Waiting On God Almighty.  This article is to those who see the end of days supernatural signs.  The scribe of God writes.

Any questions about fulfilled prophecy events mentioned below are covered on my https://jazweeh.com site.  Use the search on that website to find any topics like “forehead mark of the beast” or “back scene” (a rhyme code) the other mark.  Right arm or forehead is what the bibles used to say (pretty sure).

Above.  Winged abomination drawn by one of “tribulation now” channels subscribers.  I am not the only one who has seen the wing of abomination & Locust.  I also heard it when it tried to attack dropping off its locust cargo.

This was found on google images dipicting the mark of the beast.  Now look at the faces of mankind.  Goats, serpents, fallen angel wings all these appear on foreheads.  Whoever they worship above God is on the forehead now says the seer Jazweeh.

Not Sure Why I keep watching Christians on Youtube.  They cannot see what we the few see.  But they are all I have.  I feel like I have no reason to be on this Earth anymore.  Everyone has made their choice of eternity and their gods.  The Locust from the pit has infested most people.  They are marked in the foreheads with the mark of the beast.  Many took the shot without repentance desecrating their DNA to the point of pig cell lines throughout their nano circuitry.  Again without repentance.  It’s all in prophecy.  I am living the words of Jesus seeing how every parable and story was actually a prophecy to his elect.  He has clearly let us know who we are.

I am pretty certain we will be with Him in the Heavens soon.  Or The New Earth shall manifest here and the many will be gathered up.  Taken to their chosen eternity.  I descended and ascended as Jesus did.  My ascension was cut short by a skeleton on Jacob’s Ladder.   I slid through a vortex and went up the ladder while out of body.   Its in my book “Paradise for the Hellbound” at that .com.  

Anyway are we not to walk as Jesus walked?  I didn’t realize just how literal that scripture is.  Oh yes I studied the KJVB for years on end.  I knew every word by definition.  I was taught to look up any words I did not know the meaning of.

NOW THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF NEW WORDS I NEVER HEARD OF.  Precepts of God a skewed.  The famine of His words is here.

But the lost have chosen have they not?  The separation is done.  The announcement went out six years on end from my own intercession.  Now I wait.  The announcement of His soon return is winding down now.

The four angels are here proclaiming His return.  They proclaim the New Earth.  They have viles they are emptying on Earth.  Three angels can be seen with binoculars winged and flying bright sparkling red, blue, clear the Blue Kachina.  The fourth angel is as bright as a small moon we call the Red Kachina.  It doesn’t show it’s wings.   It says “men shall draw fire unto themselves.”  It says before the New Earth the old Earth must burn.

The Ark of God.

I just wait.  I can’t help think that one of two things, or both will happen soon.  We shall ascend and be upgraded in body.  Bodies held in the golden chest while our Spirits learn our new ministry on Earth.  Either for the end of days or for the New Earth seeding.  Or both.  How can we minister to people unless they are desperate.  It won’t work until they are at their wits end.

They are already marked on the foreheads, both men and women.  They have chosen the beast system.

The Locust from the pit has NO legs. But this does appear similar to what the seer sees. A parasite. Invisible. Painless. It makes memories that were not so. And it blinds the eyes to blasphemy in bibles.

Plus what of the Locust who is consuming their eye sockets?  Can they turn from their ways and seek God if the Locust is influencing their thought and memories?  It doesn’t add up. See what I am saying?  Surely its time for us to leave this Earth or for God to change something dramatically.

The gradual changes are tedious and long suffering.  Drawing me out by patience which I lack.  We cannot help those who cannot see.  The Christians are embracing the blasphemy of the new desecrated bibles one and all.

What was is no more.  So we wait.   There are no chosen few on Youtube as far as I can see.  Yes EYA has access to the bible changes but I just don’t know about that voice in the dark.  I think she may be reading a script even though she sounds convincing.  And what about “wakeuporelse” channel?  He too seems sincere but there’s a difference between those who see the mandela effects and those who know God’s words of Truth.  People who see mandela effects see the signs and wonders that many people see.  Yet they too are under the strong delusion.

How do I know?  Because they quote blasphemous new scripture and call it real.  Whatever I am not their judge.  But the beast is famous for stealing the narrative on important happenings.

Anyway this is about me.  I am no longer acclimated to this Earth.  What will I do?  Acceptance is the key.  I must realize that God has something great in store for me.  A great work.  Soon things will change and a ministry of some kind will surface.  All my ministries happen naturally, spontaneously like clock work.  I do not plan or push for God’s ministry.  He sets me in it.

Something’s coming brothers.  Something great.  The announcement is winding down….mid 2024 is looming.   All will be renewed by mid 2024 I am certain of it.  Until then.  I wait.

Wait I say Wait on The Lord God for His appointed timing is perfect.

By the way, the reason we can’t get a date from God of a rapture is because (I think) it depends on free will.  The actions of the many play into our rapture date.  God I think, is waiting for certain events to play out.  These events are of free will and vary in timeline.

The Dream Vision and Awake Time of the Locust from the Pit

The roach had wings and was about three foot long. (I later realized it was the wing of abomination a kind of flying rat.) The Winged creature carried the Locust on its back.

The Locust from the pit had sticky substance on it so it was able to attach to Jazweeh like super glue suction.  It stuck to the side of her face.  She could not get it off. She felt the suction in the dream sticking to her. Oh my God how horrible it must have felt!

She woke up and slaughtered the Locust by spiritual weaponry and visualization. She killed the Locust even though she assumed in her thoughts that inside of it was lethal fumes.  The thought may have been injected on her to protect the creatures from harm.

Sounds absolutely horrible doesn’t it? For some reason she was not petrified or even very scared at all in the dream or when she woke up. Somehow God kept her from such fear. She killed it with her bare hands.

When she woke she heard the words that “the cockroach is the locust written of in revelation.  She heard its wings when it landed just as scripture foretold.

One reason for her vision is so she WILL NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST. This is for her and I a graphic depiction of one horrible disadvantage of taking the mark.   Even under the pressure of threats and exclusion from the money system.

“Pray you escape these horrible creatures and the end time worst scenario tribulation.”
We think the roach from the pit the locust has flown and is already on the foreheads and faces of men controlling their minds. It is associated with the mark of the beast that is a supernatural mark.
The vaccine is another abomination & the mark of the beast. God told me this explicitly. You should not take it ever. The locust from the pit is supernatural. The vaccine is technology that turns men into beasts we think. And worse.  Astra Zeneca clearly admits Chimpanzee DNA proteins are in their viral vector shot that gives commands to your mRNA commanding your body by your own mRNA TO CHANGE THE NATURE OF YOUR PHYSICAL MAKE UP.  All the shots contain animal or aborted fetal DNA.  And CANCER CELLS for rapid growth.  They call these “immortalized cell lines”.  Make no mistake the shots are sinister.  But don’t expect to find the info online anymore.  They change the names over and over to confuse.  The author of confusion makes 20 names for one item.  They use word play.  Read very carefully.  They will state “mRNA vaccines do not change your DNA or enter the cells nucleus.”  While it commands your own mRNA TO change your own DNA by tricking your immune system.  The cells nucleus is affected by secondary actions so they can deny deny deny.

There is still time to repent of the shot.  It’s a desecration to the body God created for you.  Bringing the pig into the temple of God.  The abomination of desolation.  He can expel the Locust if ye repent of trusting the beast system.




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