The Wolf Mocks-“All those who commit Abortion are Mine”

An inspired work of Truth by Jazweeh (R rated)

Exodus 34:19 (the scripture of the womb was in Genesess) Yes Genesess.  Do you remember there was no "i" in Genesis?   It's one of the first bible changes of the wolf.  The honor is being removed from all languages.  Words are witchcraft be careful what you say.  Especially when reading aloud the once holy book.
"All that openeth the matrix is mine; and every firstling among thy cattle, whether ox or sheep, that is male"

"who" changed to "that", "womb" changed to "matrix", "firstling" new word. Insult to call men cattle.  "is" instead of "are".  Winky to mock.

“All those who commit Abortion are Mine”   or “all those who open the (womb) matrix are mine.”

And the evil wolf would be Right Except…

For the God given sanctified blessing of heart felt genuine repentance.  If the gift of repentance comes to your heart, do not push it aside by a pat knee jerk response of intellect to emotional fear.

Embrace repentance with its grief when it is given as a gift.  For without it, we would all be stained in our mortal sin of abortion. Weather man or woman, adult or child.  Of this sin we MUST repent in the fullest sense of the word.

And then in comes our God and Savior Jesus who God gave us unto the fullness of forgiveness.  “Though our sins are Red as Scarlet, yet they are white as snow.”

God put Faith Love Hope and Regret in the hearts of every man for a good reason.  And what kind of man is it who has no regret for hurting others.  No regret for killing his unborn child?

Only A man who is lost or not of us.  A man who knows how to lie to his own heart.  The man who represses the voice of his own heart becomes deeply deceived by himself first then by others.  For to practice lying to one’s self echoes and reflects the gullibility toward others lies as they are presented to him, one after another.

Again, repent.  For repentance is not an ugly word but rather it is the essence of the gift of eternal life.  It is a plan of salvation.  It is the Truth of what men need and who they are.

The Poetic Writes On.

“And all though my eyes were open, they might just as well been closed”   (Whiter shade of pale.)

__________________We are one and all LOST without the heart of Jesus guiding us day by day.  Though He tarry, He will not leave our Hope unfulfilled eternally.  He will return soon.  It is His promise to us who know Him.  It is arranged it is spoken by The Spirit.  And so now we finally understand the Cry of the Song of Solomon as it once was described.  Though now the book has fallen still we remember how it was written to the cry for Jesus’ return.

The Song of Jazweeh

The stranger asks the question-Who is this Brother of yours? This true Love ye wait for?  Who is this who your heart watches for and ponders on night and day?  Who is this who you have embraced to have and hold?

You the young child of an advanced age, whom does your soul cry out for?  And why, why, why do ye waist thou your time and pains upon He who likely neglects but surely tarries?

Jazweeh objects!  “No no kind sire He neglects not!  Tarries yes He does.  But for good, for good, each day….just one more to be brought to His breast in Love.

Brother brother!  He is my beloved, my brother!  He stands in the place where I would perish and fall to wicked and spiteful men who are wizards of pain and suffering with locks and keys to paper chains.    He stood mighty for me, yes for me as He said “My soul Loves you Jazweeh & ye are mine whom is given to me by my Father-Our Father”.


Then He held up His mighty hand to the dark lord who approached.  He said “No more”!  “No more shall ye sift my child, my sister, my daughter as the Hoe  & presser a leather sickle treads the wheat crushing and lashing.

By the Hand of the Dark Lord-My Chosen Few Shall Suffer No More!

Ah yet a trial was given in the last days.  Or did it say “last time”?  One last struggle for the chosen few, who are elect of God.

All things work together for the Good to those who Love God and know Jesus.

Jazweeh Continues

You ask what and who my beloved is and why I continue in wanton heart to wait for His promised arrival, let me tell you of His Love for me.

The Tale of Dross.

I suffered long and hard from birth.  Even in the womb of my mother did I fear my own birth.  For the infant gritted her little jaw to the point of turning, turning.  I knew I was ugly yet I was still beautiful.  Born blind of sight yet could I see picture and color as most do.

Yet what I saw in the mirror was ugly I thought.  I searched for beauty with a broken heart long and fast courageously I searched for Love.  My heart was broken because I learned that I was wrong and bad from the very start.  I walked in shame at all times.

The whole world was better than me, I thought.  I knew not that I am & was a beautiful, lovely, and so smart child of the Most High God of Creation Himself who Loves me.


Suffering and near death knowing I was worthless I commenced to self destruction by age 11.  My young heart so deceived.  I tortured myself by the company I kept.  Evil men surrounded me in supplication for my very soul.  My body they would use and burn.

One day, evil men with syringes showed me a false evil spirit of ecstasy.  I found ecstasy on this very Earth.   I sought and I found.  But hiding behind the grandest feelings I ever had at that time was deep dark faceless faller (smokey evil).

I met with the deepest and darkest abyss of continual debase I could not imagine.  Fowler, loathsome, polluted, detestable was I and decrepit waste was after my heart.  I found the darkest of spirits of emptiness laced in sewage of the soul.  And then I became a wanton perilous slave to those spirits.  I walked the walk of the wanton to be dead.  And when death found me, by my hand or others, and packed my soul inside a dense rock then it spit me back as Jonah from the whale.

Death would not have me.  My soul was spewed out by death itself I, too putrid for death to cage or tolerate.

Fear came upon me as a molten ocean of lave.

I hid in fear literally.  The deepest darkest fear that makes a man of stature tremble and whine in sounds of distant shreiks.   In the dark closet I shreiked and moaned, I hid so no one would see me and see my shame.

Is there a shame so dense that a man would cover himself in worms to escape it?  That fear & shame was my bedfellow for years.  How I survived in that place, I know not except God’s grace of ignorance and blindness.  By self deception I walked on and on.

Who Would Have Me?

What had I left?  Who would have me?  And so I took what flesh bestowed upon me and I soon charged usury for those who would inhabit my unclean flesh.  Money money money to stop the pain and fear.   I needed more because there was only one medicine for the fowlers inflicted panic.  More sin, more debauchery to bring me my chosen medicine of the only relief I found.

And so a drug addict I became straight from the vain.  I found my cure at last in a dark depleted past.  There lie my soul to waste, to waste.  Lie my soul to waste.  Yet did I live.

I fed the spirits of Hell what they commanded of me.  To sin and to make others sin.  And my tool my leather sickle was my flesh.

Jasmine Jasmine sacred Rose where is my herb of desire?  He was lost to me far from reach.  My lessons where not done.  I had more to learn of the depth of despair.

I fed the men and sometime the women my flesh and debased myself in fire and ice, fire and ice.  I had no tears.   I did chill my hearts voice lest paralyzing fear & black torment rear its head again.  I ran I ran from me.

I ran from my heart by way of the drugs that would blind me of my pain and impending fear.  I ran and ran to get the Heroin that quelled my torment by the trickery of the demonic I was Apollyon’s bitch. God forbid. God forbid.  I stoled from those who would have given me trust.  I stoled and could not say no.

My Grievous Sin

I killed my unborn children.  Come to find the most dangerous place for the unborn is in the mothers womb.  It should not be so.  God almighty it should not be so.

God help us God help us all.  So easily so easily did my heart justify mortal sin.  The sin that leads straight to the parlor of death and hell.  And so I confess my worst to you.   As sex and usury, and stealing, lying, cheating, betrayal, and more betrayal grew to my heart’s plan as it’s only protection.  I embraced the lie as my protector.  The progenitor of my safety.

Oh Yes I know How to Embrace the Lie.   The Lie that Has Summoned the Locust from the Pit of the Abyss.

Oh yes that Locust has flown on the back of it’s Rapture did it have its soft landing unto the heads and faces of mankind.   To the face and hair speaking to men’s minds did it consummate.

“As is a man’s heart so shall his face conform.”

My Story Goes On in it’s Poetic Fashion

My body died yet again….but the heart restarts does it not?  And so death would not have me a second or third time.  Death was too pure for my wretched tainted soul poisoned by deceit and lies.   Yet I died once by Cocaine, once by Heroin as a man fought for my life he healed me alive.

Once again for a long time by Cocaine straight to the vain.  Ah hiding behind the ecstasy was death again spitting me out!  A man can only spend so much time with death until he himself has eyes like that of death.  Into the spirit world do I see, both light and dark have come to me.  I see the halls of Amenti where the dead shuffle as do the patients on Thorazine in the confinement of the home.  They lost their memories both here and there.  The wide iron doors of Hell/purgatory meet the halls of the dead.  Shuffle shuffle on they shuffle.

I saw too the dark eagles that Jesus spoke of once…He said “where death is there shall the eagles gather”.  I saw them when I caught and overcame finally what was likely a bioweapon here in 2021 of August & September.  I saw the death eagles leave my bed chamber as vultures who have given up on a prey that just would not die.

By a vision of one of The Two Witnesses I was healed enough to not end up on a ventilator.  And so this time I did not visit death…I do not think I will die again but this is just a guess.   By the second death I did not suffer, but what of the third or fourth death?  What of indeed?  Or maybe my heart only stopped once..the time I was in the dark rock.  Hard to say.

And it All Started

It all started with a child and a broken heart.  What breaks a child’s heart unto self loathing?  What breaks a child’s heart unto self hate?

The lie that the child is inherently bad & wrong.  And how does the child fix such a revelation of self at 5 years old?  She becomes one who would be good and loved by others.  She became who she is not.   If only for the sake of a Love that she merely chased and had never ever seen or felt.

There in the abyss of sin & dark circles that never end her soul cried out for a Love she never knew yet yearned for desperately beyond measure of flesh she yearned.  Beyond the sight of eyes did she yearn.  Her very heart screamed for that Love unseen. Somehow she knew it must exist it must be there, somewhere and real.


Is the story of a heart too long much too long?  Still it must be told.  And so she followed her heart not her head.  And she found the Love she hungered for, invisible, and illusive.  Yet it did come to her by night.  It spoke to her by day.  Called by the call of the heart she followed directions given by the Spirit of God.

Through a mine field of panic attacks and a mountain of anxiety with fear so deep she did answer the call of Love.  She walked into a church where a woman touched her on the chest and said…

“Come to the evening service God has something for you”.

That’s right, after she was lead to a church over and over she ignored the call.   She knew should would answer.  Eventually.

Finally she went to that church.  And upon leaving the woman appeared.  That night during a very small church gathering she had by prayer and the laying on of hands a great astonishing deliverance.

She felt the oceans of Love she sought for so long.  Never again feeling panic and fear by spirit of paranoid torment.

She was given the deliverance from paralyzing fear and demonic oppression that she thought was impossible to dispel.  Her morality was transformed into goodness.  Through 7 years of new behavioral training she became who she really is and gained confidence in Truth.  Her motives changed.  The desires of her heart changed dramatically as finally she knew The PEACE that surpasses all Earthly understanding.

Her Love Has Saved Her

It was her Love who came to her that day, that night.  He came via the mighty name.  Jesus.  It was HIs name that brought her great Truth.  Her eyes were opened but not all work was finished.   She had to become the clay in God’s hands.   There was much more to be learned.  Habits die hard.  Still she would not suffer as she had, ever again.  Some sin was immediately dispelled.  Others took practice, time.

Her walk is one of seeking God’s Love.  I fear I would lose you if I the scribe wrote it all down here.  It would take a lifetime of books.

Blessings from She who was Lost but now is Found.  My brother my Love for whom I shall wait unto death itself finally accepts me and bows before me as my servant to usher me to eternity.

There is only One True Love on Earth.  Love and Peace that surpasses all Earthly understanding…and that is the Love of God given through Jesus.

Can you unwind the mystery of the song of two in one?

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was a true love of mine
Tell her to make me a cambric shirt (in the deep forest green)
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme
(Tracing of sparrow on snow-crested ground)
Without no seams nor needle work
(Bedclothes the child of the mountain)
Then she’ll be a true love of mine
(Sleeps unaware of the clarion call)
Tell her to find me an acre of land
(A sprinkling of leaves)
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
(Washes the grave with silvery tears)
Between the salt water and the sea strands
(And polishes a gun)
Then she’ll be a true love of mine
Tell her to reap it with a sickle of leather
(Blazing in scarlet battalions)
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme
(Generals order their soldiers to kill)
And gather it all in a bunch of heather
(A cause they’ve long ago forgotten)
Then she’ll be a true love of mine
Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was a true love of mine.

Here are some mysteries.
A sparrow on snow crested ground. Yet the sparrow was yet now was not. And now the sparrow was a raven or a crow? It is so it is so. “Consider the Raven”.
The Clarion calls for war. Her life she slept in silent submission. And then the lamb became the Lion.
“make me a camel knit shirt—deep forest green”
Yet does she sew. Yet she does sew. She considers a neat fabric and purchases it for her business given by God. And so she provides the silken like colors of wear for those who she once was. As she craves the natural fabrics of old she succumbs to the lines of polymer. Has the seamstress left the pages of Proverbs 31? Likely so but not all.
Washes the grave w/silvery tears. Ah yet the tears & prayers for the souls of the dead are sacred to God. This mysterious seamstress hath made such graves with souls a place to visit and rest for a time of prayer. For a time. Yet now we feel no souls at those graves.
Between salt water and the sea strands (kelp?)…clothed with the sun lies the making of the spiritual warrior to come. Invisibility—to come.
And Love sings—-“Then she’ll be a true Love of mine.” He sings of the mystery that she so easily unfolds in His sight.
More shall be revealed.


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