What Will Jesus’ Return Look Like?


The Intercessors have announced Jesus’ coming for nearly seven years on end repetitiously.  Like no other prayer they were ever given in higher language.  The trumpet of God are the Watchmen and the Spirit Intercessors of God.

They feel now today 11-22-2023 that FINALLY their repetitious prayer is done.  Finished, fulfilled, the announcement is over.  Because it’s less than six months time to His coming.  The fulfillment of the promise is finally coming true bold and bright in real time for those who Love Him.  And some have found the Holy Grail.

Betrayed by the Towers of Babel and Christian Church People

The word “Nineveh” or “Ninivah” or “Ninavah” from book of Jonah has turned into “Nineve” which is pronounced nin-eve.  The eve of nin (short i) whatever that is.  The many end of days Watchmen on Youtube and social media are the sign of Jonah that our ancestors looked for but did not understand except that he was swallowed by a whale.  And was in the belly of the whale three days.  And that sounds terrifying to me.

Granted the second meaning of the prophecy is literal.  A guy was recently nearly swallowed by a whale in 2021.  He did not actually get swallowed but he was in the whale’s mouth for a time and spewed out.  Close enough I say.  Here’s the article and links to original article.

Watching paper & online bibles change daily on the shelves is fairly unnerving when few can remember or see it.  But such is the emotional struggle of a Seer.

I apologize for not keeping up with the bible change log.  It’s agonizing to watch God’s sacred words turn to blasphemy.  And it’s worse that Christians don’t know the different in their heart or mind. Seems they never did Love God’s words. And for the chosen that hurts because its a betrayal.

Granted they have betrayed their own heart first.  And then by they they put on a mask and betrayed us.

Why does it hurt?  Because the chosen are self aware.  We abide in Truth. And when watching the seemingly benevolent Christians apparently so happy, fulfilled, filled with the Spirit all the time.  Getting visitations and anointing continually and so on. We ask.

“What is wrong with me Father?  Why are they so much better than us?  They appear to never do any wrong.

That is the church age we grew up visiting from time to time and we NEVER fit in.  We told the Truth so we thought others were truthful also.  We were the most deceived of all at that time.

And now look at us…look at us brothers.  God showed the 144 who they are.  But also He showed us WHY we are chosen few.  He took us all the way back to our childhood.  He showed us the whole walk of Faith.


And by allowing us to see the mark of the beast on the many Gentiles with their first love he showed us who they really are.  And what they really Love above all things.  We read their foreheads to see their heart as if it was a book.   They love the things of this world. Jesus is not on their forehead nor is the cross.  Very very few have the seal of God who appear on the image of the beast TV.  Mainly we watch the sent Watchmen.

When the Mongoose shows upon their forehead it means great battle within their hearts.  The brood of serpents are trying to replace the Goat or the Eagle on their forehead and in their hearts.  To steal their soul.

What else shows on the foreheads in end times?  Well.. where the Eagle lands so too the carcass shall lie.  Some shall be purified by fire and go to The Kingdom of God.  That’s what that script means.  Those with the mark of the Eagle are not damned or doomed.  Unless the mongoose fails the fight and the serpents come.  Then they go to darkness below.  Goat on the forehead means their life and soul simply end eternally in the Lake of fire which ends the soul.

Those with the Eagle love this world so they must be purified by fire to enter God’s Kingdom.  Purification by fire script is still in the book as far as I know.  And since they love this world and didn’t get purified from it.  They will have to burn.  Fast and painless I imagine.

The chosen already went through a painful purification period of about three and one half years (Jacob’s Troubles).  But also the not so painful purification period is seven years long and almost finished.

I had an out of body dream. I ascended on Jacob’s Ladder.  But on the way up a comical skeleton startled me back into my body.  That was the prophecy to me of Jacob’s troubles.  Which I never read in the bibles until the end of days.  Not all new scriptures are by the Dark Lord’s author of confusion.

The Eagle Wings The girl below shows the coming of Jesus by the explosion she will see.


The coming of Jesus shows on men’s foreheads.  It’s a picture of Jesus’ return.  It shows the sun exploding like a nuclear bomb.  That’s why so many people believe a nuke blast is coming.  The fake sun will blow up by “Ark of the covenant”.  A great electrical Ark that will happen first.  Many will die and be raptured. Then will come three days later God’s New Sun of God.  It will be magical and the giving of eternal life will come through it for those who believe and know Jesus.


Many people have the explosion on their high forehead showing that they will be alive when it happens some time between 2024 April and 2030.

“As the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West so too shall the coming of Jesus, The Son/Sun of God be.”

Jesus is returning in His Glory in The Sun of God. Who will be able to stand?  Those who are already purified will be able to abide on the coming New Earth Paradise.  If your purified by God you know it.  And if your purified by God by Fire you still get to see the Kingdom of God by His Grace.

Where the Eagle is so too the carass shall lie.


The chosen need God’s Grace just as much as the Gentiles.  What’s different about them?  They became the clay in God’s hands.  So they are ready to do His works on the coming New Earth for 1,000 years we think.  They are already “trained” in walking in The Holy Spirit’s lead.

During their prodigal son walk they likely commited far worse sins than the Gentiles but they never denied Jesus.  Not even in their darkest hour did they ever deny Faith in God. They believed from a very young age & fulfilled the law of God just as Jesus fulfilled it.  Even unto death walking as He walked.

But they are not “The Word of God” His only begotten Son.  They are not Jesus but they do walk in His Way.   The overcame death because Jesus overcame it first.

The chosen stand under the alter.  They are martyrs alive.  They have spent years on end in spiritual learning by sitting at the feet of Jesus.

They have one foot in this world Mt. of Olives and one foot on Mt. Zion.

We are alone on this Earth.  But we will be with our breathren soon enough.


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