What are The Wing of Abomination & Locust from the Pit?

Not for Children.

Do NOT read of this supernatural consummation of the Locust from the pit if you don’t have emotional coping skills.  It’s pretty much horrifying for us who see it.

I prayed to God Almighty last night about my obsession with the supernatural KJVB changes.  I am shadow banned on social media.  I comment anyway to vent knowing rarely does anyone see my comments.  I have not been able to get through people’s emotional walls.  They are so deep into beast system emotional programming and now on top of that the Locust by wing of abomination has flown.

What did the Locust from the pit accomplish?  It rode on the back of a creature called “the wing of abomination” because it cannot fly itself.  Yes, it’s horrifying but seemingly painless to its host.


This shows the flying “Wing of abomination” creature.  I don’t know how long that creature stuck around after delivering the Locust.  We haven’t seen the winged creature for a while (on heads) so we think the winged creature left once the locust consummated to the face and forehead of men & women.  It is said in the bible that men’s minds will become desolate just as the holy place (bible) is becoming desolate.  This seems to be happening as written.  Since bible readers cannot remember what the bibles (said) read just a week or a day prior to it’s changing magically.  This is no mandela effect.  It is much more sinister.  The affected are under the strong delusion.   And we surmise that the sacred tree is withdrawing from mankind.
“If you eat from the sacred tree ye shall be as gods having the knowledge of both evil and of good.” _____Lucifer in the garden said this.
They clearly do not recognize evil, at least regarding the reading of bibles. They cannot see the blasphemy, sarcasm, evil vulgar words or vile concepts when reading the bible.  We can only guess that where they are going (eternal homes) they will not need the knowledge of evil anymore.


Locust seems to be part of the forehead mark of the beast for those of us who see it’s consummation.


It landed upon men’s heads.  Upon landing the creature either consummated with the human or the human having the armor of God and practiced in warfare ripped it to shreds and confined it to the dark void.

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I felt that I should go through the bible scripture by scripture showing people just how the blasphemy rears its putrid head.  Showing how it hides passively yet insults aggresively in my next article.

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