Revelation of God! Two Creators?


Two Creators =Two Quite Different Creations

Jazweeh’s latest and greatest hypothesis.

There are TWO CREATORS.  And there were two human bloodlines in the beginning.  Next the Sons of God (sheep) saw the daughters of men (the other tribe of goats) and mated with them all the bloodlines mixed.  Wheat and Chaff growing up spiritually together.   Everyone having the choice of which God they will gravitate toward if any.

One Father who created the human bloodline of honor, goodness, Truth, and

harmony.  He is the Creator God Almighty who made the Heavens and the Earth.

And another creator who not only created a bloodline of goats, wolves, and serpents.  But also in the end of days 2020 he found a carnal & supernatural way to make as many as he could in the image of the antichrist.  He recreated most people in the image of the beast.   How?  By creating “the mark of the beast” which spiritually and scientifically alters/edits/desecrates the blood, body, and desecrates the spiritual condition by making hue mans into part chimp by replication and mitosis of gee gnome.

Being made in the image of the beast is not to be confused with the TV & cell phones that are the dreaded image of the beast.

Literally the in greed I ants that went into Esau’s soup (Esau traded his heritage away for a bowl of soup) in 2020 had chimp Dee Anne a.  , and can sir sale lines with deadly inflammatories according to the Astral Zen zen official webpage citations.  And likely it had the antichrist’s Dee Anne a in the soup as well that part of in greed i ants is theory.

So mixing the bloodlines failed the god of darkness who’s intent was to harvest all souls to himself.  Though he did win many souls by the strong delusion during the great falling away.  (Illusions of memory and sight making an evil book seem good to many who read it).  All babbles have changed dramatically in the last seven years especially.  But the Lion left the lamb prior to 2006 when I wrote “Paradise for the Hellbound” read free.

He implemented the mark of the beast a chot in the arm. And he took over all babbles old and new desecrating the once holy book.  (more prophecy fulfilled)

A potion that literally erases mankind’s spiritual inheritance.  The crown of eternal life from God Almighty, the promise of everlasting life.  “They took off their crowns at the alter of their god and threw them on the floor” at the alter of the beast.

Pandora’s box (right arm mark) eradicates the eternal gift of HOPE by creating part animal part antichrist to their blood.  Hence Gee Emma oh hue mens.  Or maybe you have not heard of the exploits of Gates of Hell?  (B.gates) The eternal HOPE a gift supernatural, the helmet of salvation an armament of God.

In the words of Jesus the Goats/Serpents/Wolves

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

Two races of men.  Two Gods two creators.  And the Dark Lord has a bible with many vile words.  It’s a dark bible for a dark people.  Only the Sons of God (Lions/sheep/lambs) remember so as to see the Bibles changing day by day unto desolation of the holy place (another fulfillment of prophecy).

The sheep see the changes made by the towers of Babel. They know that the Prince of the Power of the Air-ways has control over the minds of those who serve him.  The goats are vailed and their heart agrees with the words in the new desecrated dark bibles.

The fallen follow the new jesus.  The sheep will not follow another Jesus.

The Sons of God can see the Locust and it’s creed which has infested the many.  They saw the coming of the Winged Abomination now perched in the hair of the many.  The sun of man is ruling the day.  But THE SUN/SON OF GOD IS ALREADY ON THE RISE it’s hidden under the sun of man, for now.

But not for long.  And when the Sun of God shows in all it’s Glory!  It will give Life everlasting to the New Earth and those who inhabit it.  “When the Son/Sun of God comes who will be able to stand?”

Most everything in this present day reality is designed by the Author of confusion. Even natura had to take on briers and thorns to survive man’s pillage of her.  The New Nature will be kind loving giving with no curses to work the land.  No childbirth curses of pain and blood.

The New Earth is on the Way.  Jesus is The Way, the Truth & The Light of Lift.

The Sons of God despair at the counterfeit holy book and it’s debauchery.  But the goats are drawn to the new bibles.   They enjoy it. Their heart agrees with the vile precepts.  They know nothing of the True Words of God.  goats, serpents, and , and wolves are merely following their hearts by kneeling before the Dark Lord and throwing their crowns of Life onto the alter of the beast.

Here is the new god of the bible, granted, the O.T. was never all God Almighty’s solemn words of Truth.  We/I know that by the Abrahamic command of slaughter that the author of that command is not our God.

The god of War/blood/and violence


And so I wage not a railing accusation against God Almighty’s Deified Ruler, but rather I show respect “just the facts ma’am”.

Eze 39:17
“And now, son of man, this is what the Sovereign LORD says: Call all the birds and wild animals. Say to them: Gather together for my great sacrificial feast. Come from far and near to the mountains of Israel, and there eat flesh and drink blood! (vulgar/vile drinking blood is against the precepts of God Almighty.)

Eze 39:18
Eat the flesh of mighty men (cannibalism is against God’s Way) and drink the blood of princes as though they were rams, lambs, goats, and bulls—all fattened animals from (Bashan is a demonic name!) bash?

Eze 39:19
Gorge yourselves with flesh until you are glutted; drink blood until you are drunk. This is the sacrificial feast I have prepared for you.

come on!  Glutted?   gutted?

Eze 39:20
Feast at my banquet table—feast on horses and charioteers, on mighty men and all kinds of valiant warriors, says the Sovereign LORD.

Eze 39:21
“In this way, I will demonstrate my glory to the nations. Everyone will see the punishment I have inflicted on them and the power of my fist when I strike.  False pride?  A need to parade power?

Eze 39:22
And from that time on the people of Israel will know that I am the LORD their God.

These words of folly represent apparently a compitition of power.  Yet God Almighty the God of Light and Love has no worthy opponent for all things are of God and all things work together for the good for those who love God and are in alliance with His will.   Evil is here so all can choose and grow their own spiritual condition, works of Faith and nurturing of Hope are our eternal supernatural gifts from God.

The mark of the beast on foreheads of mankind. Where the Eagle lands so too shall the carcus lie.

“We are Legion and we are many.” said the demon spawn.   The children of the Dark Lord of blood and violence are his by their own choices.


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