Fallen Angel Technology…

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This May be one of my Last Articles—–Jazweeh

Fact to establish.  What is Holy enough to be desecrated or made desolate?  The books which held God’s words.  And the bodies which held God’s Divine Presence. The presence of God The Father is in all of mankind as are the gifts of supernatural & eternal Hope and Faith.

A temple building built & inhabited by antichrists, who are of Legion/& worship religion is not the “Holy place” therefore such a building cannot be desecrated or made desolate (desolation prophecy).  The abomination of desolation has nothing to do with a building called a “temple” by blasphemous religionists.

Massive Campaign of Fallen Angel Propaganda.

Who is Satan really?  Because I have not met him.  Furthermore NEVER have I been attacked by Angels.  It’s demons who infest mankind.  And its demons who tempted Eve.  “God does not tempt mankind.”  I do not know who the King of Demons is but He is not an Angel.  And the term “Angel of the bottomless pit” is likely skewed and changed as much of the bibbles are changed.


Neither have his Angels fallen except to fall to Earth to do the bidding of Our Father.  Angels are ministering Spirits.  Yes they were bound but not by God.  Apparently they were captured or hidden away for quite sometime after their job on Earth was done.

Those Angels who had to come to Earth were given the hard job.  To introduce evil to mankind.  So mankind would have the choice between evil & good.  Therefore humans choose their own eternities.

Why?  Because God is finishing the spiritual aspects of the creation of mankind.  Creation part II = The Choice.  We choose our own eternal home by deciding between evil and good.  Angels job here is a mystery to us but it was very important.  And Father gave all His warriors on Earth the 144,000 guardian fighting Angels.  They are Deity.  And we should never speak evil or judge harshly God’s Deity.

You desire rapture?  Would you judge the very angels who could aid in your rapture?  Do you know Angels to judge them righteously?  No

“Do you not know that men shall pass judgement on Angels?”

That is not a good thing it’s a prophecy of passing judgement on them due to “fallen Angel propaganda”.  And there is alot of it.

Why do you think the massive campagne to fein the reputation of God’s Holy Angels is so vast, thorough, & so entertaining?  Because it’s important to the Serpents that they invert God’s Truth.  The Towers of Babble are all about imposing lies in the minds of mankind.

Every word of Truth is a weapon for good.

“Fallen Angel Technology”

Explaining away the signs and wonders of God is vital to the enemies of God.  And Christians who promote the propaganda are clueless to carry a message of lies.  “Pass judgement on Angels with us!” Scream the Christians on Youtube.  Will the angel come anyway to take you to a safe place of escape if you blaspheme his brothers?  Let’s hope so.

What is this “fallen angel technology?”  Is it not mankind who creates many devices?  Making them VICES?  And by the influence of demons and the help of demons mankind created the towers of babble.  The cell phones which control their minds.  And CERN likely controls all of it.  My guess is that those refrigerators don’t just accommodate quantum computers.  The black boxes below absolute zero likely house demons from below who can now communicate with the scientists at CERN.  The covenant with many demons is one of debauchery.  What was the trade off from men to demons?

Give us the two golden keys to overcome the immune system and hack the cell’s nucleus.  And we will use our quantum magicians to change all bibles on Earth.  Which by the way are removing the word “demon, demons” from all of them.  Demons don’t like being crushed and bound by the power of Jesus’ name.  Take them out of the bibles and no more pesky demonic bible quotes.

Apparently the movie “Stargate” about needing afinal symbol was true in attaining entry to the sales nuke Lee us.

Why did the men want to overcome the human Immune system?  To control the people biologically.  And once they got those keys….it was on.  The world received the body hack.   Nearly all of the people agreed to allow the beast to turn them into ‘gee Emma oh’ Hugh mens. 

Why the Fallen Angel Propaganda?  The Real Reason

Hence the real reason for the Fallen Angel propaganda is to cover up the desecration of men’s gee gnome.   Nobody is having sex with angels. But they are being Jean attic Lee altered by demonically oppressed and possessed elites.  These elites have way too much power over mankind.  It’s mankind who desecrated the bodies of men, woman & children.  The humans working on making men what they were not are ignorant and compliant.  They are part of the problem and they will take responsibility for their actions.  Handing over one’s moral choices to an authority that is immoral is wrong.


It took me three years to decode the continually changing words/titles for the ingredients of the world wide final solution, the cure.

In greed I ants in a nut shell…directed & controlled can sir sales for quick replication (can sir with a purpose) of Hugh man sales, an a mall pro teens for the desecration, a by Russ for transport into the sales nuke Lee us.  And simple in greed I ants are for mass and on going inflammation.  With straight up talk sons for  a quick death.  It they don’t die from it they will be changed for ever.  Mirahmeta “bitter transformation”.   The an I mall sales that were listed as panzie of a chimp.  Make no mistake these in greed i ants had to be translated from complex scientific titles/names that continue to change and morph to hide what they really are.  It took me three years of study with med I call dick Shaun air ease.  Except the A.Z brand did list the panzi an I mall input straight out at that time they did not hide the panzi in greed I ants.  All of the brands used an I mall Dee Anne a.  Making mankind part beauty & the beast is the bottom line motive.  That and Jean oh side.

REPENT simply repent if you took it.

Desecration of the Holy place bibles and bodies hold what is sacred.  Beast dna in men.  Chimpanzee proteins command your immune system by tricking it.   With Cancer cells to boot for fast replication. Hybrids. Chamara.   Cancer with a purpose of bitter transformation. Mirahmeta.  Those bodies still growing will be most affected.  Gmo's can rarely reproduce so no children for the many.  Its that simple.


Temples of antichrist do not hold what is sacred and so they cannot be desecrated or made desolate.

The Final Solution

Yes children who are still growing will be far more affected by the mirahmeta (bitter transformation).  What they call Jean express Shaun is internally hidden in those who are past the age of human growth and development.  If a ‘gee Emma oh’ baby is born of a ‘Dee Anne a’ of hugh man & w/part beast & survives God only knows what it might grow into.  We would see the TV series “SweetTooth”.  A boy with deer antlers.

However like ‘gee Emma oh’ foods they usually cannot reproduce.  Most “gee Emma oh” fruits can’t make viable seed.  They won’t be able to have children (most likely) if they were given the treatment at a young age.   Approx two & a half years before hugh man growth and development stages end.   Can sir sales are the catalyst for speedy sale express Shaun.

So their solution is total population control and desecration of God’s children as prophesied by implanting beast restructuring into them.

Those who have Hope nurtured in themselves prior to their mistake are much more devastated by the transformation than those who had no Hope in God.  Pandora’s box has been opened.

Ya all that stuff on rumble about the topic is detourance. Rumble videos are smoke and mirrors.   It’s to make the truthers look stupid and lead them down false rabbit trails of black goo and bio tech pipe dreams.

“Greater is Jesus in me than the demons of this world”.

“Fear not for I have overcome the world”.

“The Holy Spirit comes by prayer and the laying on of hands.”

“The greatest spiritual gifts are eternal Faith, Hope, & Love.”  The greatest is Love.  Love is an action not a feeling.

“The meek shall inherit the Earth”

The hardest demon to bind and crush are those who are invited into men.  When a demon get’s cast out it should be by a preacher unto someone who wants it gone because of the oppression they ensue.  Such as addiction to some vice.

“Men have sought out many vices.”


2 Replies to “Fallen Angel Technology…”

  1. sounds as if you are saying, the people who took the vaccine have taken the mark of the beast. I might be reading into it wrong…if this is what you are saying, why do you say, just repent. And if someone ends up taking the mark, there is no repenting of that. I do not think it was the mark. But, i definitely agree with the depopulation agenda. Also, i have no idea what you are talking about with the angels being locked up somewhere and not by God. Please, enlighten me..

    1. I apologize.Sound out aloud what I write in code. Sometimes i do write fairly veg articles. Some topics are sin sa tive and I use co0ed. I will tell you somewhat clearly what I intended to convey. The fallen angels came to Earth to introduce evil to mankind. Thereby mankind is able to make his spiritual choices of good or evil. We are in the process of creation of man part II the spiritual choices.

      I had a vision of the angels of God bound in a cave for a very long time. They finally went home. It’s a mystery to me who captured them and bound them. I was guessing that perhaps they had to hide away for years. Or men captured them and bound them somehow. idk. But I do not agree with judging angels as being demonic and bad. I believe the fallen angel propaganda cam pain is to divert mankind’s focus from demons and evil men to blaming angels of God who are holy and good. So many are calling them evil.

      Yes to your first statement. the Lark of the feast is implemented it was the chot. How and why do I know? Because I studied it’s in greed I ants for years on end. Putting together a theory that the lark of the feast desecrates men’s bloodlines making all of mankind of the same line. Just as Acts 17:26 now states. And the lark had both can Sir sale lines and beast (chimp) pro teens in it.

      According to Astral Zen in greed i ants list (chimpanzee pro teens) I took off their own sights. C.P.P’s are their new tech mad sy ance.

      The soupof Esau crosses the gates and boundaries (I>System) of the human command center in the body. This fact of inducing chimp Dee Anne a into hue mans to be replicated and regrown rapidly (by mitoses) by Dee Anne a mapping and straight up re-coding & replication is Dee Anne a engineering. Replication is by fast growing can sir sales.

      My theory from studies aligns with their inversion of truth and long term propaganda campaigns. Of fallen angels mating with men (a cover story) And propaganda that says “men came from monkeys” an inversion of Truth. But really once they got past the I.System. they turned the whole world of men into part monkeys. Desecrating the holy place another prophecy.

      Not a pretty Theory. So I say to anyone who took it…repent. I could be wrong. But why make a soup of Esau with chimp/cancer/& a viral vector that goes straight to the command center of sale structure? This is the power of rewriting the biological sales structure of humanity and replicating it within. Sorry.

      I am no scientist and I could be wrong except it’s prophecy to desecrate men’s blud lines. The crown of life and inheritance thrown on the floor by the many at the alter of the beast. Traded like Esau for a soupy poi son. All done by fear. And why would the elite care to need to desecrate the blud of the many? Because their time is short and prophecy proclaims Jacob’s line of Judah will inherit the Earth. The meek will inherit the Earth. The Lion of the tribe of Judah will rule. They have seen too many prophesy fulfillments to ignore the one that takes their power away so…they made their attempt at wiping out Judah’s bludd line. Omitting the children of God.

      But I am just a writer take it or leave it. Who knows who Judah is?

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