Religion Vs. Spirituality

Where Have American Christians Gone Amiss?  Better yet why are Americans so Fuc*ed up Emotionally?

In Alcoholics Anonymous one of the vital social status quos is to be “spiritual not religious”.  So what is the difference?  What does spirituality vs. religion look like?   Why is addiction a mystery labelled “cunning baffling, and powerful?”  Addicts are no mistake.  They are a products of their environment.  The addicts of the 70s are a CIA or NSA or WHO experiment.


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In the 70s by TV, education (indoctrination) media, status quo, music, literature etc. the CIA or one of the “theys” created by trauma based mind control a generation of drug addicts who were so far removed from their own heart’s voice that they were bent on self annihilation.   Call it blame but it is the reason for broken hearted children who have learned that everything about them is “bad & wrong” to escape the pain of what they were taught about themselves-covertly during “entertainment” and spankings.

“I deserve to be hit by those who love me, that’s for my benefit, right?”

Any parent who believe that bullshit carries on the trauma.  And make no mistake when a male adult yells and spanks and 3-8 years old it will traumatize and change that child for life.  It crushes their heart and their self worth.

Americans on a mass scale are brain washed by emotional CIA tactics of repetitious mind fuck.   School, TV, Social programming, Parental programming passed down, first demoralization “I am bad & wrong” =broken heart of a child.  “If they know me they won’t like me”.  Fear of what people think.  TV characters and good and right, other people I see are good and right so we parrot, copy, mimmick, and hide our heart so deep behind walls of lies and darkness that we ourselves lose sight of who we ever were or what our own heart really needs.  The heart’s voice is shakled in hopes of becoming “good and right” in the eyes of others.

We commence to judge our insides by other peoples outside.  ALL ARE GREATLY DEMORALIZED AND WEARING AN INVISIBLE MASK.  Now the victim is easily manipulated.  Easy to control with the TV.  And predictable as hell.

If you say “I don’t care what anybody thinks of me, I do what the hell I want and I am not demoralized.  I am not brain washed into the “I am bad and wrong” programming!”

If you said “I don’t care what anybody thinks of me” then sadly you are fully programmed into great self deception.  How then will you go before God in Truth with honor? Its good to care what others think of you if you don’t then something is wrong.

People who say that think that not caring for others opinion of ‘me’ is somehow superior.  And to care what others think make others superior and me inferior.  Not true at all.  Again this is the act of shaming a man for his own humanity.  A humanity that cannot be changed therefore effects every human.  All care and all fear making them targets.

I don’t care what the TV says!  It doesn’t shape my thinking!…..Oh really? And your mother set you in front of it day in and day out starting when you were what?   2 years old?  ITS NOT YOUR FAULT YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR OWN HEART.  BUT THE SOLUTIONS TO THIS PROBLEM IS HARD WORK.  It takes years to undo a lifetime of heart level programming.  12 steps coupled with therapy is a great start.  But prayer and God must be invoked in the process or it won’t take.  The belt of Truth must be used throughout the who process of coming to know one’s own heart.


Seek God with your whole heart, mind, and spirit.  Help others & do no harm.  Love your neighbor as yourself.   What is Love?  An action toward another human that is either giving, encouraging, helpful, enlightening, fulfilling, done or given with no strings attached.  Love is a giving action of kind, thoughtful, faithful, loyal blessed allegiance to mankind as a brotherhood without judgement toward another.

Okay we got that, but what about God?  How do we attain godly spirituality?  Seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened.  Seek God by prayer and by meditation with your whole heart in Truth.  Be courageous in prayer by confessing your fears, feelings of trepidation, anger, and any other issues that need to be processed about God before God.   For instance…

Your First Fully Honest Truth Prayer Before God The Father

“Dear God, I seek ye with my whole heart.  But I fear knowing you because you have allowed the earth to fall into violent sin with the death and illnesses of children and so on.  What kind of God are you?  Why have you allowed these things?  And furthermore I do not trust you…I fear if I get close to You and honor your will for my life I will LOSE the things I enjoy and lose even the things I like the most…my alleged “sins”.   Furthermore, how do I know you are real unless You show me?  Please show me who you are Father (God, Jesus, Lord, Creator, Oh Powerful One, Deliverer, Prince of Peace, King of Kings and so on—choose a name.)

I don’t even know your name.  People say your mean and evil and a God of judgement and punishment so I fear your persona.   Help me to know you and to know who you really are.  Please tell me your will for me and your name.  Why am I here on earth?  And any other questions you have.

If you honor God then pray these type prayers on your knees.  If you loathe the idea of God & Jesus write down all the reasons why.  Then delve into your fears, shame, and guilt all the way back to childhood.  Find your core issues that encumber your emotional condition and process them by tears, screams, moans and any other emotional healthy outlet so you can go before God in Truth without blame and entitlement.  Become teachable before God.  Then as you progress become the clay in God’s hands.  Ask Him to fix you.

Write down the character defects that are associated with blame and accusation with criticism and condemnations toward others.  Repent of all patterns of defect.  Use the 12 steps if you want to clear the wreckage of your past.

Make no mistake if you do not work on your emotional condition it will work on you.  Either come to know your own heart or don’t.  But anyone who goes before God cannot do so in truth unless he/she first knows his own heart.

Work the 12 steps of NA, AA, or any other 12 step program.  Confess all fear.

Why all the emotional works?

Because the hardest thing for most people to know is their own heart.  Why?  Because of programming.  Shame – fear programming has been working on you since your were a baby by media, tv, parental programing, education indoctrination system, status quos, peer pressure, and more TV.  They got you by the balls.  People who are shamed are easily manipulated by fear.

You are shamed for something no one can change.  The human condition.  Without fear mankind cannot survive.  But its fear run riot that is lethal by its reactions.

Repressed fear causes every kind of dysfunction known to man.   Repressed fear blind the eyes.  Expose fear to Truth & light before it becomes anxiety and panic attack.  Fear must be let out by expression.  Fear must be removed just like exhaling a breath of air.  Fear shame programming is the cause of anxiety.  The media causes the problem by saying anybody who is afraid is a woosy.  In turn you hold fear in and lie about it.


It’s healthy to CARE what people think of you.  To fear what people think is natural but can be overcome by stepping into your own shoes and walking according to your own true heart.  The more you live by truth the more accustomed to being who you really are will become.

THE THREE FEARS (fear is part of the human condition.  Its natural and not to be made a shame!)

Fear shame programming is primary/foundational in mind control & shown in  most TV shows repeatedly.  Look at he early programming of fear words.  Chicken shit, pu**y, scaredy cat, woosey, panzey, yellow belly, worm and on and on the shame words go.  Until a man cannot ever admit he is afraid much less say it out loud.   Then fear multiplies within the heart having no outlet except blame, hate, accusation etc.

Loss of sex, society, security.  The three main reasons people fear.   “what do they think of me”.   “I will lose my job, money, and home”.  “My wife will reject me and not give me sex”.  Loss of these things and the fears attached are what drive people in most cases.  Get in touch with your fear and write it all down.

Problem – reaction- solution is how the powers that be control the masses.

They create the problem…like 911 disaster.  You react and scream for a solutions….more government, more laws, disarm ect.  The they’s have their pre boxed “solution” waiting for your reaction even before they roll out their emotional trauma program.    Your blinded by your own emotional condition.  Most people have no clue who they really are and what they want out of life.  Most people have no clue that they are afraid.  They have no capacity to examine their own fears due to the shame attached.

For instance—-they say “there’s a new cv variant and we are all going to die!!!!   Put on a toxic carcinogenic mask so you can’t get your fill of fresh oxygen,  breath it for a year and Cancer (the real plague) will be the result.   Stay in your house, no fresh air, watch the lies on TV news, and don’t go out without the mask because after all WHAT WILL THE PEOPLE THINK OF YOU????  Use poison lots of poison for more Cancer, more $$$ for the elite, more death for eugenicists.

How many people do you know that have been sick with Cancer or died of it?

How many people do you know (first hand, FIRST HAND) who have been sickened by cv or died from it.

Cancer is one of the biggest $$$ in the U.S.  Masks=Cancer.   Research the dyes in fabric alone.  Or the microfibers getting sucked into your lungs daily.  Research all those toxic heavy metals they soak the fabric in.  Polyester is THE WORST!  And you would breath such as that and it makes you feel “safe”.  They lie.


Emotional defensive mode is where most people stay day & night.  If they can keep you in the “I am NOT bad & wrong” mode your easily blinded.  DEMORALIZATION is the primary programming of all people on Earth.  Once your demoralized as being “I am bad & wrong” and your heart believes it (the lie) then you will parrot, mimmick, imitate, act like any “kool” character you see on the TV and dress like them too.   This is mind control 101.

Unpack your fears.  Unpack your shame.   Unpacks your worst hidden secrets that you hope no one will ever know and expose the truth to The Light.  Confess by first writing down all your core issues (shame, fear, guilt, more fear).  Stop all sarcasm and lies.   No more rational.  No more excuses.  Be true to yourself by admitting who you are and what is in your heart of hearts.

The Truth WILL set you free.


When I sought God out with my whole heart in desperation with a repentant heart of remorse and a body in need of healing I cried to Him repeatedly.  Jesus answered my call.  By my searching in prayer and running from church to church to find Him He responded to me.  He delivered me.  He showed me He is not only real but also very very Loving and powerful.  He did miracles in my life through the laying on of hands.  He have me dreams and visions with out of body experiences that changed me for ever.  I was lost in addiction and pain.  I was tattered and ripped to shreds by my own actions and by the beast system.  He gave me Truth.  He showed me how to wear the armor of God.  He poured into me HIs miracle of The Holy Spirit by which I received new dialects.  He made me a scribe and an intercessor.  I shared my testimony far and wide, here and there before large groups of people who were also lost.  My testimony IS THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS IN ME.  THAT IS THE GOSPEL AND THERE IS NO OTHER TRUE GOSPEL THAN THIS.

Copy paste gospels you can see on YouTube and stated by mainstream preachers does not come from the heart.  Because they do not share by heartfelt intense experience of deliverance by Jesus.  Their doctrines are dead.

The doctrines online that are not a true testimony are dead.

True testimonies are the gospel of Jesus.  They contain experience from the heart.  Living testimonies of [what it was like before Jesus (miserable sinful life), what happened (deliverance from Jesus comes by seeking God in earnest pushed by a guilty conscience and regret.), and what its like after Jesus helped and delivered us (Brotherly Love, Sanity, Truth, Groundedness] then it comes from doctrines of demons straight from the book (bible) that is called by God’s name, lifted up and glorified as salvation—in error—“The Word of God” IS JESUS AND ONLY JESUS.

People don’t like the true gospel.  Why?  Because it emits vulnerability toward God Himself and to man.  It’s full of Truth which demons hate.  And it shows man in his sinful state, miserable with guilt, remorse, and regret.

If a man has no conscience then he will have no part in this true repentance and he will find any way possible to tell himself that he is saved anyway.  These people have no regrets.  They will NEVER admit to God that they are wrong much less to another man or even a priest.  Demons loath repentance.  But repentance is the foundational action by man for being saved.  The emotional state of the man who repents is guilt, remorse, regret, self loathing, and a great need for solutions to their dark heart.  This man knows he needs God.  The repentant man knows he is screwed within and without if he does not grab hold of God in any way he can.  God draws men to Jesus.  God is the one who will say—-

“Meet my Son Jesus, He is your Salvation and Delivered.  Jesus is Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, King of Kings, and Lord of All.  Jesus is Life & Truth.  How do I know?  This is my story I tell before you.

The great tribulation is here so men will seek God in Truth.  Religion is doctrine of demons.  The book…you can find Truth in it but it is turning more and more into doctrines of demons every day.  The bible used to be Holy for one reason, I told men to Seek God, it showed the testimonies of Truth by those who were given authorship by God Himself.  The power of God in men is being removed from the Bible along with the Truth of The Gospel of Jesus.  The new gospel is here and so is the new Jesus they call him “Yashua Homashiack”.  They are saying its Jesus’ real name in Hebrew. Pish posh!

We believe that means “Joshua bringer of curses.”  Whoever Joshua is we are not sure.  But there is a new book called Joshua in the bible and he is “Joshua the Impaler.”  Yes like “Vlad the Impaler” or “Dracula the Impaler”.

Anybody who truly knows Jesus isn’t about to change His name given they know the power that comes in Jesus name.

Most believers believe in & glorify the bible itself & doctrine rather than God Himself.   Here is their error statement.

“See read here!  I am saved without repenting!  The book says so right here! And here’s my salvation certificate right there in 1st Corinthians 15!”

But I have news—Its not Faith, IF, its not FAITH.  Faith is not belief.  FAITH is a Supernatural Spiritual Gift from God.  Each man is given a measure of Faith at his birth or prior.  By that Faith He calls upon God and by that measure of Faith He seeks God with his true heart.

HOPE — Is the other supernatural spiritual gift.  By it we HOPE we are saved by Faith in God.  We Hope in God and we have Faith and put all our Faith IN GOD.  Not in doctrine.  Not in the bible.  Not in good deeds.  The measure of Faith we were give by God inspires in us the works that are righteous.

Faith without works dies out.  Faith must be nurtured by God.  For Faith to be nurtured we must go before God, seek God, then seek Jesus, take action of baptism and give our testimony of Jesus in us.

The testimony of Jesus strengthens the man giving it every time he shares it.  Your testimony of Jesus in you helps you just as much as any one listening to it is helped.

Here’s the problem-the bibles are corrupt.  Jesus died for US us us us not for our sins.  People do not understand the English language anymore.  They don’t understand that Jesus did not die for our sins.  That is blasphemy saying that we sinned so by cause of our sin he died.  They have no clue that the book is vile and corrupt on-going by supernatural means.

To say He died “for sin” is taking the LOVE right out of the Gospel of Jesus and putting it into a legalistic scenario.  God Loves us so much He made a plan of salvation for us.  Jesus took the keys to death and hell so we too are delivered from death and hell.  Jesus holds the keys to death & hell.  Death cannot hold me because Jesus is in me.  I have The Holy Spirit as well.

1Co 15:1
Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;

So you receive the gospel and that’s why you stand?  He says.  No I stand because of Jesus/God who is in me and saved me from myself and worse with deliverance & healings.

1Co 15:2
By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.

So if I keep in memory what Paul preaches that’s how I am saved?  So what then?  If I lose my memory my soul is lost?  NO!
1Co 15:3
For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

According to scripture Christ died for my sins?  No He died so I could be saved.   The book is no authority!  The book was no where around when Jesus was sent and carried out His miracles.  God Himself forgives my sins by His mercy and His Grace.  If I have no remorse or regret for my evil deeds and my own conscience is seared and worthless, then I have a problem.  Pride comes before a fall.   A contrite and unrepentant heart knows not to ask forgiveness.  To come before God with regret and desperation is the beginning of a renewed mind and body.  Repentance is a gracious gift that should not be refused ever.

1Co 15:4
And that he was buried,(Jesus was not BURIED) and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:


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