Rapture Date April 8, 2024 And Tribulation Period Update

The Rapture Will Be for the Chosen Few

Then there will be seven years of tribulation for the many.  However those days will be shortened.  What that means idk.  It could be that the days will seem very short as the days are for Jacob now.

We get up and blink our eyes, and we are back in bad all in what seems like about three hours of time.  The days are literally shortened now for Jacob. We are in the first seven years of tribulations.  But it’s Israel’s tribulations.  Not some country or geographical location.  Israel means the children of God.  The breathren of Jesus Himself.  We are not the bride nor do we need to marry into the family of Jesus.  We are His breathren already.

We came here on here and stepped into the template of God which made us His children from before.  What is last is now first.  By our actions now we changed our history.  There are a limited number of templates to step into on Earth which spiritually define us.  God looks upon the hearts of mankind.  Not some geo-location to make somebody holy.  Are you kidding me?  Why would so many Christians believe such pish posh?

“There are those who call themselves Israel (jews) but are not.  Judaism is a religion.  LEGION/RELIGION.  Jesus does not appreciate religion not one bit.  And there are spirits attached to Legion as He cast out back in the day.  Israel is the children of God.  God Almighty already recently showed us who we are.  The vail was lifted in 2017.  Did you awaken in 2017?

The watchmen awoke first from what they are saying.  However they are still partially blinded.  How do I know?

Because of certain miracles, signs, and wonders that they cannot see.  The watchmen don’t see the prophecies that have come to pass.  They are miracles.

Don’t fret if you do not see the miracles.  Most people who are saved will be saved out of the second tribulation period.  The second seven years.  If you feel like the bride of Christ you likely are.  Follow your heart.

You can never be perfect.  Not while human.  Jesus delivered us from things that would have destroyed us already.  He will also deliver us out of the end of the age destruction.

What is Coming?  The Ark of the Sun Covenant.

As all man made devices crash so too will the fake sun fail.  The fake sun will ark causing the Ark of the Covenant.  A literal prophecy was given and then stolen.   An ark is when electric current is too strong to contain and the device creates a great splitting of atoms.  A corona discharge.  A violet explosion.  Oxygen atoms split into Ozone temporarily.  Have you heard the great plasma event prophecy of the watchmen?

The Watchmen don’t know how they just know a plasma event is coming.  Likely sometime after 2024 God Almighty will amp up the hidden sun which has already gone dim as predicted biblically.  Hence the fake sun was put into orbit.  It floats by magnets like the rest of the planets do.  The Earth’s magnetic field holds all the surrounding planets in place by it’s grounding.  No we are not on a spinning water ball.

I have literally seen the light bulbs in the sun which for some reason others cannot see.  I have seen the second light source of the dimmed sun over and over and over.  As have many people.

So the fake sun is huge and it’s one hell of a light with many bulbs.  God will cause it to Ark.  The prophecy of the ark of the covenant coming.  This event will send the souls to the Father.

And the Spirit of God will return to He who gave it.  All goats will be non existent.  The serpents and wolves will make their homes in Hell where darkness is their favor.  Did not Jesus say “I wish that ye were hot or cold but since your lukewarm I spew you out”?

Those who choose the dark side are cold toward the Light.  Balance is apparently necessary.  Yes I could be wrong.  But God allows free will.  Those who embrace evil have the faith in their god.  Faith in something that is.

“Paradise for the Hellbound”.

The lukewarm are the goats.  They are neither hot nor cold.  They put their faith in the beast system which is not a god.  It has no ability to provide a home and keep a soul.  Hell is a dark abode for those who love darkness and have been somehow loyal to it.  I do not know how that works.  I just know that balance is necessary.  And I surmise the underworld will remain.  Yes I could be wrong.  But then what did Jesus mean by “hot or cold”? If you have a better theory please leave it in a comment.


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