical eye on the book I see very old verses that could not have been truly words of God by their temperature and meaning.  Fulfill is spelled wrong.  It becometh us….makes no sense.  NO SENSE.  I used to Love Old English, now I can barely remember it’s character and tone.  So sad.  So sad.  The word “LO” is an old Viking term of the Nordics.  “Lo” has replaced “Ye”. After all Satan seems to advocate the Low Down.

Mat 3:15

And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered him.

Friends Here are my personal qualifications for knowledge of the massive and on-going supernatural bible changes.

The KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE USED TO BE A LITERARY MASTERPIECE WRITTEN IN OLD POETIC ENGLISH.  THAT MEANT IT SAID WHAT IT MEANT  AND MEANT WHAT IT SAID.  And it was written eloquently, poetically, righteously, spiritually, and especially with grace and tact were the words set forth to form a beautiful and respectable picture of Our Father’s emotional temperature and personality.  NOW its a book of lies full of sarcasm, disgusting situations and precepts along with sexual innuendo and cannibalistic & hateful tendencies.  The book now has the personality of a Beast, The Beast.

The blind Christians put their own meaning to the blasphemous words and terms when they read them.  The Christians enjoy the evil verses with their gross and disgusting stories of flesh pots and men in skirts w/girdles, and whore’s this and whore that, hate everywhere.

At 27 I was born again.  At 30 I received The Baptism of The Holy Spirit.  At 56-57 I woke up to the new reality and was shown the Beast System, revealed to me in depth.  I suffered under the beast system for many years and thought I was bad.  I believed many lies.  I am Jazweeh, this is my pen name.  My true identity is Laura of Akron child of The Most High God.  I am called Laura E.

The very fist scripture I ever related to was Apostle Paul struggling with sin.  I was so connected to him and his profession of struggle.  He said “that which I would not do, that I do.”  When I do that which I do not want to do, it is sin that lives in me, and on he went, “who shall deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to Jesus Christ our Lord.”

All of Romans chapter 7 is pretty much GARBAGE NOW.  The WISDOM IS GONE FROM THE BOOK.  PROVERBS IS TRASHED.  HOW DO PEOPLE FOLLOW SUCH GARBAGE?  How?  They swim in the pool of strong delusion they side with the lie and they advocate hate by the new scripture.

Apparently they never knew God if they advocate the book and have actually read it in its new form.  This is the sad conclusion I have come to.  Either they never knew God OR they really have just not even thought about the bible with any depth…ever.  Not before or after.  Maybe they are just playing follow the leader spirituality.  Maybe they only know a verse or two that sound good and right so they mimic and parrot the other Christians in their behavior.

Throughout the real history, I looked up most every word in my KJVB that I didn’t understand and learned what those words meant. NOW their are thousands of new words that I have NEVER SEEN even after reading the text hundreds of times and looking up most everything I did not understand.  That ws my method and my goal was to understand what I was reading.  From the age of 25 till I was probably 33 years old I studied using Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, Thayer’s N.T. Lexicon, and Bible Dictionaries, With the Greek English Interlinear Bible…I later purchased a Hebrew Lexicon for the O.T. as well.  I used since 1987 a KJV Thomson Chain Reference Study Bible for in depth study into the Greek and Hebrew origination of words and terms to fully understand what I thought at the time was “God’s Word”.  Now I know only Jesus can claim being God’s Word.


2nd Chronicles 35 Now says all through it “KILL THE PASSOVER” NOT “kill the Passover lamb” or goat or whatever, over and over it says “KILL THE PASSOVER” What does this mean? It means two things literally.

Who Passed over?  The Holy Spirit passed them over when they had blood on the door this showed that they worshipped the One True God of Issac Jacob and the rest. Their first born was safe.  So the scripture is saying “Kill the Holy Spirit” that is blasphemous.

Two, Kill the Passover means no longer should anyone recognize what is called to some “Easter” or “The Passover” which is the day we celebrate The Risen Christ called Jesus.  So Kill the Passover it says over and over.

I watched a video by “wakeuporelse” who is no doubt either under the strong delusion or and outright shill I don’t know which. He quoted 2nd Thess 2 giving “all power” to the antichrist. Then he justifies it saying its Holy Spirit inspired and Apostle Paul was making a powerful point and on and on. Not to mention THERE WILL BE NO “WEARING OUT” OF THE SAINTS..COME ON!  WE KNOW that the antichrist, the biblical Satanic man of perdition having “ALL POWER” IS A LIE and goes against many if not all of the basic foundational precepts of God/Jesus. This is common God-sense. YET he advocates the scripture as truth promoting evil as having “all power” Not good.

People I am seeing more and more how these corrupt scriptures are corrupting the minds of men.  My Lord God Almighty what will the book look like in another 6 months?  We already have star systems and just utter ridiculous chapters, sick twisted, insane writings that people worship as Holy Holy Holy.  Such idolatry will not be excused God help them all its getting bad people.

This glorification of the antichrist disgusts me to the point of UN-subscribing to those who advocate lies. Even if he is under the strong delusion should he not KNOW that God The Father and ONLY GOD THE FATHER HAS “ALL POWER” PERIOD. Changing that precept is NOT OKAY.  How can he just lie down for that?  That scripture should have provoked him but it didn’t.  He is greatly deceived with a techno voice of authority, so most likely he is a production/shill who will eventually promote taking the mark of the beast.  This is the agenda for all the fake Christian channels on YT.  That they promote Sunday worship being the mark, and when it comes down to it they will lead many to their justification of taking the mark of the beast.   It baffles me how a man if he be true can promote bible changes while swallowing the worst of them.  If this man is deceived I am sorry for him.  If he is a production I have no pity on what God will do to him for leading the sheep astray into false scripture.

The famous Revelation 12 sign of 2017 involving Virgo and 9 months of gestation and the dragon has changed from LEO to JUPITOR.  Leo the righteous Lion of Jesus the intercessors who labored and finally the end times were birthed has changed to Jupitor impregnating Virgo because the antichrist must have his sign in the stars as well as God.  I know they are spelling it Jupiter.

See thing is, the elect see both the Leo event and now the Jupitor event.  But the blind sheep under the strong delusion, they only see the antichrist’s version of the event along with all the other great signs and wonders.

I have also noticed recently people calling The Gospel of Christ or what I would call the Gospel of Jesus as being “the gospel of John” or “the gospel of Peter” and on and on according to whatever book they are referring to.  However those who see know THE GOSPEL is about Jesus dying for our sins that we may live.  It is and always will be The Gospel of Christ who is Jesus.

It would be acceptable to say “The Book of John” or The book of Mark, Luke, etc.  The Gospel is that Jesus died on the cross that we may live.

With PLEIADES now in Job in the King James Version Bible the powers that be should have little trouble convincing the blind sheep that the aliens are here.  My God I really didn’t expect the changes to go this far this fast.  But every Sunday I feel the spinning of the wheel as our history topples over into a shallow grave.  The size rings of power are united against the slaves.  The five families are drunk with power changing history at will.

God only knows what changes have occured in the hierarchy that we don’t even see.

Well folks, what can I say…now we got “lawyers, Pleiades, Orion, Octurus the word “case” and the scriptures with that word are all twisted up.

Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south.
Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?


And finally it is clear Apostle Paul never said women are slaves to men who should shut up and only question men at home, not speaking in public as he does in the NT now….I suppose it’s just a really old corruption of scripture.  What are we Muslim?

Furthermore look how he supposedly disrespects women saying “what are you the only one with knowledge, did God give His words to you only?”  This is a very sarcastic scripture written with an obvious leaning toward spitefulness and resentment toward all women.   I do not believe the true Apostle Paul would have written such contradictory commands of an entire race of gender.

I believe these the bible was corrupt in part at conception and has gradually gotten much worse with the strong delusion and desecration of the holy place.

Have decided to continue this Log.  However if you search the word “Mandela effect” or “bible changes” on this site you will get a lot of new scriptures in various articles.

To Quote KAT at EYA on youtube

“It seems that the hearts of those who see the bible changes are more pliable in the Father’s hands.

This is key.  Truth is also key.  DO NOT LIE OR DECEIVE FOR ANYTHING.

Well, the Trump Cheerleaders on the box are saying Isaiah 45 is Trump.  The scripture is mangled as a matter of fact I watched one word change before my eyes. “beside” from “besides”.  I remember it “beside me” however these changes started before 2006 and maybe even before 1989 when I remember the “Lion & Lamb” scripture being “lion and wolf” even then.  Pray ye not be deceived.  Clearly some funky tech black magic is happening to all words

Again God is claim “evil” for Himself.  The God of the Bible as they call him is not my god.

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

They say “If Satan war against Satan how will his kingdom stand?”  Well I say if the righteous, just and true God war against Himself what’s the sense?”  No longer are the sides defined as evil vs. good in the book.  The lines are skewed, the book has fallen.  We cannot follow this DOUBLE MINDED GOD OF THEIRS.  Lest we stay confused.


“The Author of Confusion” is NOT my God.  Truly the new testament term “God is NOT the author of confusion” has literally happened. In this KJVB now writes, the author of confusion.

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.


Isaiah 45:13 is really confusing….and because of it I am leaning toward “Trump Antichrist” theory again.  Because the Christians are saying this scripture is about Trump.  I bet they are teaching this in the churches no doubt.

“I have raised him up in righteousness, and I will direct all his ways: he shall build my city, and he shall let go my captives, not for price nor reward, saith the LORD of hosts.”  And it says over and over “even though he has not not me” .

Then it shows God having a Creator, very confusing.  This is a principle never ever introduced before.  The book is pretty much totally changed turned inside out and upsidedown by blasphemy.

Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.

Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself, O God of Israel, the Saviour.  God doesn’t hide as a child scared or playing hide and seek.  Pretty sure this would have said the opposite.

WHAT IS THIS?  Winkies, bad grammar, horrible punctuation, and obviously the desecration of the Holy place is here and now.

“Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I the LORD? and there is no God else beside me; a just God and a Saviour; there is none beside me.”


“INRI” No longer in KJVB which is what what written on the cross of wood that Jesus was crucified on.  “INRI” means or meant “King of the Jews”.  The Romans did this as a mockery toward Jesus and His followers.


JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD not THE SON OF MAN.  By that title the bible makes Jesus on equal status as Ezekiel and other prophets called SAME.

I say this “Turn me Father and I shall be turned.”

Here’s another one:

But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.
Its not saying “will be attributed to your hand” or “regarded as by your hand” NO its saying in the future you will bleed this guy out.  Flat out evil and corrupt bible changes.

Evil Verse

When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.

What is God saying here?  We think it means the watchmen is responsible for the repentance and the behavior apparently, of the sinner, or at least to give the word of repentance to the sinner when commanded to.

But IF I require BLOOD that means I want blood, I require/demand blood and you are the one that is going to make that happen by YOUR HAND.  This is what it means in the English language taken as say what you mean and mean what you say   I require HIS BLOOD AT YOUR HAND.  That means you need to slaughter the sinner by bleeding.

Now, if he were saying “the blood of this man is on your hands” that would mean his death is your fault.  Or he could say “by you hand has this man died>” or I will recompense his death as being your fault or your doing.   His death is on your hands, your fault, your responsibility and on and on and on.

BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT IT SAYS.  Instead it says “I REQUIRE BLOOD by your hand”  AND “at YOUR HAND that blood shall be shed.”   Just saying.

Forehead is an issue in scripture now, we got “bald forehead Leviticus 13..these scripture are ridiculous.  Search “forehead” in and do research.  13:43 “in his bald forehead”.  How is it these people justify such nonsense?

Jeremiah 3:3 “A whore’s forehead”.  UNREAL!

Okay folks its time for me to mention one of the MOST VAST changes to the KJVB that was done across the board.  Being a writer I know what proper English is and there is one stickler to grammar that I remember VERY WELL and practiced over and over and over.  Nevertheless the world has forgotten this proper phrase nearly all together.

When you write about a PERSON the word is “WHO”, WHOSE, never, “THAT, WHICH, etc.

Example:  “And by faith even Sarah, who was past childbearing age, was enabled to bear children because she considered him faithful who had made the promise”.

HELLO!  What is this the ghetto? First of all there should be NO “HAD” after “who” that is ghetto English.   Never the less…the words “who” are used properly as if suddenly the SCHOLARS knew what they were doing.(oh wait that is NIV no wonder they got the “who” right.

Example Two Incorrect:

When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.
Should say “he WHO received“.  It’s as if they are calling all those “witches” by using “which” instead of “who”.
Do you get my point?  This change is all through The Bible KJV and all books pretty much but no one seems to remember the old way, no the right way of grammar.


“Organs” Now in the KJVB one time.  My guess…it will increase.

“The fear of The Lord is the beginning of WISDOM”.  Granted this verse has changed to “knowledge” recently.

No one is talking about “LO” which was NEVER in the KJV.  That Lo is an old Viking term that’s in the 13th Warrior Movie

Look at this English Grammar my god.   This is the epitome of irony.  How appropriate that  such a blatantly corrupt scripture show forth what it says by the way its written.

For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.
New word:  SOTTISH?  The have none understanding and is foolish.  COME ON SHEEP WAKE UP….I AM wearing of watching Christians quote corrupt scripture blatantly WRONG full of ERRORS YET…THEY promote it.  And even worse to day I watched an old woman who has supposedly worshiped Jesus for a very long time speaking all His EVIL DEEDS and that He is evil.
They speak of a NEW JESUS and they are BLIND AS NO…NOT BATS, BATS SEE VERY WELL…THESE SHEEP ARE BLIND.  And they are blind guides.


OKAY I have to say JESUS NEVER PULLED OUT A WHIP, COME ON.  HE TURNED OVER TABLES THAT WAS IT. BOHEMIA GROVE IS IN THE “MESSAGE BIBLE”  Search “Grove” and “climax” its SICK.  Furthermore it doesn’t say “bohemia” but look.

“The Message” Bible Translation see my article

17 “All who enter the sacred groves for initiation in those unholy rituals that climaxed in that foul and obscene meal of pigs and mice will eat together and then die together.” God’s Decree.

What’s this?  Is this speaking of those who are said to worship the owl at the Bohemian sacred grove?

These days I can’t get through a sentence without a wrong spelling EVERYTHING IS SPELLED DIFFERENT EVERYWHERE.  Practically.

Picture now in scripture

dromedaries IS NEW:

2Ki 22:14   Look at the winky…they are mocking Christians who do not see.

So Hilkiah the priest, and Ahikam, and Achbor, and Shaphan, and Asahiah, went unto Huldah the prophetess, the wife of Shallum the son of Tikvah, the son of Harhas, keeper of the wardrobe; (now she dwelt in Jerusalem in the college😉 and they communed with her.


Est 8:14

So the posts that rode upon mules and camels went out, being hastened and pressed on by the king’s commandment. And the decree was given at Shushan the palace.


Esther 3:13 the letters were sent by post.

mail….now in KJV.  MAIL

occurs 6 times in 6 verses in the KJV.

LISTEN HERE there is one thing NO ONE is talking about.  And that is Many words have changed spelling not just biblically.  SAMSON HAD A “P” IT WAS ALWAYS SAMPSON.  TO remove the “P” and all other name misspellings is DISRESPECTFUL.

ADVERTISE now in bible.  OLD TESTAMENT KJVB.   COVENANT changed to Testament in many places.

PORCHES New in scripture KJV.

The Sampson and Delilah story is ravaged to ridiculous measure.

PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL NOT “PUBLISH” THE GOSPEL.  Publish is new in that phrase verse.

Isaiah 3:23 GLASSES now in scripture yes like sun glasses or reading glasses.

RAY BANZ or was it Ray Bans?  Either way it is now RAY BAN.  Thanks EYA ON YOUTUBE for these changes.

Planets now in KJV

We could have predicted they would make this change to contradict Genesis and disfute the flat earth.

And he put down the idolatrous priests, whom the kings of Judah had ordained to burn incense in the high places in the cities of Judah, and in the places round about Jerusalem; them also that burned incense unto Baal, to the sun, and to the moon, and to the planets, and to all the host of heaven.

Ezra 9:8

“And now for a little space grace hath been shewed from the LORD our God, to leave us a remnant to escape, and to give us a nail in his holy place, that our God may lighten our eyes, and give us a little reviving in our bondage.

Bible Change Alert KJV”

VAGABOND & EXORCISTS Now in KJVB. “We Adjure you” ????REALLY? What are they inviting the demon to come out…very perplexing.
Act 19:13
Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth.

This new word “plenteous” just popped up this week.  I believe they are doing shifts of history every Sunday now.  Those whose memories are not being erased wear the belt of Truth & they get tired during the shifts and sleep.  I had a vision that Father put me on a great white crystal stone during these shifts to protect the Truth in me.

It is getting weirder and weirder for those of us who see the changes.  People are being downloaded w/a new history.  You can tell they are connected to the beast’s strong delusion by the techtronic eye usually the right eye not always.  Perhaps those left handed get the techtronic eye on the left.

The one eye will look different than the other….fixed, & mechanical, intense, and unnatural.  Those in truth are grounded w/two eyes that are equal.

Unchecked Copy Box Mat 9:37

Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous,(full/ripe it has change at least twice) but the labourers (spell error no “u”) are few;
Be careful (ANXIOUS) for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God (The Lord, Our Father)
Quite literally this is saying “be careless not careful” Truth is no longer part of KJVB otherwise Christians would stand and object to scriptures that DO NOT SAY WHAT THEY MEAN OR MEAN WHAT THAT SAY.  Christians continually rationalize the lies with the phrase “Ya but that isn’t what it means” like w/script “hate your family”.
And the peace of God, which passeth (SURPASSES) all [EARTHLY] understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.  there was more to this verse



“Her filthiness is in her skirts; she remembereth not her last end; therefore she came down wonderfully: she had no comforter. O LORD, behold my affliction: for the enemy hath magnified himself.”

Well according to Lamentations you can take off you “skirt” that word was not in the bible….cause the skirt is where the filthiness is.  Having no Comforter means no Holy Spirit according to previous Bible wording.   “She came down wonderfully”.   Come on!  Jesus was referred to as the only “Wonderful” in the Bible now they are making the word “wonderful” and “wonderfully” a filthy demonic term in at least two new bible scriptures.


One of the most annoying in KJBV are the twists to pro-nouns.  No Longer is “who” and “whose” used as in proper English as it was ALWAYS in KJV.  Now humans have lost their pronouns that say they ARE human. This is a downgrade to the called of God and a purposeful insult to us.  See this rule was a pet peeve for me being a writer.  You NEVER put “which” or “that” on the actions of a person.  Example & NOTE this is over the ENTIRE KJVB. All bibles no matter how old that are KJV are identical pretty much.

Mat. 3:3 reads of John the Baptist whom has been insulted by the word change: “that” should say “who” and always did before.  Elijah no esaias. “P” capitalized mid sentence.  FURTHERMORE excuse me?  We or they DO NOT make the path of Jesus in ANY WAY now do we?

That random changed sentence is blasphemy that says we control the actions of Jesus.

What MUST BE done when reading this book now is to say to one’s self “Is this Truth”?  Take it for what it says no what you wish it said of want it to “read” I should say.


“For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.”

The Christians will say “oh this means carve out a straight path for Jesus in the road or wood”.   However we know what “path” represents throughout the Bible “the spiritual walk of a man” is the path.  The changes are sneaky like that. And the changes are by the thousands.

And if memory serves this is “Isaiah” not Elijah who prophesied of Jesus’ second coming in that way.

“one” is CHANGED from “him”.

So I don’t know what it used to say exactly but it was not “make his paths straight”….it was something like “He shall make the paths of many turn toward God The Father.  See the difference?

When I speak of a man I use “who” or “whom”.  Not “which” this is a play on “witch” you will notice many men of God are referred to as “which” instead of “who” this is an insult and word play.

Also John the Baptist, Apostle Paul, and Jesus now where “girdles”…come on a leathern girdle REALLY?  “Leathern” IS NOT A WORD.  And these men where not cross dressers they din’t even have girdles back then.

“And the same John had his raiment of camel’s hair, and a leathern girdle about his loins; and his meat was locusts and wild honey.”

“Son of Man” is a label for prophets, Jesus and many now.  Jesus was ALWAYS THE SON OF GOD not the “The Son of man”!  That change goes way back to around 2006 or so when the word “Unicorn” was first inserted into scripture in ONE PLACE.

“And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.”

Transgressors are come to the full?  Or the fool?  Dark sentences REALLY?  This is the kind of grammar that exhibits “strong delusion”.  Anyone reading this who is not provoked in their Spirit is asleep to the changes.  Or never knew God’s personality and the KJV writers expertise and honorable form of translation and wording.

Next we have the antichrist destroying wonderfully in

And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.
Of coarse “practise” is mis-spelled.
Next Verse
I am beginning to think all this “Yashua” which translates to “JOSHUA” by the way is a Mandela effect.  I hear people talking about the new name as if it had always been around.  In reality it was the last two years that they changed the name of Jesus on social media platforms.  And they are confusing God’s name….The Father is “Adoni” I have heard name change after name change for both Jesus and The Father on social platforms to cause chaos.
The spelling of MANY words has changed.
The word “mean” was Bread.  They changed the word “bread” to meat all over the KJVB.  Jesus is the bread of life.  Not the meat of life.  Daily bread.  Not daily meat is the analogy.
OH MY GOSH ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Look at this sarcasm and word play.
“Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance: ” (winky) that script makes no sense to begin with”.
And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.
We have Abraham to our father?  Makes no sense.
God is able of THESE STONES (speaking in sarcasm of testicles…”stones”) to raise up children unto Abraham.
So if we take this at its words Jesus is talking about His own testicles here.  SORRY BUT THAT IS WHAT IT SAYS.
Christians will say “oh that isn’t what it means”.  WTH?  Do we just make it up as we go saying “oh it says that but its not what it means”.  NO!
WRITE WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU WRITE this IS a PRECEPT OF TRUTH.  The KJV used to use TRUTH  on its pages not underlying pornographic insinuation at every turn.
Christians will NOT SEE THE BIBLE CHANGES until they are able to invoke TRUTH into their reading it.
As of now when Christians read the book they invoke “delusion” at every step and DO NOT invoke TRUTH as they read.  That my friend is the key to the strong delusion at hand…well one of the keys anyway.
I could go through the entire Bible page for page and show you these kinds of innuendo and underlying insult and sarcasm scripture after scripture.  SEE EYA on You Tube.


“And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand”
This says




For God so Loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him Shall not perish but has everlasting life.”  Shall hs been changed to “should” making the scripture no longer a promise and no longer an absolute.





Wake up kids NOW God Himself is called “Reverend” is Psalms 111:9.  That’s right “holy and reverend is his name.”  No capitalization of course.  As the new bible changes make sure to disrespect Our Father more often than not.

Surely those who did know ALL the sacred names of God listed KNOW that “reverend” WAS NOT ONE OF THEM.  I suppose it matches up well with Jesus being labelled a “bishop of our soul” in N.T.

Rev. 19

Jesus is not calling His “wife” are you kidding me?  BRIDE everytime it says “wife” should say “bride”.


Rev 19

I question fine linen being righteousness of saints as it represents clothing and outer appearance.  I question this “vesture dipped in blood” thing because I have absolutely no memory of such a thing.  And why would Jesus need or wear such a thing.  Think about what blood turns to on a garment, it’s disgusting and an insult to Jesus who is now SPIRIT.  I question the name on the thigh, it provocative in nature.  I question this new “supper of the great god” that sounds like some kind of Satanic cannibalistic feast.

“wrought” is not a word.

Rev 5:5

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

Judah misspelled, weep capitalized mid sentence, JESUS was always referred to as the “a root of Jesse” now its suddenly “root of David” and was also “branch of Jesse”.     Whatever.  it was just seals not a book in Rev. 5:5.  The only book was the Lambs Book of Life. And the book that John the Revelator swallowed that became bitter.

Keep the Word of God written on your heart but the bible has to be let go…if we extol it now its idolatry and error because the righteous precepts of God are compromised in it which I have not even gotten into here yet.

Bible now confusing 4 Horsemen of the apocalypse with Jesus

And then all the sudden in Rev. 19:21 the “remnant” who is also now referred to as “residue” throughout the NT.  Yes “residue” look it up in KJV on Blue letter bible NOW remnant are being slain and eaten by buzzards.  The remnant was always used as a word for God’s end times chosen.  Now its calling the remnant devoured by Him with the sword in His mouth…which by the way it was always “The Sword of The Spirit” NOT The sword of His mouth.

Jesus does not carry a sword in His mouth.  If it meant The Word of God it would say “The Word of God”.

I have even seen it written (though it may have changed) “consumed them by the Spirit of His Mouth” as if another insult toward Jesus of what?  Consumed mean EAT another alluding to cannibalism.  Or what Bad breath, killed him with His breath.  NO!  It was always “double edged sword” NOT “two edged sword” OR Spirit of His mouth, NEITHER.

Spirit of the mouth is ridiculous and new.

YIKES Revelation 19 is simply a rewritten MESS of confusion.  I am embarrassed for those who justify it and explain away what the book now says and its grammar messes, new made up words, and mispelled words.  The names have changed like Noah to Noe and much much more.

Found an article of a guy trying to reason out all the new “on a horse” verses in Revelation where now you can’t tell who is evil and who is good or who is Christ from Anti, that right there is a huge red flag.  Personally I remember Jesus coming putting two feet down, one on the Mt. of Olives and the other on Zion or Sinai….and whipping the ass of the antichrist right there.  So all this “horse” scripture stuff is probably new. And it’s all very confused.

Capitalization mid sentence is called incorrect grammar errors.  That should wake anybody up to the bible changes but….I noticed Christians see it as some kind of wise intent rather than a mocking of the blind sheep.  When will the blind sheep finally see Satan in the mix?

The seemingly new book of Joshua 8 has him painted as “Joshua the Impaler”.  Nice, who needs vlad the impaler turned Dracula when we have such acts done by God’s OT elect.  Sure, maybe the “A.I. Kings” were giants therefore women, children, and men needing killed, I don’t know, maybe it used to say “Philistines” instead of AI….artificial intelligence maybe?

False Prophecy of Isaiah 34:4

And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree.

The Hosts of Heaven are the Angels and other Heavenly creations of God Himself…..These Hosts of Heaven will NOT be dissolved.  The word “dissolved” is new in the KJVB.   Granted the prophecy of stars falling from Heaven is in my remembrance but not Isaiah 34:4.

Now “liers” and liers in wait.  “liers” occurs 10 times in 9 verses KJVB.

So sorry guys that I have not really kept up with the changes here.  Although I have been watching EYA on you tube to see the outrageous changes.  Shocking changes



I have found so many changes to my old King James Bible I have decided to begin a log as I go.  So this list will start short but eventually grow large.  Send me your own list of changes to  I am only listing the one’s I am certain of and had memorized.  Before and After, both versions.

If we don’t recognize the changes here being both ridiculous and out of character, for not only the King James version but also out of Character for Jesus then we probably never really knew the Word of God intimately to begin with. (sorry)

It doesn’t mean a person can’t be saved or are not saved if they don’t see the changes.  The Bible changes are seen by those who have hidden the Word of God in their hearts and also have studied and rightly divided it’s/the truth.

Imagine if you had  a son who was kidnapped and replaced with an android look alike.  A mother would know the difference she would recognize the changes.  But someone who doesn’t love the child and know him intimately would not know that he had been replaced by an impostor.  This is how it is for the children of God who see the Bible changes.

There are lots of “Jesus Hates, hate or hated” scriptures after the Mandela effect that were never there before.  If anything Jesus “abhorred” certain blasphemous sin that hurts His children but never did He “hate” in my book.  Jesus spoke against “despisers” therefore why would He be a “hater” as is now portrayed by a distorted Bible.

They have changes the name of Jesus to Justice.

occurs 7 times in 7 verses in the KJV.

And thou shalt make for it a grate of network of brass; and upon the net shalt thou make four brasen rings in the four corners thereof.
Exo 38:4

And he made for the altar a brasen grate of network under the compass thereof beneath unto the midst of it.
1Ki 7:18

And he made the pillars, and two rows round about upon the one network, to cover the chapiters that were upon the top, with pomegranates: and so did he for the other chapiter.
1Ki 7:20

And the chapiters upon the two pillars had pomegranates also above, over against the belly which was by the network: and the pomegranates were two hundred in rows round about upon the other chapiter.
1Ki 7:42

And four hundred pomegranates for the two networks, even two rows of pomegranates for one network, to cover the two bowls of the chapiters that were upon the pillars;

Jer 52:22

And a chapiter of brass was upon it; and the height of one chapiter was five cubits, with network and pomegranates upon the chapiters round about, all of brass. The second pillar also and the pomegranates were like unto these.

Jer 52:23

And there were ninety and six pomegranates on a side; and all the pomegranates upon the network were an hundred round about.
Hebrews 11:3
By Faith we understand that thw world was framed by the Word of God, so that the things that are seen were made from that which is unseen.
Now Heb. 11:3
Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.
Hebrews 11:5
By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death, ad was not found, because God took him. For before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.
Now 1:5
By faith Enoch was translated that he shpuld not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he plesed God.
Genesis 5:24
Enoch walked with God therefore God took him.
Now Gen. 5:24
And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.
James 4:4 King James Version (KJV)
After:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.
I remember the spelling being “emnity” not “enmity” although I have not been able to confirm this.
James 4:4 before the M.E. “Ye adulterous generation, do you not know that The Love of this world is to be at emnity with God?”

Mark 6:39 & 40

Now it says-And He commanded all to make them sit down by companies upon the green grass. And they sat down in ranks by hundreds and by fifties.

My memory says-“And he succored them to sit at meat comfortably by groups upon the grass. And they rested in rows of ten and twenty fold.

I don’t remember word for word but it was more like this.

This is all wrong!  Jesus was not a militant army sergeant.
The word commanded and ranks are both replacements.  Green grass was not there either.

This list is ongoing and over whelming.  There are so many changes I doubt I will ever finish the list.  Furthermore a predict at some point every page of every Bible will become blank with no print whatsoever.

Mark 6:3

Brothers of Jesus are not “Joses, and Simon and of Judah” as shown now but rather should read:

Is this not the carpenter and brother of James and Jude?  (don’t quote me on this as being his brothers because the one I remember is James for sure who was also an apostle.

Mark 6:6

“And He withdrew because of their unbelief and He went through the villages teaching.”

He didn’t “marvel” at their unbelief but rather He was without honor there and so could not do the miracles that are done with those who do believe and have faith.

Mark 15:43

Joseph of Arimathea is “craving” the body of Jesus after He was crucified.

Craving is all wrong!  The word was “desired or desirous” of the body of Jesus that he may properly bury him according to tradition.


Then brought he me into the outward court, and, lo, there were chambers, and a pavement made for the court round about: thirty chambers were upon the pavement.

John 15:14

If you do the commandments of My Father…….

Mark 15:29

“wagging their heads” really?

Acts 5:6

they “wound him up” trust me this is not “Old English” this was NEVER BEFORE IN MY KJV personal bible.

Acts 5:4

“whiles it remained”  NO this is not even right for Old English.  There is a word “wiles” like the wiles of the devil, a bad thing. Ephesians 6:11.

See this video about the changes.  Preachers are FINALLY starting to see it too thank God!

It hurts when our brothers and sisters and leaders do not notice the obvious butchering of our Bibles supernaturally.

Acts 5:12  COME ON!

“And by the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people; (and they were all with one accord in Solomon’s porch.”

Are you kidding me?

Should say more like this according to my memory.  This is not exact.

“And by the works of the apostles many were healed and delivered from unclean spirits.  The apostles did miracles among the people; for they were of one accord in the upper room.”

Solomon’s porch WAS NOT a thing.


“And of the rest durst no man join himself to them: but the people magnified them.

And look at this!  A winking emoji

Acts 5:14

14 And believers were the more added to the Lord, multitudes both of men and women.)   (wink wink nudge nudge)”

That is totally worded wrong.  It’s upside down!

Folks they are mocking the Word of God right in front of us.  KJV would never carry a parenthesis 4 versus down to finally finish it.

“sick folks” in Acts 5:16 not a term in Old English.

Acts 5:20

“speak all the words of this life”  No it did not say that.  Probably said something like “speak the things which ye have been given and share the truth of the gospel with the people”.

Acts 5:21 There was no “senate” are you kidding me?  It would have been the Pharisees and Sadducees.  Not the Senate of the children of Israel.

Acts 5:23 is butchered to hell

“Saying, The (notice a cap after a coma, really) prison truly found we shut with all safety, and the keepers standing with out before the doors: but when we had opened, we found no man within.

My God if people don’t see this has been butchered they are truly lost.

24: “Now when the high priest and the captain of the temple and  the chief priests heard these things, they doubted of them whereunto this would grow?

More nonsense.  Pretty sure that should be “Captain of the Guard.” They were the ones supposed to be guarding Paul and Silas.

I have to put this down for a while.  It’s beyond ridiculous.  Furthermore it’s getting worse every day.  It will not be long and the entire KJV Bible will have been bludgeoned and WILL cease to exist.  This I promise you.

New word.

“untoward” is now in the KJV Acts 2:40

Acts may be bungled up worse than any other book I have looked at in my old Thomson Chain Reference KJV study bible.

Acts 16:35 & 38

The word “Serjeants” a misspelled version of sergeant apparently regarding Paul and Silas’s imprisonment is now in the book of Acts.

New Word


A perverse twisted word pertaining to sexual endevours is now in Ezekiel 23:20 along with some other twisted text in that general area.  Seems other versions are even worse than King James Version.

Romans 3:23

“For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”

Well that one I knew by heart.  They have changed my bible from “fallen short” to “come short”.   Think about that.  Come short.  It is not a term used in the KJV at least not before the changes.

Mark 12:26

“in the bush” pretty sure that was a burning bush.

So now “soever” is a word.  Look it up in your Strongs

These next four scriptures from Exodus have various grammar errors, word changes, Manna from Heaven is changed to “bread”.  We have “FLESH POTS” This is not old English people.    I have read and studied old English for years.  It is eloquent and God’s Holy Scriptures were perfect in their making.  All thru the Bible now we have corrupt grammar “Wicked” capitalized in many places.  Many words are capitalized after comma’s.  I have had this Bible my Bible for over 30 years it is leather bound. I wrote “Paradise for the Hellbound” using it.  I studied from it underlined scripture all through it…THERE WERE NO ABSOLUTELY NO GRAMMAR OR MODERN TERMS IN IT.  Now they are all over it.

And they took their journey from Elim, and all the congregation of the children of Israel came unto the wilderness of Sin, which is between Elim and Sinai, on the fifteenth day of the second month after their departing out of the land of Egypt.

Now I don’t know for sure but I seriously doubt this “wilderness of Sin” phrase/name as being authentic to the KJV Bible.  ‘Elim’ doesn’t look right either for that matter.
And the whole congregation of the children of Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness:
And the children of Israel said unto them, Would to God we had died by the hand of the LORD in the land of Egypt, when we sat by the flesh pots, and when we did eat bread to the full; for ye have brought us forth into this wilderness, to kill this whole assembly with hunger.
Then said the LORD unto Moses, Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you; and the people shall go out and gather a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in my law, or no.
And it shall come to pass, that on the sixth day they shall prepare that which they bring in; and it shall be twice as much as they gather daily.


Nor go by flight is all wrong.  This makes it sound like the Hebrews could take a plane to their destination.  However the obvious change is the “rereward” (Strong’s 622 & 314) trust me that is not a word.  At least it didn’t used to be.

 Isa 52:12

For ye shall not go out with haste, nor go by flight: for the LORD will go before you; and the God of Israel will be your rereward.
Isaiah 54:3
Gentiles is capitalized.
For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited.
Ladies and gentlemen soon there will be but a vestige of the KJV of The Bible left.  It is literally disappearing and the changes are so abundant that it’s becoming fruitless to even log them.





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