We Can’t Help Those Deceived They Must Choose Truth for Themselves

Most People reading bibles are Under Influence of The Tower of Babble. As the babble effect scours the English language trashing its articulate design for communication of mankind. KJVB dialect etymology is reduced to a language called “middle english”. At the same time according to Youtube few have retained their ability to speak proper English in tandem with the supernatural bible changes.

“And the mortal shall put on immortality, the corrupt becomes incorruptible.”

Concerning dialect and language communication people are being reduced to reprobate minds. They seldom say what they mean and mean what they say. Between the double meaning words and the many metaphors, allegories, and double meaning words our language seldom means its actual intent. Evil is the author of confusion.


The masses can’t hear the chosen few.  The bibles are so far gone now if they do not see it I doubt they ever will.  I thought maybe if they resist the locust it will flee from them eventually.  If they resist the abomination of desolation the winged creature then perhaps it will leave the nest it has made in their hair.

At this rate its looking like no Gentiles will be saved.  But that can’t be, can it?

It’s up to God.  We who see have likely ALL prayed for the blind guides.  The wells without water, their mouths are an open grave causing men to fall into the pit.

God Almighty will not tolerate those who embrace lies to live on His New sacred Earth.  It’s not happening.  If anyone truly puts their Faith in God they are saved. He knows them and they know Him.  God leads the children to Jesus to find deliverance, & healing and to learn the Truth at His feet.  Bible calls them “Israel”.  Israel is not some country. They are certain people.  Israel the people are God’s children.

To be Israel is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and to know Him.  And now all most all of the prophecies are fulfilling rapidly.  Miracles in plain sight in real time.  Not on the image of the beast, although we do get info from the image.  The TV news channels gives Truth about 10% of the time or less.  Truth when it suits the beast.

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