The Goats No Longer Have Access to God’s Powerful Words

The Powerful Words God Gave His Children are Now for His Children Only.

Of course we are angered when we read the desecrated bible.  Of course our first reaction is grief and indignant anger.  Righteous indignation when we see wisdom turned to folly. And yet the “Christians” don’t know the difference.

We now see the majority of Christians are just wearing a mask of religion.  Otherwise they would know and see that the words on the pages are not words written by The Most Powerful God of Love and of Wise Creation.

We have mourned the loss of the bibles and processed great changes that we see.  Once again there is work to be done.

The words God gave are now right where they are supposed to be, in our hearts.  We believe and hold the power of God.  This is what the beast fears and has feared for a long time.  This is why it tried to destroy us all.  The beast shall be put down like a rabbied dog.

“And meek shall inherit the Earth!”

God is Spirit.  And God is Love.  He is The Only Perfect Being in existence.  The bibles are a mess.  However we will not restore them.  The famine will not cease.  Amos 8:11 & 12 shall be carried out unto it’s fullness or prophecy.  And the strong delusion covers the Christians by their inability to discern wicked from Good.  God’s words are written in our hearts.  We know Jesus, He is our Savior.  His sheep know His voice and the bibles are fading fast of His words.

Now the bibles label themselves by God’s name throughout.  Furthermore the people call the bibles by God’s holy name.  They praise it as if it is God to their own failure.

Why?  God’s words are sacred and will not be trodden under continually any more.  The words are to be used for Love, Power, and Might.  The New Earth comes.  And God’s children have a part to play in it’s coming.

Soon the sacred words shall manifest instantly in the carnal realm.  This is our Hope and it is what we saw in prophecy.  God’s words manifesting instantly.  Not only by those who have spiritual gifts of healing and miracles.  But for all the children of God in an instant the words form.

Let there be light!  The children of light shall create their world of light.

“These things I do and greater things than what I do you shall do in my name.” Jesus.__________________

“By the Faith the size of a Mustard Seed, ye shall move mountains!”

Keep up the good work breathren.  Stand firm in your Faith.  Think big.  We are as our Father made in His image.  We too are creators of worlds.  And so comes The New Earth.  Far, far greater than the Old because the goats shall be gathered from Earth.  The wolves and the serpents shall depart to their eternal homes.  God’s believers, some -shall go to stasis for a thousand years.  While others shall seed the New Earth in the twinkling of the eye.  So they see.  So do they see.   And they shall create by  Faith by great works manifesting in light and truth unto those in Love.

Love covers a multitude of sin.  Love is everlasting.  Love is The Greatest Spiritual gift of all.  Hope, Faith, and Love.  These three are eternal.

The promises are now.



5 Replies to “The Goats No Longer Have Access to God’s Powerful Words”

  1. Hello,
    When did the KJV bible,started changing, I have KJV Bible’s.
    When I read my Bible now, will I not be reading Gods Holy Word?
    What about people that get saved after the Bible’s have been changed, is it too late for them?
    Shall I not read my KJV Bible’s?
    Can you please pray for my families salvation?
    Thank you, Laurel

    1. Laurel. God looks upon the heart. We don’t need a book to be saved by Him. The key is to seek God with one’s whole heart in Truth. Being real with God, transparent. To become the clay in His hands is the objective to be changed. Time is late, yes. But God is Good. “Whosoever believeth In Him Shall Not Perish but has Everlasting Life.”. Believing by Faith. Faith is key. Faith is a supernatural eternal gift from God. Hope and Love also. Love is to show caring respect toward others. The mass of changes to the books started in 2017. But some scripture was changed as far back as 2006 such as the Lion and the lamb scriptures. The changes began sometime prior to 2006. They ramped up exceedingly in 2017. As birth pains they increase as time goes by. Soon I think Earth shall become uninhabitable. The old earth must burn for the New Earth to be born. All choices have been made. God will take care of everything and everyone. He is not a masochist. People in hell will go there because they prefer and choose darkness. Many prefer lies over Truth. Hell is the home of lies. A man who enjoys sin and dark things will not want to go to Heaven. God provides for all His Creation.

      Jesus said “I wish ye were cold, or hot but since your luke warm I spew you out.” Meaning –to choose evil grants a man eternal life in darkness be free will. These who believe in God but choose to defy Him, do they not have Faith? They know God is real. It’s those who don’t choose and have no Faith in everlasting life and God who are at danger of the Lake of Fire. I could be wrong about this its just a theory. We think balance is a big part of God’s realm.

      The New Earth shall be Light. No longer darkness on Earth. New Earth will be filled with God’s Love. We will no longer be thrown in with the goat’s and the serpents who should be below. I could be wrong. Those who are not 144, chosen, elect of God will probably sleep for a time and awaken once the New Earth is ready for them. Know this, God is Love and His dislike is toward “Legion” which is “Religion” coded. Religion will take many to Hell’s church where they will be satisfied with their evil new bible that calls for death. Scriptures like these which are evil based in hate.

      DO NOT READ ALOUD CURSED SCRIPTURE THAT CALLS FOR DEATH OR CURSES PEOPLE. Don’t read any of the mean hateful new scriptures aloud. Take them for what they say not what preconceived white wash would make them. If it reads, “hate your family” then it means “hate your family”. Jesus would not say such things. But the book now reads that He carried a whip and called for hate. Its the abomination of desolation to God’s sacred words given to man on Earth. Keep God’s words of Love in your heart. The bread of Life. Jesus is The only The Word of God. We do not call the bible by God’s name anymore. We were mislead.

      Lev. 24:14
      Bring forth him that hath cursed without the camp; and let all that heard him lay their hands upon his head, and let all the congregation stone him.

      Lev 24:16
      And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him: as well the stranger, as he that is born in the land, when he blasphemeth the name of the LORD, shall be put to death.

      If a man prefers sin and darkness he should tell Father God He prefers it. Bare one’s whole heart to God and He will fix it. Truth. The mask must come off no matter what’s under it.

    2. There are still many Truths in the Bible. But it’s not “”The Word of God”. Jesus is The Word of God became flesh. He came to give us life more abundantly. We on Earth are in Creation.2 the spiritual part of Creation of man. Where we choose. If you don’t recognize the changes to KJVB you must be guided by Love and take each word for what it reads/means. I would not embrace a hateful God. Jesus has shown me nothing but Love and care. He delivered me from my self. He changed and cleansed my heart. This is the Jesus I know. He is the Great Healer. He is the God of miracles and of deliverance. So any scripture that’s hateful I would not read aloud. Amos 8:11 &12 is here. The famine of God’s words on Earth. There are only 7 deadly sins. You will not shock God with your confession.

      1. We merely suggest that men follow Jesus rather than the Bible since AMOS 8:11&12 are in effect. The famine of God’s words on Earth is fully in place. Why do you think God did this? Because religion is legion and it will take many to church in hell. HOw? Men who follow the book and preachers who said the ‘copy paste gospel’ one time and never ever seek God with their whole heart. Or show God their true heart so it can be cleansed they hide. This is why God took the book (we think). So men will seek & find HIM/Jesus instead of religion or idolatry of bibles. Is there not enough violence and hate in the books for a cognitive man to finally ask “who wrote this shit and how is it said to be holy?” “slay them before me?” Jesus carrying a whip? “hate your family or else”? “slaughter this and slaughter that instructed to the congregations”?? If one’s heart embraces hate & violence then this book is for you. One big Truth does not a holy book make. If ye embrace lies and violence with blame. The books in effect are truly your bible to follow. And it is your choice. God provides for all. “I wish that you were hot or cold…..” Better to be cold toward God than to not believe at all. Hell will be the eternal home for those who prefer the lies. We could be wrong. Do you see the Mandella effects at all? Perhaps if you looked here

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