Farewell Old English King James Version

When & what will happen when the Holy Bible desecration is Complete.

Scroll to see what Old English actually sounds like.

The Book will be desolate of God’s Holy Spirit Inspired & Life giving Words.

When the abomination of desolation of God’s words that were given unto men is full the Great Tribulation will begin.  This is the prediction of Jazweeh whom is lead by her guides.  Be it angels, “Just (justified by God) men made perfect”, or Jesus Himself we believe Jazweeh does hear from God.

The Relentless Trashing of the Spiritual Tools on Earth

When the utter and total ripping apart of spiritual wisdom, knowledge based in Faith, and the projection of Our Great Father and Son of Love have disappeared from the book and all that is left is hate, insult, nonsense, fables, and mocking, (as prophesied in Amos 8 the “famine of God’s words”) then those who worship the lying Idol called “The Holy Bible” (that is no longer Holy)  shall openly and relentlessly condemn those who see and watch and study the fall of the book.

It will be the professed Christians who condemn those who see the corruption of the book.  It will be Christians who call and scream “off with their heads” while frothing at the mouth with hate for Truth.  As history teaches those who accuse do that which they accuse us of. Truth is the enemy of Satan and Truth is what true believers side with.

I don’t know how many there are who see the extent of the blasphemous and ridiculous changes but I know this…most on Youtube who say they see KJV bible changes only see a few changes that are in the Mandela effect category.  By this I mean they see the common well covered and highly publicized most obvious of the bible changes.  They do not see the changes by the belt of Truth.

“My sheep know my voice.”  They don’t see the patterns of changes as EYA channel puts forth.  Maybe because they never knew the book to begin with (lets hope its not because they never knew Him).  Or maybe they only see the well publicized Mandela effects because there is a difference between knowing the voice of Jesus and being alerted to end times by God’s signs and wonders.     What differentiates between signs and wonders/mandella effects and Supernatural Bible changes the strong delusion?

Deceptive signs and wonders

I can tell you this…God doesn’t lie or hate, “God is Love” so if the change is a blasphemous lie its not of God.

Righteous Signs and Wonders

If the change is something like “the lion shall lie with the lamb” to “lamb & wolf” that many people remember and see, its a mandela effect or more appropriately one of God’s signs and wonders that are a warning of end times.  Its not a lie.  The wolf is lying with the lamb right now.  But soon Jesus (The Lion of Judah) shall lie with the lambs of God.

The Strong Delusion

Strong delusion means false memories.  People are being downloaded with lies that they remember as being their true history.

But there are three categories of Christians, those who see most of the changes, those who see just a few of the changes, and those who do not see at all.

All Goats are under the strong delusion and prefer the lie.  They wear masks because they believe anything the TV tells them to believe.  They hate Truth because it makes them uncomfortable.

My Experience With Telling A Preachers Son About The KJVB Changes

People, I talked last night to a preachers son in my immediate neighborhood.

I asked him if any church members see changes to the KJVB.  He said “No, why?”   I told him of the signs and wonders in the sky.  I explained the M.E. and the KJVB changes to him.  He didn’t get mad but he insisted that the book is still the “The Word of God” even after I quoted John 1 to him.  So he insisted the book is the Living Word of God yet in the same breath he contradicted the scripture of John 1, that Jesus is The Word of God.

He said this, “how will we know Jesus without the bible.  No Holy Spirit filled Christian would EVER ask that question.  Which got me thinking, I believe one requirement of seeing the supernatural bible changes is that you have received The Holy Spirit from Father through Jesus and in His name.  But that’s not the only requirement apparently because I have seen a guy on YT speak in authentic tongues yet blind as a bat to the blasphemous changes of the KJVB.

The evidence of tongues follows the infilling of The Holy Spirit in most cases, not all.  The Holy Spirit fills us with Love also. My spiritual teacher said sometimes Love is the only evidence that a man received The Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands & prayer.

Could this be why the Christians worship the God of the bible who is now a hater?  Because they do not have the baptism of The Holy Spirit?.  They have no problem with lies & hate?  Perhaps.  They have no worries about their belt of Truth apparently.  I finally understand when Jesus said “I never knew you”.

If they knew Jesus they would know He would NEVER cosign the new Mandela Affected Bible as being His inspired words given to men.  Much less calling it the living the book The Word of God.

The desecration is getting very close to completion breathren, very close indeed.  When the desecration is complete Jerusulem will be leveled.

I read today scripture where you can buy redemption with silver pieces.

I admit to you guys that I am angry at those who do not see.  I am frustrated when they explain away and rationalize the many lies in the book.  I get angry when Jesus is insulted and men are called “DOGS” in what used to be a Holy text!  I tell Father I do not Love His people I am angry at them.

My Sheep Know My Voice

I am betrayed by Christians and feel hurt by them.  Why?  Because they have claimed to Love Jesus and have worn a mask to deceive me and God.  Yet they do not know His voice.  “My sheep know my voice”.  Knowing the voice of God has become prophecy because now only those who know God’s voice can actually discern the supernatural KJV bible changes.

Fear is Part of the Human Condition, Accept it

Father shows me that I do have The Love of Jesus in me.  I am not unloving.  Love is an action about how we treat others.  Jesus did say “be angry and sin not”. Anger and fear are not sins people.  Acting in fear is another story.

By the temperature of the changes to the bible I am nearly certain demons are behind most of them, but not all.  I believe Father did a few of the changes Himself like “the dividing of time” from “two times”. And some other TRUE changes like “Wolf lies with the lambs” and Rev. 22:11

This is absolutely an end times true scripture because of its tone of the age of Judgement not calling for repentance and saying “just keep sinning”  is obviously contrary to the precepts of the age of Grace. It is more akin to the age of judgement of last days when men are UNABLE TO REPENT.

Revelation 11:21 &22
 The seal of the sacred book was for protection over the Truth of its words. The book is no longer under God’s protection.  During the great tribulation the gift of repentance unto salvation is withheld for a time. So I believe these scriptures are changed-yes, but are true nevertheless.   Being that they have been changed by God Himself not by the wolf who now speaks often throughout the book of fables and lies.

Rev 22:10
“And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.”
Rev 22:11
“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”

Proving The Bible Changes

The first thing nay sayers will say in argument against the bible changes is this, “your using the book that you call lies to quote scripture to prove that the book itself has been changed”.

This statement is true but I can do that because I know what it used to say and what has been changed.  Therefore I use the Truth scriptures to prove that God did say their would be a famine of His words and other proofs.  I use the blasphemous, lying & hating scriptures to prove its not God’s voice.  I use the nonsense versus to prove that the book is fables.  However you cannot make a blind man see red or a man with no eyes see the blue sky.  All I can do is validate those who do see, and we need that.

I can point out Truth to those who have eyes to see just haven’t looked yet.

But I cannot make the blind see because that is up to them as part of their free will.  It is a choice to side with either Truth or lies.

The Word of God is written on my own heart.  The lies are written on the paper. 

Beautiful with elegance not a saucy or obscure term in any line of text.  Forthright were the word terms, and to the point the verses were fragrant to the soul and palatable to the spirit.  The bread of Life is Jesus and His Truth feeds His children.   A refreshing of The Spirit shall follow reading words that agree with one’s heart.

 Father appointed His scribes on Earth to one of the greatest tasks of all time. Could the end times scribes be corrupt in their intellect and thoughts or perhaps careless and ignorant of their own language?  I think not!  Granted they are NOT perfect, no one is.  Yet educated Christians take no thought of the errors in all bible texts.

Will not our Father bring forth words and terms of delight with excellence?  Do you who are so learned about His words and terms see the corruption of the text at hand?  How be it pronunciation is skewed?  How be it spelling is tragically erroneous.  Human emphasis of proper biblical expression is despondent with absence of mood and Truth?   

Our Great language of Old English was words
that meant what they said and said what they meant

in EVERY instance both of tongue and of the inkwell.

Old English

Where for art thou oh sacred writings of old?  How be it thou hath gone henceforth from my sight and with haste?  I bid thee farewell blessed words by Father portraying both hope and mighty works of Faith with Love. 

Prophesies of Amos 8:11 and 12 must come to pass before us in full says the Spirit to the Children of God.   Prior to the passing away of this generation all Jesus’ prophesies will fulfill.

The decree of Famine of God’s words was set forth not in hast, nor without regard for those who would remember the old ways of the sacred text.   Some children have still, God’s words on their heart.

Wherefore art thou oh book of old?  The book peradventure, that may have weighed too heavily upon my very soul.

  The written words dismissal from my presence hath abated me of comfort.

If only for now, by sorrow and dismay do I miss the poetic bliss.   Hide not thy strong comfort of holy words from thy children.  Shall I miss thee as if thy were my own breathren?  Shall I grieve ye long in passing oh book dissolved?   

Misshapen and heinous is your successor.  The wolf’s rewrite bites hard.  The wolf now lies with the lamb.   I proclaim it and still I cannot.  Where there are those who would listen my voice is silenced.   And where they hear my words they understand them not.  They cannot.

Seeing the sacred words flow out as water from a fallen vase is no small turning unto my heart or my mind.   The loss is both miraculous and tragic, supernatural and amazing.   A miracle of miracles with many bedfellows abounding now that the end is near.

I welcome the age of celebration.   My loss is great, I grieve it together with my joy that Jesus is near.  Once in a lifetime, “same as it ever was” rants the unbeliever who prefers the lie.

The result of the passing of sacred words renders my heart a deep well of unknown.   The approaching unknown is quelled with Hope.  For surely my Savior returns soon.   My joy returns unto me, finally & nearly forgotten. 

He shall quench my heart as a dry green plant thirsts for water and is fed with rain.   The young plant thirsts for the waters words for its very survival and life.   

Must I either bid farewell or bind forthwith in sorrow and icy shallow? With solemn dreams alone alone my scant memories of the holy words fade into night?  “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was” scream self proclaiming Christians.

The Words of God are written on my heart and there they will stay eternally.   The heart holds the sacred & holy words.   They rise in me as a sword when necessary.

Safe and warm God’s words keep me safe and warm.  It is as it should be.  Gone gone.

The lies are written on the paper with ease.  Day by day the new words rise unto the pages called holy.  Every book affected.  Every code changed. But the desecration of the book is putrid.  We who have the True words follow not the wolf’s precepts of hate and malice.

We, one and all choose Truth and the wherewithal  to accept, endure, and allow the changes to flow thru and about us.  Truth in spite of truths anxt.   As I sway like a tree when the strong storm wind surrounds it.   I bend and sway, not broken by the changes to time, now Earth changes to two times and then I see the great dividing of time.  It is here.

Surely thy Author’s arms must reach through and breach time itself.   By the tearing of the vail that succumbs to no one except He time splits.   

Henceforth I pray Mighty Father, deliver all who see the passing of Truth. For greatly do we grieve it together.  Soon we shall be as one and know as well as we are known.  And then remain these three.  Faith, Hope, & Love.  But the greatest is Love.  

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