The Two Towers Lord of the Rings (2) Decoded

Lord of the Rings odd parallels with the new Mandela Effected KJVB

The highest form of English, most articulate, poetic, held in its dialect high truths only to be expressed by such an eloquent language as Old English.  The King James Version Bible was written in this high standard of dialect…..NO MORE.  Now its called “middle English” like “middle earth”.

Now a days the high standard of English is heard more often in movies like “Lord of the Rings” than any holy book.  The bible has become vile & perverse fables at best.  The KJVB is now a twisted stack of nonsense and lies written by the illiterate.

Language and the King James Version Bible

Make no mistake the King James scholars were anything but illiterate.  They were highly educated with a knowledge of English unparalleled by any men of their time.  The book now reaks of and alleged God of innuendo toward sexual perversion and it reveals a hateful, perverse & immature God.  A god of lies.

If my words about the bible offend you I ask this, have you read it lately? And do you know what grammar is?  Mid sentence capitalization?  The propaganda that people of old were stupid, poor, and illiterate farmers half starved all the time is what the controllers want to paint in your mind.

Every movie that shows farmers paint a very grim picture.  But in all truth if we were all growing our own food we would live many years longer.  We would be independent of the beast system. And they could not control us.  That is why they tell stories of woe about every farmer.  In all truth the beast has oppressed and attacked farmers around the world just so they can poison our food and water with drugs and toxins.

More about the Mandela Effected KJVB

On the most part since 2017 the entire English language has changed.  Words are spelled and defined differently than they were three years ago.  Signs and wonders are all over but not all remember the old ways and the old words and spelling.

“Things have been forgotten that should have been remembered.  And things are remembered that never happened or existed.” This my friend is the time we live in.  And those who see and are in Truth have the most supernatural changes around them to palate.

Thank GOD He told us of these times and what would come to pass.  Amos 8:11 & 12 “A famine of the words of God”.  Not “The Word of God”.  The Word of God is Jesus (John 1) “In the beginning was The Word & The Word was with God and The Word was God.”  To call the book by God’s name is blasphemy.  But it was a Holy book with words that were given by God.  Not all of it.  The old testament has been skewed for a very long time in my opinion but that’s another matter.

Some Do Not Believe in Supernatural Magic

You say “prove it”?  I say this to the nay sayers.  Either you see it or you don’t.  Either you have your memories in  tact or you don’t.  Either you hold fast to the belt of Truth or you have lost it to lies.  We all have lied but there comes a time called the new age when lies go from being an innocent knee jerk reaction forged in fear of what people think of us, into a violent weapon, an arrow pointed at our own soul.  The lies have become our undoing and arrow that goes straight into our own heart and blinds us.  The lies we tell cause the strong delusion in us.  We simply MUST stop lying.  We must recognize how we have taken comfort in lies.  We must approach Jesus armed with Truth so He will fix us.  The Age of Grace is over.  Swift consequences are in place if we lie.  And we lie primarily to ourselves out of an emotional response.  We are programmed to lie.  Only God can change our programming.  But we have choices to make and must approach Him in Truth. The more we hide the more we defend against our own enlightenment and deliverance.

Jerusalem Laid Waste

It is written or was written that when we see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet which is two fold.  #1 is to see the desecration of the Holy place.  And #2 is to see the antichrist of the Jews set up in His temple.  Moreover that when these things take place we will soon see Jerusulem LAID WASTE.  Or was it Jerusalum?   Now its spelled Jeru-salem and includes Salem the home of the witches. Perhaps it was always spelled with Salem.   The warning for those in Jerusalem is to get the heck out and fast when they see the desecration of the holy place.  Problem is most Christians are under the strong delusion and think the desecration of the holy place means a third temple of antichrist.

Problem is few know, much less see the desecration of the holy place.  Why?  The strong delusion covers their eyes so they remember that which was not.  False memories are the strong delusion.  And God doesn’t send out lies.  The author of confusion and father of lies is he who is behind the book of lies and the strong delusion.

All books no matter how old have changed to a kind of hick-trailer park-Norseman English slang of which most often fails in grammar and spelling.  And the new words fail desperately in wisdom and honor.  The book is vile re-written by demons.

Know this-The KJVB supernatural changes are the desecration of the holy place prophesied of.  Your holy place not some remote non existing temple built for an antichrist.  Is that what you would call “holy”?  No of course not yet the interpretation of the prophecy lives on making the fulfillment of a great prophecy sit in the hands of unbelievers.  Is that how prophecy works?  The unbelievers do not get to tell us when our Savior will return.  IF and when the Jews build a third temple it will be anything but “holy” and it will be for their antichrist.

The Two Towers term at the start of the movie during the tearing down of the large old trees and the narration of Saruman decoded to (Solomon).  According to the Testament of Solomon he had the key of Solomon to control demons and learn their secrets to obtain demonic control thereby using great power to control the world in mass.  He started as using it for good just as the movie portrays the rings of power as corrupting and mind controlling.  This is a huge parallel to the rings of power and the one ring.  The two towers is a parallel to the “twin towers” that fell on 911.

Two Towers -Words Used Decoded

“Feast on this flesh” says the evil masked warrior much like “the feast of the great God” in the book KJV.

War Machine -new in the bible “war machines” parallels the movie.

Foundations of the Earth-Truth in plain sight said in Fellowship of the ring.

Orks- These creatures are a parallel to the Gollum army part human part animal DNA manipulated army of monsters in the Northlands even now being molded and tweaked.

Companies of an army now in KJV used in scene two the army of Rohan destroys the orks.

occurs 17 times in 17 verses in the KJV.

“Steward” also used in Lord of the Rings several times.

“Look to my coming at first light on the fifth day” says the white wizard Gandolf at sunrise in the Eastern sky.

I find this statement parallel to the coming of Jesus.  KJVB used to talk about the eastern sky, Jesus coming on the clouds.  “The prince of the power of the air-waves” is Satan.  Now we know what that means.  EMF & frequencies of lies and control.  The Eastern sky, I am certain the true books with words of prophecy have been stolen from us.  Jesus may have given even more info on and about His return.   But He did say “On the clouds in the Eastern sky” and now the book reads “in the cloud” as the prince of the power of the air…waves IS in the TECH cloud network.

And the LORD said unto Moses, Speak unto Aaron thy brother, that he come not at all times into the holy place within the vail before the mercy seat, which is upon the ark; that he die not: for I will appear in the cloud upon the mercy seat.
The elf, the father of Liv Taylor in the movie says she will be bound to her grief until her life is “utterly spent”.
Seems the new M.E. bible took its script straight from the movie script.
I am utterly spent and crushed; I groan because of the tumult of my heart.
The word “spent” is not an Old English term, not even close.




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