The New Book of Proverbs by God’s Scribe

The Scribe of God writes his first proverbs of wisdom In the “Book of Truth” he carries Truth to the People of New Earth.

This Book written by man’s hands and   inspired by The Spirit of God (I believe). This is for guidance and reminders to those gods among men who retain access to the sacred tree of the knowledge of both good and of evil.  God willing, It shall be continued.

Chapter One True Blue
New Proverbs
“Does a man dare attempt to trick his own Creator?  Assuming intellectual dominance over God Almighty?  To do so is the epitome of folly and man’s maximum embrace of foolish false pride.  Therefore avoid it by God’s perfect will.”
“False pride is contrary or opposite of true pride. True pride is fulfilling. We humans take pride & build self esteem by our finished good works.
The man looks upon the result of his good & helpful work while holding in his heart satisfaction of a work well done.”
By false pride the man takes credit and pomp unto his own heart for supernatural gifts that can only be given & attained by God Almighty or by his gods.
False pride can be a snare unto men therefore beware. For the hearts of men are vulnerable at times to be lead amiss into lies of self.
It is better for the man to embrace gratitude for his spiritual gifts. Rather than being lead into false pride fending that he himself is author of such gifts.
Would God Almighty allow evil men to rule for no reason? Would He, after bringing in the New Earth continue to allow untrustworthy anxt to have the sacred knowledge?
No longer shall those untrustworthy men have access to The Sacred Tree of The Knowledge of Evil. Moreover most of mankind whom God does not trust with His blessings shall meet the Lake of fire.
By evil men who exploit the human condition children are accused to the depth of their hearts.
By condemnation of emotions, which are their human feelings the children are condemned.   When a man is lead to believe fear is bad and wrong he perceives himself as bad & wrong.
Hiding fear behind a mask of merriment makes the heart sick and leads the mind amiss & confused.
The tears of a man are sacred.  The heart should be honored and tears embraced, shed by the leading of the heart.  The wise man sheds his tears allowing his heart to speak.
Surfeiting & quenching the heart’s voice prompts the man’s fall into the pit of despair.
Pain & deep hurt of the heart unexpressed by Truth becomes the man’s prison.
To be emotionally wounded in one’s heart shows humanity not weakness.
Those who who portray hurt feelings as being weakness to be shamed hide their pain and suffer therebye.
Sharing pain of heart with others is to show empathy.  By empathy others understand they are not alone.
Those who wear the emotionless masks betray humanity.
Those who taught us that feelings are wrong betray the children’s hearts of gold.
In a world where emotion and fear are condemned many are alone & sick inside.
By heart expression of strong and grounded Truth the man is set free from bondage of secrets.
The man is as sick as his secrets.
In a world where being human is crime of shame men find a suitable mask to cover their humanity and feelings of the heart.
The Image of the Beast teaches the man who he should be.
By mocking humanity the image of the beast portrays what is “kool”.
By the invention of the “kool” men lost Truth.
By the invention of “kool” on the Image of the Beast, the most efficient & remarkable mind control is performed.
To drive a man into a life long play act & mask he must first be the child taught to despise who he is.
Initially prior to programming, the child above all desires just wants to be loved.
Those who have learned to exploit the child’s desire for Love will answer for it.
God Almighty will spin the lake of fire into a final resting place of those who redundantly crush the hearts of His children.
All things suffered work together for the good to those who are children of God.



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