Bad Boys Bad Boys What You Gonna Do? & Mandella Effect Residue

What you gonna do when they come for you?

Cornwall Jackson morphs into Stonewall Jackson

The name could have always been “Stonewall”.  But I remember it being “Cornwall Jackson”.  There are thousands upon thousands of harmless Mandella effects with residue.  I don’t need to prove the effect it is self evident.

Why did God give the Mandella Effects to us?  So the people could wake up to the supernatural and realize God IS.

“I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.”  “Signs and wonders.”

Even though M.E. are miracles of modern day many people are closed minded to seeing the miraculous effects.  And other people are just plain blocked from ever seeing any miracles first hand.  They do not believe in God or the supernatural.  And it’s way to scary for them to look.  Why?  Why is it fear that keeps them from seeing God?

Hmfp.  Because of religion (legion).  Legion has shown them a God of rage and genocide.   This is why Jesus WAS NOT A JEW He was Hebrew.  Jesus was repulsed by religion/legion.  The story of Legion in the bible is skewed and never gives the full story of what the many demons of religion actually were/are.

Therefore the many are programmed predictably by their sub conscious decision to discount the entire story & discount spiritual concepts all together.  They think that if they believe in God they must also adopt religions story of lies pertaining to God.

Personally my interest it primarily in the supernatural bibles changes.  Why?   Because they are not harmless nor are they under the same spiritual structure as the M.E.  The strong delusion is attached to the supernatural bible changes. As is prophecy.

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