God’s Signs & Wonders Vs. Deceptive Signs and Wonders

EYA is a watchmen with a calling. She was given one great Truth pertaining to the end of days as all Watchmen are given who believe in Jesus.
Does she have the Holy Spirit? Idk. But all were given God’s Spirit of Life at birth.

What is the Mandela Effect?

Being a mandela affected Christian IS RARE on youtube. And certainly the churches are full of blind Christians who see nothing.
Being mandela affected means you see changes in reality. Changes to history and changes to word history.  Also many other changes to geography, bodies, earth, words. To see the miraculous harmless works of God are both harmless & wonderful end of days signs and wonders.

Deceptive Signs and Wonders

And also there are the deceptive signs and wonders by the towers of Babel trashing all literature, dialects, words and names.

The Dark Lord never has “all power” as the book now reads that he does.  EYA should know that I would think.  Yet she quoted the deceptive scripture.  Well no one gets it all correct.

Jesus’ Return

The Sun of God went dim.  “The Sun rules over the day”.  The prophets wrote those words for a reason.

“Let not the green grass die or the trees burn”

So when mankind hoisted their fake white grow light called the “Sun of man” the bibles reflected it.  At that tie many of the instances of “Son of God” in bibles changed to “son of man”.   Most people don’t remember that change either.

When Jesus returns He will return as the SON/SUN of God both in all His glory.

The Sun of man is on it’s way OUT!  It will likely ark “The ark of the covenant”.

End of Days

The Ark of the covenant will be a rapture, or death, or deliverance, or lake of fire event depending on your spiritual condition.

The Sun/Son of God will usher in the New Nature & New Earth

The Golden Age.

The Earth will be changes as all of mankind’s devices and vices melt away and men turn to red ash ionized instantly.

Some WILL be able to stand.  Those who are purified and made white by Jesus himself in this end of days.   By the process of “Jacob’s Troubles” everything was exposed to the Light of God.   Israel will seed the New Earth.

Few see the wonderful miracles of God happening in the sky.  Like the four Angels of God for instance pouring out the vials.  The two suns.  The Moon gone dark. The Fig Tree (mystery). Not all are Israel.  True Israel are a group of people who see all the fulfillments of prophecy except Jesus Himself.  He comes in the Eastern sky as the Sun/Son rising in all His Glory and power by His Spirit.

And who will be able to stand?

What is the Strong Delusion?

The strong delusion is to follow the Dark Lord’s words and bible calling them holy and believing that the words are the same as they always were.

EYA is not under the strong delusion or she would be following the Dark Lords creed of apostasy. She would idolize the Bible.  She sees far too much to be deemed “lost” or a “poser” or a “fake believer”.  When confronted by her guest about the innocuous signs and wonders being Mandela effects.  I question why she didn’t mention “God Almighties signs and wonders”.  I suppose not everyone sees the wonderful miracles of God at hand.

Not all Christians are the Fig Tree generation. This is a mystery.


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