Frustrated With the Mandela Effect! Ezekiel Eats Dung?

“The voice of the turtle” now in KJV.  Oh really? So now the turtle has a “voice” to speak as man perhaps?  Pish posh.  Questionable articles on internet say turtle make all kinds of noises. This NEW reality is become more and more deceptive.

New Living Trans-lation Desecrated As We See “Penis” and “Testicles” below.

Drinking urine and eating human excrement is a satanic ritual I have seen it done by a woman of dark habits in a club/bar environment years ago.   Also blood, urine, and dung are used in Satanic rituals according to online info.

The new dung and urine scriptures are vile supernatural bible changes.

Ezekiel 4 Has God making Ezekiel Eat Human Shit.  Then He (allegedly) changes the recipe to cow shit with his meal.  Whatever.  The bible is so desecrated now, its just DONE.

NLT Version Desecration.

That’s not all of the disgusting new rewrites.  Penis and testicles are now in Deuteronomy 23:1.   For the last couple years it was “stones” and another odd reference to men’s genitalia.  It’s getting worse and worse and worse every time I look.  I quit the logs because I got fed up with the vile changes.  There are still some varied scriptures that tell original Truth, however it’s not written as I know the voice of Jesus would write.  So even the verses that are so well known that they were preserved for posterity sake.  Still they are vile by the trashing of the English language.

Jesus tarries.   We were warned.   And I try patience.  I try understanding.  I try humility as a child.  The bible desolation & famine is our sign that God’s words are leaving Earth.  And soon I believe He will take His Holy Spirit from Earth.  And those who have it.

I had a dream of sitting in a small booth with the actress from “Leaving Las Vegas”.  I remember her distinctly with her red patent leather outfit.  She has an innocent face.  I searched out the actress and found the blonde from “The Saint” Elisabeth Shue.  I remember her clearly in the Saint movie.  But for me it seems many of the scenes from “Leaving Las Vegas” have changed.  It now shows Cage and a hopeless alcoholic.  He looks like shit in the movie.

Bottom line the movie has completely changed including the starring actress role.

Back to my dream.  We were sitting in the booth and suddenly God spread a blanket over top of us so we were protected from any danger.  I hoped for a rapture but the dream depicts more of a protected scenario during the dangerous times of Great Tribulation.

And WHY that actress whoever she WAS?  She is gone.  Does that imply rapture?  Idk.  Why would Father prompt me to learn so many survival skills and knowledge if I was going to be raptured anyway?

A woman online asked me “how do you deal with the not knowing”?  Seems like when she said that I progressed to eventually became impatient and annoyed with the waiting game.

We were warned that God would “tarry”.

I had another dream of going to a wedding and I didn’t have the right clothes.  I was concerned I was not dressed properly.  I think that’s my own great fear of being left behind expressed in the wedding dream.

I had another much more Godly dream of the Mother of God inviting me to sit at her table in the wedding party.

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