Rapture. Super Natural KJVB Changes. & Jesus’ Return

What is The Image of The Beast that Men Obey and Serve?

Preachers of Today Get All their Prophecy & End times Info off the Image of the Beast.  I find that ironic at best.  Of course Christians cannot say that the TV & cellphones ARE the image of the beast.  Why?  Because then they would have to let go of their comforter….

Make no mistake we were all set in front of this TV at a very young age.  God understands this.  He knows we have emotional attachments to it.  However Truth takes priority of fear.  It takes courage to come before God in Truth.   In the legalistic minds of the masses of Christians…its just too much work to admit the image of the beast is the TV.   That would make them “bad & wrong”.  And they are deeply and emotionally programmed to avoid the “I am bad and wrong” topic.  Better to say the image is a talking statue made of cement that will have a voice.

Right and people will bow before it giving alms.  Lets just ignore the elephant in the fucking room.  That the TV itself has programmed thoroughly more people than any statue could ever commence to do.  There are 2 to 3 TV’s in nearly every home!

This just goes to show how blind people are to their own heart.  And how afraid they are of God.  And how lies are their protection not the belt of Truth.

After all its the TV that single handedly made people get the mark of the beast around the entire WORLD.  All marching to one turn….oh sure the Christians sing the song “Its not the mark, its not the mark!!!!  🎵🎵🎵🎹🎹 da da da da da da (Bethovan’s 5th tune) Its not the mark, its not the mark!

Precursor, precursor!  The Christians proclaim.  While sitting on a chair in the doctors office saying…”don’t tell them I got the shot doc!”   Doctor patient privilege!

RAPTURE APRIL 8-18 2024 Prediction/Guess.

There is a reason Jazweeh chose her guess rapture date April 2024.  First she had a dream of a black moon.  She matched the rapture dream to a photo of a full eclipse of the Sun like 2017 during the Revelation 12 sign.  https://www.space.com/great-north-american-eclipse-2024-two-years-away

She realized tht not only was her great awakening during that even in 2017 The Great Northern Eclipse.  But also that another one is coming in 2024.


We certainly Hope so.  But we do not “know” that we will be raptured.  We “Hope” we will be raptured in July of 2022.

Bible was never clear on either dates or a Rapture event.  However there was a insinuation that we could escape the end of days disasters.  And there is little doubt that we are in the end of days. (see prophecy fulfillments)

Pray ye are found worthy to escape these last days events.

Jazweeh and I are seeing end days prophecy fulfillments like never expected.  We don’t get our prophecy fulfillments off the image of the beast TV.  We watch & look around the real world with spiritual eyes.  See this link for prophecy fulfillments A-Z.

Expectations and Hope are Two Different Things

Why am I the only one who is predicting the Return of Jesus during the Great Northern American Eclipse 2024?  I think people want it to come sooner.  They don’t want to predict it so far off. Or they are milking their page views and subscribers by on going date setting.

Also only the 144 & 133 will be raptured (we surmise).  We don’t think anybody will notice they are gone any more than they notice the strong delusion or the desecration of the holy books.

The 144 are God’s human army on Earth.  And those who go before the throne, in Spirit from Earth I call the 133.  Youtube end of days rapture truthers speak nothing of what we write about as being important end times events.

We are the few.  They are the many.  They are not where we are.

I won’t apologize for seeing supernatural things that they do not fathom.  Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened.

The Youtube Christians will have to endure till the end. (2024)  This is for their own good of Soul salvation.  Or maybe they will be raptured.  I just don’t know any absolutes on the topic.  Salvation is certainly not based in intellect.

By Faith are ye saved.  Faith in God Himself.

What is the worst Idol on the face of the Earth?

The Holy Bible.

Where did God drop His great mysteries and Truth with the plan of salvation?

The Holy Bible.

See the problem?

A book that was once somewhat desecrated is now nearly fully desecrated.  The great Truth in the Bible is what draws believing men to it.  But they use the great Truth to control, manipulate, and deceive the masses.

A little Truth with BIG LIES.   But now that the Mandela effects, strong delusion, and the great desolation of God’s Holy book is at hand…Bibles are beyond desecrated. They are an abomination that calls itself God from the pages.  The Bible is now so far gone that anyone following it calling it by God’s Holy name is becoming desolate right along with it.

Jesus Himself is The Only Living Word of God.  Hence the bibles are blasphemous idols.

Where your heart is there shall your treasure be also.

Anyone who calls Jesus by another name likely doesn’t know Him.  God healed me and delivered me in Jesus name.  I would not venture to change the name of my God’s “The Way” by which such a miraculous event came to some strange new name like “Joshua”.    Coincidentally there was no book of Joshua in any Bible before approximately 2016.   Now the book portrays “Joshua the Impaler”.  Likely akin to Vlad the Impaler.  They have turned to fables.

Is there some reason why people get offended when I say the bible is desecrated?  Lots of reasons.  But the Truth is they can’t remember what the book read just three days prior..or even yesterday.  The minds of men are being desecrated with the bibles.

So Many Took the Mark of the Beast

By obeying the image of the beast the many Christians have taken their brains called “their crowns”.  And they set the crown at the foot of the god of this world.  Just like the new prophecy reads.

In turn the beast feeds the people on going lies as if it were their very memories.  He has invaded their minds to download memories unto their crown.  They have no memory of the Holy Bible the way that the few remember it.  Beautiful poetic Old English no longer exists.  And to the many Christians, it never did.  Now we have “middle english”.  A kind of mix between trailer trash lingo and Viking slang dialect.

New words by the hundreds.  New phrases.  New perversions of dialect and of precepts of God.  It’s fucked.  The Bibles are DONE.

The channels on YT which cover the changes excepting EYA who won’t be on YT much longer tell you to read it anyway.  But what they don’t tell you is that if you read the curses aloud and claim them for yourself ….that could be a dangerous belief.

They read the bible aloud and apply all the bad parts to joe shmoe down the road.  But Jesus said…(we think)

“By your words are ye justified and by your words are ye condemned.”  This is a scary scripture that should make a man tame his tongue.  Watch his words.  Think about what he is saying etc.

“The power of life and death are in the tongue”.  Proverbs (if its still there)

The Prodigal Son Vs. The Sinner Goat

Being “lost” is quite different than being comfortable in darkness & sin with no reverance for God whatsoever.  The Prodigal son will never stop Loving His Father.  He doesn’t stop praying even in the darkest places of Earth.  The Prodigal gives his testimony of God from his heart in the most vicious of settings.  And those with the Machete would have the prodigals head if God did not protect him.  Have you face the Machete?

If you read this far…you are hungry for Truth.  Let me tell you a very short story of my deadly and treacherous Prodigal walk away from God back in the day.

I was born again around June 1986 27 years of age.    10-1989 I was baptized with The Holy Spirit of God age 30.    At some point I fell.  I always knew in my heart that the scariest scripture in the bible would happen to me.  At least I thought.  But my understanding of the script was skewed.

I knew I would FAIL.  I believed in my heart that I was “bad & wrong”.  It took years for me to reprogram into oneness of self.  This means to understand being a child of The Most High God in Heaven & His Love toward me/us.

It took years for me to learn and become who I really am.  The prodigal walk was part of that realization of self.

The Scariest Scripture.

“Woe to those who know God and are delivered of dark spirit(s) who feel the joy and peace of God escaping evil.  And yet they return to debauchery and lust.  It would have been better if they had never known God.”  (my own words/paraphrased)

Thing is the walk of the prodigal son is one of Grace and restoration.  The prodigal son never loses Faith or Love for God.  He just tries out living in sin for a time.  He is deceived and doesn’t know who he is.

The scripture of woe reads of a man who loses his Faith in God forever.  He never returns home as the prodigal son does.  He doesn’t pray relentlessly during his walk of death as the prodigal does.  Nor does the script of woe read of a man whose heart does unto others as he would have them do unto him.

The prodigal son looks alot like the lost sinner if you see him on his dark walk.  But the lost sinner holds distain for God while the prodigal holds a yearning for God.  A yearning to comes home.

If your the prodigal your allowed to go home now.  Father will welcome you with open arms as He did me and does all His children.  NO matter what sins you have partaken of.

Time for all Prodigal Sons to come home.

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