Israel Releases Our Ties to the Gentiles

Sons of God are Sons of God.  Fallen angel propaganda is all over the internet.  That pretty much proves the new Genesess six scam story time is a pack of sexual lies about God’s Holy Deity.

“Do you not know you will pass judgement on angels?”  Do you really think your qualified to judge what you know nothing of?  So as the Gentiles on YT blaspheme God’s Deity and the stories erase the true Sons of God we ask this question.

“How long must we bare with these alleged believer Gentiles? ”  How long how long Lord God Almighty?

Israel is condemned verbally by the Gentiles on Youtube.  We are censored by them for our spiritual opinions.  They call us names.  “Satan” mainly is the most common label they pin on Israel for seeing what we see & sharing it.  And that’s IF we can get a comment out before being censored by the beast system itself.

Over and over and over we try to tell the Gentiles that what they say is “coming coming coming” is already upon them.  How long can we pray for their deliverance when they make clear to us that they prefer lies over Truth.  The make obvious to us that they do not know the voice of the Good Shepard.  They cannot tell blasphemy from Truth of God.

Don’t they know Jesus is The Truth?  How is it they don’t know what censorship is on these christian social media sites.  Sites where our opinions are deleted and not tolerated by their “moderators”.  ‘Moderator’ is the fancy word for power trip censorship.  They censor God’s Truth more than the Beast system itself.  We have had it we are done with the Gentiles.  It would be better for them to follow Satan and have an eternal home than to be spewed out by Jesus my Lord and Savior.

These Gentiles censor us at every turn.  As if our opinion is prohibited simply because they don’t agree with it.  They are reprobate of Truth.

They lack emotional maturity and they are clearly loyal to the beast system.  Our word of Truth anger them.

Israel -the sons of God have broken the silver cord that tied us to the Gentiles at the heart.  It’s over.  Their chance to embrace God’s Holy Truth is over.  The Harvest is nigh.

The Gents made clear over and over to me and those like me that they prefer the lies of the Beast over God’s Truth.  They worship the Dark Lord by choice.  And we respect their choices.  And so Israel cut the silver cord which tied our hearts to these alleged believers.  We give up on them.  It is done.

God may not have given up on them but we have.  And so the Law of Jesus’ Holy words has come to pass.  “How long Father must we bare with these of little Faith, how long?”

Jesus showed us how long.  The Holy Spirit within guides us through what we see and now know.

It is done.

Yes “there is neither Hebrew or Gentile or Greek for all are one in Jesus”.  Oh yes.  But it seems that the Youtube Christians who call themselves Gentiles and servants are not in Jesus.  For they surely do not know His voice anymore.  The strong delusion has taken them into reprobate mode.  The Locust has their faces.

The Gentiles Christians cannot see the image of the beast in front of them.  Nor can they remember God’s Truth during this famine of His words.  We struggled with this trampling of God’s words for nearly seven years now.  As they quote fake scriptures written yesterday and today.  As we watch the very fiber of reality flutter like a fluorescent light bulb.  We must let them go.

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