Words “Demon, Demons” Are No Longer In Any KJVB

Fallen Fallen the Temples Have Fallen to Wickedness & Darkness Within.

Which temples?  Why, the holy places of course…the places that housed God’s sacred words.  And second, the place which housed God’s Divine Presence.  “Same Holy Spirit different purposes”.  The Holy Spirit which is given for gifts is bestowed upon the few, His children.  While the Divine Presence of God was given to all of mankind to abide in their temple, the body.

If you took the chot you may want to stop reading here.

However evil masquerading as good found a way to desecrate both temples.  God allowed the desecration of the body by each man’s free will the many chose to take beast proteins into themselves and become GMO.  They never asked God “how will I know not to take the mark of the beast?”

If they would of asked God about the mark He would have been very clear even with an audible voice.  God spoke to me audibly telling me by miraculous confirmations what the mark is before it was even sent out.  In 2018 I asked Him “how will I know the mark of the beast so I don’t take it?”

In 2018 instantly He said audibly to me “Zebra”.  Zebra…the animal of two colors.  I researched and found Zebra Tech.  They are a company which makes rfid chips and other tech tracking devices.  Later on Zebra got the contracts to dispense the Pie Zar shot across nations.  Zebra made it possible in 2021 to dispense the back scenes to people with their cold pack temperature controlled boxes. They dispensed the dee Anne a rewrites to millions on Earth.

All they had to do is ask God.  He would have made it abundantly clear as He did with me I am sure of it.  Instead they chose to become Chimeras.  That’s what science is calling those who undergo the genome transcriptional changes to their dna.  “Chimeras”.

Mankind became part beast by taking the mark of the beast.  IT’S LITERAL.  Not rocket science.  Ask Astral Zen if they put chimp pro teens in their chot?  Human no more.  Being human no more put these “new creatures” at a grotesque disadvantage.  No only are they under the strong delusion.  But also they won’t repent of it because they sing day in and day out “it’s not the mark!  Its not the mark!”  its very disturbing to watch their eyes sink into their skulls day by day.

Neither will they find the words Demon, & Demons in any other version of bible soon enough.  Of course few people will remember the original verses.  Just like they don’t remember that Jacob CRUSHED the head of the Serpent and bruised His heal.  Jacob meaning Jesus & Israel and all those who have become Israel.  They walk as Jesus walked.  They walk in Spirit, they see into the dark regions of Earth.  And they bind and crush free flying demons.

Voltar the Mighty. Crushes Demons


Great Works of Faith Matter & Should not be Minimized

Preacher who have the gift of deliverance have the ability to cast out demons.  This gifts of The Holy Spirit is monumental to the walk of those who endeavor in great works of Faith.  Great works of Faith are not to be minimized as “needless & prideful works”.  On the contrary.  Great works of Faith are the purpose of God’s children on Earth.  We praise and worship God Almighty.  And in Jesus name He gives us gifts to crush the enemy which are demonic dark creatures of malevolent intent.

Intercessors have worked their entire lives waging war in The Spirit.  Not so they will be saved but rather to carry out God’s purpose for mankind on Earth.  That is what we are called to endeavor.  Hell no we have not been perfect.  Walking in the Spirit isn’t about perfection, it’s about purpose.  Perfection is an unattainable illusion.  Becoming “One” in Spirit is to accept that we were not created to be perfect.  Not even close to perfect.

By Their Words & by Their Works You Will Know Them.

God doesn’t have to punish anyone for sins while on Earth.  Every sin has its’s own gastly consequences.  Jesus came to deliver His children from the bondage of treacherous and punishing sin with its painful consequences.  However you will hear quite a different story of what it is to be a Christian from those who really don’t know Jesus or why He is here NOW.

Most Christians tell a story of life being harder, more difficult after knowing Jesus.  That they have to change themselves into what God requires of them.  And that they have a new obedience that is fulfilled now that they are Christians.  And that it’s difficult and that they are persecuted for their walk with God…..pish posh!

True believers know that living Life without Jesus WAS HELL ON EARTH.  And that being in the will of God is to walk according to their own heart’s voice.  To be in God’s will if safety and peace.  Jesus came to heal, to deliver, and to teach and enlighten His children who walk as He walked.  They too rode the Sacred Donkey to the Magic places.  What?

Don’t Worry Gentiles Are Saved by Faith In God. 

Israel needs forgiven just as much if not moreso (due to the prodigal walk) than Gentiles need forgiven.   So Put on the Helmet of the HOPE of Salvation.  Hope.  Hope not yet fulfilled.  Forgiveness is an act of Love.  Not some “remission” due to a legal document.  These once saved always saved scream about “law, law, law no more”.  Yet they lean of the bible as if it was their legal right to salvation.  The bibles are now a certificate of salvation “to wit to wit none the less” drawn up by evil itself.

No one wants to have an enemy.  No one really wants to have to wage spiritual warfare.  However if we don’t and we do nothing what benefits, what assets, do we bring to the Kingdom?  A man once told me “its not what you can get from God that matters as much as what you bring into the kingdom of God.”

Uh oh!  Sounds like a works based ministry doesn’t it?  Ya it is.  Faith in God & Works by His leading both matter.  But it’s pretty much far too late to become the clay in God’s hands.  So if you finally have a new Faith in God Almighty and you met His Son Jesus who brings Life more abundantly it’s a great start.  Fear not.  Do not allow Legion/religion to take your time and demand what you should do.

Demons Are the Enemy of Mankind

Men should serve God not man.  Speak not evil of deities that you know nothing of.  Especially of God’s Holy Angels who for our benefit endured the hard job of introducing evil to mankind.  It’s demons that are the enemies of humans.  Demons.  And that is exactly why the wolf rewrote the KJVB to exclude our worst enemy from sight.  Out of sight out of mind.  Warfare works and the creature is running scared.  And now mankind is GMO and they even call themselves “new creatures”.  They are new creatures alright!  If they took the changes to their cellular nanocircuitry they are creatures with beast dna included in their bloodline now.

Evils favorite beasts to turn men into are mice, rats, pigs, & chimpanzees.  They have been telling us we are monkeys for years on end.  Now many people are part monkey.  “The end from the beginning”.

The Great Tribulation Goes Unseen by Most People

We live in the twilight zone…its not ever going back to normal.  Mankind has been under tyranny since before I was born.  The medical system is primary in torture and death with illness.  The food production is set to kill.  Every item we walk out of the store with (on the most part) is poisoned.  It’s been that way for years.  All diseases are with intent and man made.  All diseases are from toxins in food and our surrounding homes of poison.  Your clothing is poisoned. I told my doctor “everything’s poisoned” and he said “poison is a strong word”.  Fucking right it is.  And when you add up all the little bitty poisons you get death.

Most people can’t see the great tribulation for the simple reason that they are blind to the genocide and murder.  Cops are the enemies who steal our money.  Cops do no good.  They come after the crimes commited.  They are the crime, cops are the beast who killed George Floyde in the street while the whole world watched.  You won’t find that prophesy in your biles anymore either.  The tower of babble is destroying all dialects on the Earth.  All books are changing language.  Not just the bibles.  Every book I have picked up since 2017 has signs of the degradation of our speech.

The 144,000

What now Father, my God in Heaven, what now?  God would not show us this stuff if the end wasn’t nearing.  Very near.  My prediction has been April 2024 at the great eclipse.  I called this date from the time I saw the black sun vision of the time of my own end to being human.

Either the 144 will all be raptured at the time of the eclipse.  Or the sun will ark creating the fulfillment of the Ark of the Covenant.  The explosions in so many end of days dreams is not a nuke.  It’s the SUN blowing up, ARKING.  An Ark is what happens when an electrical circuit or device has too much current running through it.  It cannot hold the current of electricity so it blows.  It blows.  The sun would appear just like a nuclear bomb.  However what is going to happen on Earth will be so powerful that mankind could never invent a bomb to match it.

“It is appointed unto men to die and then the judgement”.

God is not man.  All will see the Ark of the Covenant.  Some may be raptured immediately if they have already died once.  This second death script is key.  All the 144 have already died at least once to fulfill the law that “it is appointed unto men to die and then the judgement”.

God’s army have all died at least once.  And that doesn’t mean they would have necessarily gone to a hospital. Nor does it mean that hey were brought back by some doctor.  Death could have occured while they slept.  However death is usually much more traumatic an event.  It’s not a mere end of breath.  The heart must stop beating to be dead.  As far as we know.

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