Why The New Blood Gospel?

With the Changes to all Bibles the Books now Say…

The Blood Gospel and Blood God

“Put faith in blood.”

Not quite sure how that blood & glory seeking works out if a man is seeking blood by itself instead of seeking God Almighty and Jesus His Son.

The new words in all bibles exalt the shedding of Jesus’ blood.  But in Truth who shed the blood of Jesus?  Who do they worship if the put the Eternal Gift of Faith into the shedding of Jesus’ blood?

It’s always been Rome who shed Jesus’ blood.  Rome had Him crucified and Roman law of the day.


The Centurion soldier is the one who took a sword after Jesus died and stabbed Him brutally.

Are we to worship a brutal act?  No.  Jesus’s blood itself is a mystery and of great spiritual significance.  I asked God what it represents and He gave me a dream of being showered in the blood of Jesus.

The True Gospel is the Testimony by those Who Know Jesus and Have been Set Free by Him.

“He who the Son sets free is free indeed.”

At the time the soldier stabbed Jesus He was already taking His dark journey into death and Hell by way of the grave to overcome it.  Jesus took the keys to death and hell so we too can have those keys and overcome death and the grave. Jesus is called “The Word of God” because He brought us His Father’s words first hand.  But now God’s words have rose unto the Heavens as a scroll.  They are now forever set in Heaven.  God’s words are all together leaving Earth.

There is a new Dark bible for the generation of dark children.  The Dark Lord has his right to his own bible.  And the Gentiles cannot tell the difference.  They never loved God’s words apparently.

As long as there is life in your body its not too late to seek God and repent of mistakes as we should all do.

Worshipping the shedding of His blood is to worship a brutal act.  By the infidel who stabbed Jesus.

Even the shill boy on this video promotes the beast and calls himself a Centurion of faith.  Either ignorantly or as a mocking of Christians which happens.

Two are sincere one is a shill the other…who knows.  But one thing is certain “Faith” is an eternal gift given to all of mankind.  Where we put that Faith and the eternal Hope akin to it determines our salvation.

Did you nurture the Faith God gave you?  Prayer and seeking God are the responsibility of every believer.

God’s True Plan of Salvation

God gave us the eternal gifts of Hope & of Faith to put where we see fit.  Seek God.  Put your Faith & Hope in Jesus The Son of God.  Pray and get to know Him by prayer, supplication, transparency of heart, Truth toward Him, Ask God to Fix your heart, God will give you a new heart to be born again.

And some get filled with His Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.  Other are filled with Love.  To know God in Truth is the Hope of salvation.

Put on the whole armor of God.  Hope the helmet of salvation, the belt of Truth, The breastplate of Righteousness (in Jesus), The testimony of the good news of Jesus bringing great peace to those who seek Him, The double edged sword of the Spirit which is the words of God which Jesus brought us.  And Jesus is The Word of God.


Isaiah 11:6

The Lion has left the lambs to their devices by their choice.  The author of confusion now has rights to the word in all the books.  And so a dark words/dark sayings for dark minds.  Towers of Babel have dimmed their light but worse they took the slight to the height of soup.  Soup soup Esau’s soup they cried for more yet found the score of a lost heritage.

They threw their crowns of Life onto the floor at the alter of the beast.  Then they bragged to have done so.  Esau’s soup and a lost inheritance of God.

Forgot forgot the diamonds forgot.  Babel babel babel and scheme we wonder what now lies in their dream of late.  Dark dark are his dreams of late.  But repent he will not for false pride is his fate.  Denial is the river within they swim.

The swim, and towers, the powers of memory, swim into the iron rods rule.  Swim into the fables of russe and guise.  And guise russe and guise.


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