Now Dangerous to Share Mandella Effects with the Un-Seeing.

We must no longer approach the blind with Mandela Effects (M.E.) or Biblical Super-Natural Changes.

Key codes
S.N.B.C. YT= supernatural bible changes youtube.
Mandela effect=M.E.

Why?  We are putting ourselves in danger at this point 7-1-22.

They (my room mate and other defensive people I have heard about o the S.N.B.C. YT channels) now see any mandela effect conversations as a direct attack on their person.

What I did not understand is this.  That M.E. conversation is to the blind men a direct threat.   It is now, apparently in their programming.  And it’s how Evil is causing division.

Their reaction to M.E. topics is more than just the separation of sheep from goats.  Because their reaction to M.E. topics is based in their fight or flight area of the brain.  It seems that the reactive condition within them has rebooted back to its original fight or flight state.

I was finally getting logical responses from him.  I thought he was coming around even though he has the clear mark of a goat on his forehead.  We laughed and made jokes about the M.E. narrative.  Then today….a strange reboot in the defense mode.  A stronger grip came upon him.  I may as well be pointing a gun to my room mates head if speaking about a M.E.   He would likely react in the same aggressive way with a direct attack on his person or a verbal attack like name calling or demeaning insults.

Gettysburg Has Moved from Virginia to Pennsylvania.  But Don’t Panic!   God Allowed It.

Well today in my internet browsing I ran across a pretty big Mandela Effect signs and wonders.  There is no longer a “Gettysburg” in Virginia.  It is and was always (according to History) in Pennsylvania.  And internet sources confirm. And my Encyclopedia Britannica also confirm.

Hwy 66 & Hwy 49 in Missouri at the Battle of Carthage in Carthage is one crossroad.  I was looking for the famed “devil’s crossroad”  that the internet now says is at Hwy 49 & Hwy 61 in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Whatever I was sure the Hwy number to make deals with the devil was at hwy66  .  And songs were written about hwy 66 the now historical hwy.  Apparently route 66 turned to Interstate 40.  And was decommissioned in 1985.

Robert E. Lee is still known for the Battle of Gettysburg BUTTT Ulysses S. Grant is nowhere to be found during the famous battle.  The battle of Gettysburg that now took place in Pennsylvania.

Some unknown general named Meade was at the forefront of the Battle of Gettysburg.  “Grant”?  Now where to be found.

Don’t tell my Dad this info….he toured Virginia and is unaffected by all the history changes.  HE never heard the word “tares” or the other supernatural bible changes we are subject to.  It was always “chaff”  says Dad.  Wheat and chaff to him.  He is in his 80s and pretty bright.

When I visited Mom before her back sin a Shaun and soon after death, her and Dad remembered everything I asked them as it was in my own reality.  Every bible change I told them they agreed with.

People Attack The Mandella Effected Who See

Unlike my room mate here at home who condemns me for “getting emotional” over changes to my own reality.

Whatever.   I asked him…”where is Gettysburg” today.  And of course he answered “Virginia”.  When I told him that it’s locale has changed magically to Pennsylvania he got very angry at me.   He accused me of torturing him and of being mentally ill.

Whatever.  Fact is he is unable to emotionally cope with what I have told him in the last five years.  Granted I have kept most changes to myself because I know it upsets him.

Is he grossly programmed to say “what does that have to do with me”? When I confront him with the supernatural changes to reality?  I think so.  I think he is being mind controlled to not look.  This is more than cognitive dissonance.

He attacks me if I point out one of the more in your face mandela effects.  This is not congruent with his nature in times passed.


The Mandela effects sure as hell created a great gulf between those who see and those who do not.  And in between that divide is the strong delusion confusing the clear differences between those who see and those who do not.  When it comes to supernatural bible changes the strong delusion hides them from many people who see the Mandela Effects but cannot remember so as to see the supernatural bible changes.

Its quite the conundrum.  Quite indeed!

My generation is the generation who sees both the strong delusion and the signs and wonders, and the deceptive signs and wonders.  We see them all.  And Christians…they see one thing…end of days.  They rarely see any Mandela effects and they are, as far as youtube Christians go, blind to the supernatural bible changes.

The Christians are the ones who read the bibles for years on end allegedly.  The new Middle English has hit the KJVB and the Christians still think its the Old poetic and just Old English.  They quote vile, vulgar, nonsense, lies, blasphemy, and new dialect as they have always know it to be.  They are clearly getting some download that we who remember the Old English are not.

We see hundreds if not thousands of words WE HAVE NEVER HEARD OF.  The separation of the sheep from the goats clearly has alot to do with this fact pertaining to our memories and awareness.

How do I know that its us who see and remember that are NOT under the strong delusion?

Because as I wrote, the changes are clearly blasphemous.  Just as my room mate cannot look at Truth neither can the Christians on YT look at the bible and recognize BLASPHEMY and passive vulgarity, much less the changes in dialect, spelling, grammar errors and so on.

So…we see the beast, we will not follow another as Jesus has clearly LEFT THE BIBLES TO THE WOLF’S ONGOING REWRITES.


“Hate your family or you have no part in me” says Jesus allegedly.  In the KJVB (paraphrased, just search the word “hate” now 87 times in the KJVB.  A book that used to be respectable based in Love (New Testament anyway).  See my bible change logs if your new to this mess.

My question…how long will we be stuck with the goats?  Father is going to remove one of the groups…its just a matter of when and how this event(s) will go down.  This is the anticipation of the saints of God.

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