Welcome to the Harvest of Souls

Mat 23:37

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!”

Spirits In Mankind Have Changed Dramatically

But that’s not my issue today. Yes the bible is in the hands of the Dark Lord. He has many dead men walking who serve him now. They are his proselytes with a spirit straight from Hell. How long until their minds of most people go completely desolate of reason & empathy –turning on one another? And the dead man’s spirit within them takes full control? How long?

My husband had a beautiful Spirit within him. A lively and healing Spirit that I could feel very strong in him. We have been together for nearly twenty years. Since he took the mark of the beast which put him in the hospital for three days, he is changing.

He told me he had an anxiety attack and never took the final solution (back scene #1). I have felt people’s spirits all of my life. Thing is I thought everyone could feel the spirit within. Apparently I was wrong. It’s going on four years since the back scene went out in late 2020. Many died from it already by the inflammation caused by P.E.G.  They may be the fortunate ones.

The Back Scene Dance of the Many

Others are suffering neurological disorders and cancer by slow death and torture via the serpent on the pole. Some have their new brand of genetic immune system disorders. The I.S. turning on it’s own body.

The rest and all of them who are living have the new spirit within their bodies.  It’s a very scary lifeless spirit.  It’s like a robot with no Love, no Faith, no Hope, no Empathy.  It’s dark and it’s silent.  It reminds me of an image standing in a closet with a butcher knife.  His mind silent.  His only motive dark and relentless, unwavering.   He doesn’t experience the array of noise in his mind as normal humans do…who hold in much of their True heart’s voice. Making the mind conflicted with overflow.  And caging their own hearts.

The dead man’s spirit may be here to slaughter the living.  He is death.  He is dark zombie like unremorseful murder in a quiet place.

That is the spirit now walking in the masses.  My God in Heaven who could be so diabolical to do such a thing to mankind.  All they had to do is ask Father if they should take the back scene.  He would have answered them like never before.  All they had to do is ask.  They cannot repent because their God given human heart no longer has a voice whatsoever.

Pandora’s box is opened.  The God given supernatural gifts of Faith and Hope with Love have left the masses.  The only thing keeping them civil for now is “nature” as in nature vs. nurture”.  Their nurture side of their personality and their parrot mentality is the only thing civil within them it seems.  The children who took it are quite another matter.  Time will tell if we will see a sweet-tooth event.  To my understanding most GMO’s cannot reproduce.

When my husband walks into the room I can’t feel him anymore…and then suddenly I do feel that evil dark spirit within him.  It startles me and I scream spontaneously without intent.  It happens over and over and over and over.  I can’t image what my husband is thinking about this phenomena.  I didn’t realize how much I depend on the sixth sense until this evil conclusion took place on Earth.

Yes I feel it in others at the grocery store etc.  But for some reason I don’t scream with them.  It’s as if my husband is now making a game of sneaking quietly into the room just so I will feel suddenly that dark spirit and scream.  Just so he can hear me scream.


Keep in mind most timelines in the bibles are new and false.  There were seldom written day counts.  Except forty days, forty years, three nights and three days (Jesus) and the seven days God created the Heavens and the Earth.  The rest are new.  The Dark Lord’s words.  He is big on numerology.

The Covenant With Many

The covenant with many demons was a deal between powerful men and demonic authorities.

“Give us the keys to the cell’s nuke so we can control mankind genetically. And we shall give demon creed authority over every bible on the face of the Earth. And so the Dark Lord author of confusion, rewrites every book by towers of babble. He has authority changing the ink and print and text etc by deceptive signs and wonders. Miracles.

Maybe they won’t become violent toward the few, the chosen.  Maybe they will destroy themselves and each other instead.

And so the chosen few will be in the oven and not get burned at all.

Just repent if you took the back scene.  Seek God above all things.


Seek and ye shall find,  knock and it shall be opened unto you.  Find the Way of Jesus, The Truth , and The Light.

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