The Beast System is Down Loading Fake History Into the Minds of Men

About the Bible Changes and Technology that Hacks Men’s Minds

I have been perplexed with the fact that so many Christians do not see the wolf speaking from the Holy place.  The KJVB are all changing supernaturally both paper and online.  They are all the same and changing in the same ways.  The changes include the following—–

Blasphemy, Insults to God and to men, Insults to the prophets and other biblical characters of old, spelling, grammar, & punctuation, errors galore.  New words and new terms.  Nonsense verses.  Sexual innuendo.  Vile perversions.  Vile traditions.  Vile phrases and so on.

To those who see and there are many of us yet we are the few, the minority we have watched how in 3 years time 85% of our KJV Bibles have become corrupts full of lies and blasphemy.  Even if people were not being downloaded with the new version straight into their heads they should still at least recognize the wolf and the hateful vile temperature of the book and turn from it.

The Problem

But instead they hail it as “The Word of God” God’s title from John 1 they apply to their idol.  Even now the book itself refers to itself as “the word of God”. As for the vile content they just say “oh, that’s not what that means”

For example to be a disciple of The Christ you must “hate” certain people otherwise your rejected.  “Hate” means hate by the way.

“If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”
So how do Christians reconcile this?  As with most of the vile changes they just say “hate no longer means “hate”” they disannul the English language and make the meaning of words up as they go. They simply cannot change their paradigm that the book is sacred and holy and above reproach.  As any idol would be.
I heard a man yesterdays say this “they are programmed and these truths are not in their program therefore they cannot take them in or understand them, they are incapable of learning because their programming excludes epiphanies and revelations of Truth.”  (paraphrased)

My Views on the Bible?  “The Good Shepard’s Sheep Know His Voice”.

They recognize the wolf who sneaks into the holy place speaking great deceptions and vile blasphemy.

Perhaps you think “ah she is antichrist, she hates all things Christian.”  And you would be very wrong.  I too once held as sacred to my heart the KJVB.  I wrote a book called “Paradise for the Hellbound” lifting up both Jesus and the books before the majority of the changes occurred.  However the word unicorn was already in the KJVB 1 time in 2007 when I started my book. Also many scripture that I knew by heart no longer existed in 2007.  The Lords prayer was already changed and “trespasses” did not exist in any version.  I owe I owe so into debt I go praying for debt forgiveness is now the preface of the Lord’s prayer.
I have studied the bible in depth for over 35 years.
I am of the old school.  I have Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and many other 30 year old or more bible study tools that I have studied for years.  I have my grandfathers 100 year old bible with its now modern terminology just like all the rest of the books they are identical.  They have all changed to follow suit.  “bottle of water” for instance.  No longer wine skins.

See bible changes in depth at EYA on youtube or see the bible change log ongoing for 2 or more years here

Hacking the Minds of Men by Creating Nanobot Re-circuitry

Nano technology contaminants in chemtrails, food, coupled with TV programming, and heavy metal bombardments into human bodies have turned men into a bio tech mess.  Walking antennas that have been rewired to receive lies straight into our memory banks.  How else could there be two realities at play?  A diving of time has happened.  The dividing of the sheep and goats is finished.

The armor of God is the only true and lasting protection from the beast system and its debauchery.

“NANOO NANOO”  Why some men see the abomination of desolation prophecy unfolding before them & others say this-

Life and reality are “same as it ever was! Same as it ever was!”

Looks can be deceiving folks. The man in these videos may be one of the most informed and intelligent Truthers I have ever watched on the box of lies and deception. Be warned, these nano particle nano circuitry videos are terrifying however know this their are solutions to nano infestations and Tony Pantalleresco holistic & frequency expert gives us solutions. Dave is his helpful camera man and interviewer.

Vids on remedying ways to reverse or cure what ails you
Life Force Within/Tony’s Site

To the Mandela Affected “After the Money’s Gone”

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