Abomination of Blood Sacrifice & Abortion Offerings in the “Matrix”

Redemption by Silver and Salt a covenant of Genocide?

New word term “gerah” some kind of silver.  Now we have “redemption by silver pieces in the matrix *script below.” Blood sacrifice of children  who must be bought for a price for 5 shekels redeemed according to the book.  But don’t pay shekels for your baby animals says the book, because THEY ARE “HOLY” but human babies apparently are not.  Also new “salt covenant” script in KJV by supernatural bible changes.

Soon the book will be TOTALLY DESOLATE OF GOD’S INSPIRED WORDS.  When this happens and it will be soon, (Jan. 28, 2021) sh*t will hit the fan.  The Great Tribulation WILL begin breathren.  God WILL take His Holy Spirit from the Earth in the form of removing those who have The Blessed Holy Spirit within them.  If I am wrong about this I will surely stop prediction in spiritual matters.  I feel so strongly about this I apologize ahead of time.

I don’t think I am wrong.  I compare this feeling & prediction to past predictions that have come to pass…when I feel this strongly about something I am right.

Once as a baby Christian (persay) I was utterly compelled to tell a man I did not know from Adam, that I saw in a restaurant to “get right with God NOW for the time is at hand.”

Meaning I told a stranger in no uncertain terms “your about to meet your maker repent now lest you be lost.”  The man whom I knew not told me “yes I have weeks to live, I know I am to get my affairs in order.”

This is how The Holy Spirit works in the realm of the supernatural. That prophecy event may have been just as much for me as it was for him.  For me it was a confirmation of The Holy Spirit within me prompting me to do an inspired work.  I feel the same strong compelling pull to let you guys know now that the end is near.

Many are called few are chosen.  We all must get our affairs in order now Jesus is coming soon.  2024 is the prediction for His return.

Receiving The Baptism of The Holy Spirit is NO SMALL THING.  If you do not know WHEN it happened to you then most likely it didn’t happen .  Not to say that some may have received The Holy Spirit in unconventional ways not being by the laying on of hands and prayer.  Transference is how it normally happens.  If you had an extreme awakening and deliverance or healing during prayer it may have happened then. 


Run to a church that has alter calls because time is running out to receive The Holy Spirit Baptism with gifts.  Repent, get prayer, and request the baptism at alter call.  This is urgent if you want to be included in the first rapture before the horrifying events of God’s wrath hit earth.

New Blasphemous Script

Num 18:15

Every thing that openeth the matrix in all flesh*, which they bring unto the LORD(2*), whether it be of men or beasts, shall be thine: nevertheless the firstborn of man shalt thou surely redeem, and the firstling of unclean beasts shalt thou redeem*3.


*2 Satan who demands blood sacrifices.

*3 Firstlings of man and of beasts to be redeemed.

*4Redemption by silver

*5 Animals holy don’t need redemption like babies.  Insult to mankind putting him in a category of less valuable to God than a cow or goat newborn.

*6 wave breast?  What the hell is a wave breast?

*7 To “heave” is to vomit so what’s this a vomit offering?  SICK, SICK seems that demons are re-writing the book by the author of confusion.

*8 statutes?  They are turning the book into some legal document.  Removing the Love and Faith from it.

*9 Covenant of salt?   Nonsense verses.  Fables, lies and fables.

Table salt is poison this is why those who research food stopped eating it with all its poison chemicals to destroy the human body. Anti-caking agents are added to prevent clumping, but that’s not always where the additives stop.

Things like iodide, fluoride, dextrose, potassium iodide, MSG, aluminum derivatives and even more can be added to conventional table salt. Table salt is bleached to get its bright white color too. Most salts found in nature aren’t white. Speaking of where salt it found, one way table salt is produced is by gathering flaky residue from oil digging.

Other common anti-caking agents include: silicon dioxide, calcium silicate, iron ammonium citrate, and yellow prussiate of soda. Several anti-caking agents have been cause for concern recently because of their name. Sodium and Potassium ferrocyanide are feared because the chemical compound contains cyanide, a known toxin and common Hollywood poison of choice. However, the same could be said about regular table salt. Chlorine (a toxin) + sodium (a toxin) = sodium chloride = salt. In acidic environments, the bonds of sodium chloride and ferrocyanide can break, but stomach acid is not strong enough for these reactions to take place. Aluminum, used in anti-caking agents, is another concern. However, “In healthy individuals only 0.3% of orally ingested aluminum is absorbed in the GI tract.” It should be noted that in individuals with impaired renal function, ingested aluminum is cause for concern. Improper excretion of aluminum can lead to deposits in the brain, bone, liver, heart, spleen, and muscle. Additionally, aluminum absorbed intravenously has the potential to remain in the body. Excess aluminum has been linked to neurological conditions, certain types of anemia, kidney failure, and the softening of bones.

Given the toxicity of common table salt and what it is doing to the American people while they sleep.  Death caused by lack of knowledge.   You could say a “salt covenant” is a covenant of death, murder, genocide, and eugenics.

Num 18:16
And those that are to be redeemed from a month old shalt thou redeem, *4according to thine estimation, for the money of five shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, which is twenty gerahs.

Num 18:17
But the firstling of a cow, or the firstling of a sheep, or the firstling of a goat, thou shalt not redeem; they are holy:*5 thou shalt sprinkle their blood upon the altar, and shalt burn their fat for an offering made by fire, for a sweet savour unto the LORD.

Num 18:18
And the flesh of them shall be thine, as the wave breast*6 and as the right shoulder are thine.

Num 18:19

All the heave offerings*7 of the holy things, which the children of Israel offer unto the LORD, have I given thee, and thy sons and thy daughters with thee, by a statute*8 for ever: it is a covenant of salt*9 for ever before the LORD unto thee and to thy seed with thee.

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