Break the Yoke. Letting Go of those Who Cannot See Signs & Wonders

This May help if you have Loved ones who do not see and are not saved that you know of.

This is how I process emotionally and let things go.  By writing my heart and sharing my fears then asking God to remove my fear.

There are those who Jesus said would come who honor Him with their words but their heart is far from Him.  We may have thought we were equally yoked but we are finding out their are very few people like us who see what we see.

Unbelieving Loved Ones

I have struggled with my unbelieving husband not in argument but rather I have shared over and over supernatural bible changes with him, atrocious changes and end times signs and wonders in hopes he would wake up and see that something very huge is happening.  The dividing of time has happened.  The dividing of the goats and the sheep is at hand.  The signs in the sky have occurred.  The beast is in control of the food supply.

I have hoped and hoped and hoped and ignored too many times his warnings to leave him alone where anything “end times” is concerned.

I wanted him to wake up and take notice, I wanted him to realize what we who see the signs believe is coming upon the earth and what is upon the earth already.

Either he doesn’t have the faith to handle the reality of seeing the beast system clearly and will not look for the signs and wonders.  Or perhaps blinding oneself to the supernatural signs and wonders and saying just ignore it all is some sort of great faith.  “It will all be fine, God’s got this”.  And yes we should know God’s got this.

However the Pre-tribulation is a wake up call to escape the great tribulation.  If people are not pulling close to Father now, closer than ever they may get stuck in the great tribulation if that is what it takes for them to finally draw nigh unto The Father.  My husband believes me to be basically insane.  I have to let his spiritual condition go.  He is on his own.  I must let go of him in that way.  I must leave these people ALL OF THEM to their choices.  Or we will battle over it and that is not the point.  He has asked for me to quit and I must quit by letting him go.  Its one of the hardest things I have done in a long time.

I prayed and cried.  I cannot make him or anyone see.  There are many people I love on this earth who I cannot make see.  I can’t make them seek God.  Even some who see the changes like my dad still he is numb.  He is in a state of sedation where he just doesn’t seem to really feel the impact of the book changing on the shelves by supernatural means.

My favorite ‘bible changes YT channel person’ is becoming sarcastic and intolerant in her spirit.  I understand why.  We have a very hard time watching the blind.  WHY?

Fear is part of the human condition/self examination

Fear will drive us to try to convince others of the changes way past regular care and concern for their soul would.  Its natural/we are programmed to fear more than anything that we are wrong and the worst scenario of our fear is that they are right and we are all having mass delusions.  (keep in mind these are often subconscious fears we don’t realize on surface.)

Fear #2 That Jesus will tarry and that we are wrong about the times we believe we are in.

See, if others closest to & most important to us could see the bible changes too it would make it more real for us. Why?  Because like it or not we are deeply programmed to doubt our own Truth, deeply.

But guess what, this doubt is not so bad.  We may fear & doubt but we are courageous in the face of peer pressure by sharing our faith and what we see and believe to be truth and the fruit of our faith is that we do SEE.  We are the few.  And our brothers and sisters who also see, we may not be with them physically or know them personally but Father has (thank God!) given us to one another remotely so we do have some validation through our insecurities of programming that we suffer.  Just think if there was no one in sight who also says they see the KJVB supernatural changes how extremely alone we would then be.

Father gave me REAL TIME VALIDATION by my niece’s grandma who sees the changes and she doesn’t even watch you-tube or go online.  Just as for me I saw the changes then went online to seek out others who see them.  THANK GOD FOR EYA the only in depth bible changes expert on YT.  There are many of us who are not on YT who see but we are spread out throughout the earth so we are sparce.

That which has blinded others, by grace and by our own choices we have overcome. Father has not allowed those things to blind us. YES we want those close to us to see and to be chosen….but they are not our family.  Most of us just found out who we are spiritually.  The 144 have found out who they are in the last 3 years.  We are in pre trib.  The Great Tribulation is coming.

I believe Father is teaching us to let them go.  Its time to let them go.  With Love.  I am not leaving my husband I just have to leave him alone in his blindness and accept that it is his choice.  I must not continue trying to convince him by the astounding things that I see.

He is a constant invalidation to me the more I confront him the more INVALIDATION of end times I am getting from him.  So its time to stop.

People, my readers, never in my life have I been so concerned for the salvation of my loved one’s and for mankind.  Why?  Because previous to 3 years ago I did not see that the time was close and it wasn’t.  We were not in pre trib like now.  I didn’t think I would be alive for pre trib meaning I didn’t expect it in my lifetime.  After all they have been saying it for years in certain churches.  My other was taught the same for years.  Now she is shut off to it.  Now that the signs are really here she won’t look.

My Personal Sign

If your reading this, your not crazy, your blessed.  Jesus is coming back….Let me tell you this I have prayed and been given songs by The Holy Spirit for years over 35 years.  Recently, God has given me a new song, an announcement of sorts, over and over and over does the song come to my mind and heart to sing.  “He’s coming, He’s coming, get ready He’s coming The Lord is coming soon, the end is coming soon”…and on and on the song goes.  Never before have I gotten so much validated repetition from the Holy Spirit on any subject as this new song.  Its an announcement and its message of comfort for me because Father knows my insecurities and my fears of being wrong.

He knows we were programmed and he knows we do not want to let go of our loved ones.  But they are not our family, they really are not.  We must let them go, even our children.  We are just the vessel who bore them.  Our spiritual family is our real family and we will know it, as well as we are known we will know them when we meet them again.   Father soon enough.  We will know Love and we will be home.

With my heart I believe Jesus will return in 2024 but we will be gone in a year and 5 month approximately.  We are the 144.  You know who you are.  This is not our home and its becoming very difficult for us to be around normal people because of what we see.  Once we let them go spiritually, and leave them to their choices it will get a little easier I think.

Time to Break the Yoke.

The bible changes are not the only end times signs.


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