Mark of the Beast. Desecration of the Temple of God

Noted supernatural bible change.  New words in NLT.  “February” and other dates are now in bibles.  These dates will multiply rapidly no doubt.  According to patterns we already have seen over and over and over and over during the last 7 years.  In KJV it’s using Jewish calendar dates in (for one) Zachariah now Zechariah 1:7 & 1:1.  Dates will crop up quickly all over every version.  It was just a matter of time.  The timelines in these bibles are all corrupts.  Except Jesus’ 3 days in the underworld.  And the 40 years of the Israelites wilderness.  And Jesus’ temptation of 40 days.  The words “week, month” were definitely not in any bibles.  The word “year” is suspect.

KJVB-“Upon the four and twentieth day of the eleventh month, which is the month Sebat, in the second year of Darius, came the word of the LORD unto Zechariah, the son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo the prophet, saying”

NLT-“Three months later, on February 15,[fn] the LORD sent another message to the prophet Zechariah son of Berekiah and grandson of Iddo.”

The wolf mocks them all by writing “Do you NOT REMEMBER I told you these things?” & it mocks with “LET THE READER UNDERSTAND”.  For they many can neither remember or understand the book.  Neither as it was nor as it is now.  By putting their Faith in the bible itself we fear, that they bring it’s curses unto themselves as they read the curses aloud.


The Body is the Temple of the Divine Presence of God once in all of mankind.  Now only in humans.  GMO humans are not privy to the Divine Presence anointing of God.  You made your choice GMO.

We all make mistakes.  God forgives for a reason.  Not some mechanical desecration of forgiveness called “remission of sins” GOD’S FORGIVENESS COMES BY GRACE, MERCY & BY LOVE.  But regret and remorse must be True.  You must take off the mask in front of Him now before you can’t.

I remember that in the KJVB there was a notable scripture that said “and God shall take His Holy Spirit from Earth, then His children return to Him”.

“The Spirit returns to God who gave it”. Ecclesiastes

All men were given the Divine Presence of God (“The Bimbah” according to Hindu dialect).  All men, women, & children had the Bimbah in them given some time during formation of the body in the womb.  Pretty certain I felt it happen with my own daughter.

God Almighty showed me what it would feel like if I took the desecration abomination chot.  Unclean by beast, dangerous by toxins, & by it’s actions turn man into a patented GMO.  How fucking evil is that?  Wake up and smell the debauchery.

He showed me after I asked about the “mark of the beast” what I would lose if I took it.   For 25 minutes I lost His presence of Hope and it was horrible.  It was a feeling of absolute hopelessness.  The Bimbah is ignored and remains in us unawares until it’s gone.  Then we know exactly what it is.  It is the magic supernatural gift of Hope that gives every man a reason to live.  A reason to keep surviving every day.  Day by day eat, sleep, and so on would become very useless and unmeaningful without the gift of Hope.

And what is Pandora’s box?  Father clearly told me that if I took the chot which the world received unto themselves I would lose Hope.  That it is Pandora’s box.  It blocks the Divine Presence of God by rendering the Human non-human GMO.  Non humans are not privy to God’s spiritual & eternal gifts.

And on the  most part…the many have no idea just how urgent & important Hope is. (Love & Faith even moreso).  If you were deceived into taking the beast’s dna you can repent.  Do it before you lose Hope and become an animal in part.

“Oh they wouldn’t do that!” Oh wouldn’t they?  Check your historical records of genocide then check “behavioral genome therapy” & “recombinant mRNA” studies in depth.  I know what they listed as being in the chot.  I know what they advertised/admitted as being in it.  I know what the video platforms are saying to discredit truthers.  And I know that the Truth is bad enough without the Graphene stories of a third strand…which may or may not be true.  The disciples of Hell don’t need Graphene or any “artificial proteins” for the chot to be diabolical as it is.  Making a man part animal is heinous.   Pig, rat, & Chimp are their go to animal proteins.  Do not confuse this with CRISPR old hat hack tech.  This is quite different.  Making men suffer by PEG poisoning is cruel and breaks laws of treatment of humanity.  Causing heart enlargements and vein Cancers is diabolical.   Shooting Can Sir cell lines into the world of people for speedy mitosis and expression in humans is evil genius.

What’s more showing everyone that they would do this heart enlargement in the Jesus mocking heart enlargement part of Eye pet goat is typical.  The egg is where they do their growing of abominations.

Mad scientists do things because they can out of ignorance.   Most are kept in a box compartmentalized so they have no clue who is paying them so much money and why.

2023 Geno Site will be accomplished without firing a shot.

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