Examining The Christians New “Glory Seeking” Criteria

Glory!  All Glory to God! Is the biblical precept I remember.  And there were plenty of scriptures to back this precept up.

Seek not honor and glory from mankind lest ye fall in a net.

Seek not the Glory that belongs only to God.

The man is not destined for God’s Glory but rather for fellowship with God.  For this purpose mankind was created.

Article by Laurel of the Rutth.

All Glory is God’s and His Alone.

God’s Glory is brighter than the Sun.  All praise honor and glory to God forever and ever.   The angels praise and worship God.  Glory to God on high.

Granted, I am guessing at these scriptures based on God’s Holy precept of HUMILITY of mankind..  Men are not equipped to handle “Glory”.   They never were just ask any famous actor or actress.  Why?  Why is humility vital for mankind?  Because imperfect humans fall into sin when worshipped by people.  It brings up all kinds of character flaws.  False pride, vanity, vain glory, self deception, conceit, mask of false identity, it make it even harder for a person to find their own heart and walk in their true identity.  So no, “glory” is new in the bible and was never ever one of God’s plans for men.  Transfiguration yes, upgrade of the human to become a spiritual being YES, BUT GLORY IS ALL GOD’S.

and what they would have said in my real bible. Before the desecration of the holy books.  But I can do that.  Why?  Because I saved enough of God’s words in my heart that it became for me a safe way of life.  As it has become a way of life for all of the chosen few.  Are we glory seeking?  No.  God has revealed to us, who we are in this stage of the plan.

But we are to be “kings & priests ruling over mankind”.  Hmmm ya about that…there will be NO ‘ruling over’ happening on The New Earth.  God will appoint guardians of the New Earth.  Those who are fitted for such a task will have humility and not crave power over anybody.  To be a godly guardian over The New Earth is to LOVE NATURE.  That means RESPECT.  Treating nature as the life force that it is.  A life giving force that should be both respected and nurtured.  Loved and treated as a life giving force that should never be disrespected or treated with carelessness.  We as people programmed by the beast were never taught Earths grand royal and magical values.   We were taught nothing of Earth’s wonders.  The plants and how they are for the nourishment & healing of mankind.  The wonders that everything we ever needed was right in front of us which we valued not.  They invented the word “weeds” and we adopted it hook line and sinker.

Weeds can sustain your life and heal Cancer and drive out the poisons we have been inundated with by the wicked and genocidal food industries.

So ya, there will not be “kings and priests ruling over others with a crime and punishment mentality of men who have no other way of seeing themselves as right and good except that they are given a badge of authority of others making them servants of whatever cause they choose.  NO.  God’s New Earth would have no such system in place.

You tube Christians speak of New Earth Governments.   This in itself is a gross contradiction of terms.  Governments are the wielders of slavery.  And Marriage is a trap that takes a man’s freedom from him. Vows broken and trees of oppression and abuse are borne out of such deceptive precepts of “marriage” and marriage vows.  Why make such promises to take your own freedom?  It’s merely a misguided attempts at controlling the future and hiding from the reality of LOSS.  “You are my wife”  “Goodbye city life” Green acres we are there…..  the picture of oppression with the propaganda that says farmers are always poor and pennyless.   The war on farmers is the war on freedom.  When we gave up our right to provide for ourselves because of making mom go to work and children needing fed, they had us by the balls of a poison TV dinner.  Now nearly all the food is supplemented with toxins of some sort or another.  The beast hates us and wants us dead.  To look into the face of the beast means we must also find a way to emotionally handle what we see there.  It ain’t easy.  That’s why I don’t talk much about the food in the U.S and the rest of the poisoned articles that you buy in a store.

If Its Not “Hope of Salvation” then it’s not The Supernatural Gift of Hope

Salvation is a promise not yet received.  So we Hope.

The Christians on Youtube who are following the new narrative of this agenda “I will be raptured and given a glorified body” have wondered into the wolf’s swamp.  They are trampling God’s words asunder.  How?

Sure hope for a rapture, nothing wrong with that.  God was not quite clear on rapture.  He left the rapture open to “Hope”. But our primary Hope that is the armor of God is the Hope of Salvation.  It covers our minds and keeps us from the strong delusion.

You see the Christians don’t “Hope for salvation” but rather they proclaim to Hope in Rapture.  And that they already KNOW 100% that they are saved.  So it’s not a “Hope”.   Well I wonder.  Salvation of the soul is something that hasn’t happened yet.  Have I dotted all the “I’s” and crossed all the “T’s”?  Hell yes!

But there is this!  God is my judge.  I have to stand before God Almighty and He will decide the next steps for my soul,spirit, and body.  Its up to Him.  Saying that I know what God is going to do because it’s authored in the the book that is now desecrated unto babble, bad idea.  That’s putting Faith in the book.

All Men Have Supernatural Gift of Faith to Put Somewhere 

“All men are given a measure of Faith” to either grow, to wilt, to let die, or to nurture.  By my great works of Faith I nurture Faith.  Hope is an eternal spiritual gift from God.  It’s magic given to all people.   Love, Faith, Hope these three but the Greatest is God’s Love toward us and given to us without end.

Nevertheless on that day of judgement and of meeting God face to face, of that day I put my Hope in salvation from God.  Why?  Because He shows me great Love like nothing else ever on Earth.  Not some imaginary book written authority.  No.  Seek and you shall find.  That is the directions to nurturing Faith & Hope.

God Not The Bible Is The Ultimate Authority

So when the Christians say that new rewritten desecrated verse “according to scripture” I kringe, and I shutter because NOTHING OF GOD HAPPEND BECAUSE THE BOOK SAID IT WOULD as if the bible is “The Word of God” and an authority over mankind & God HImself.  NO!

God did give us His words in the Bibles.  But now is the time of the famine.  Amos 8:11 & 12.  It’s on.  Now is the time where the book proclaims itself to be God and they call it by The Son of God’s name.  “The Word of God.”

It was Jesus who brought me these words that were from God.  And it was Jesus’ name by which The Holy Spirit was given to me.  And that is by God’s authority.  Yes it was written in the bibles.  Is it still written?  I doubt it.  The wolf is removing the mighty name of Jesus from the book because of the power of it.  It used to explain how The Holy Spirit falls upon men by the laying on of hands in the upper room in Jesus name. All the power scriptures were “in Jesus’ name”

Now its blood blood blood.  The power scriptures are removed for a reason.  The end of days are here.  The Pentecostals are mocked for a reason.  The gifts of The Holy Spirit are mocked for a reason.  Tongues will cease but you Faith, Love, and Hope are eternal and they remain come the 1,000 years of peace on Earth.  The growing of The New Earth is soon to come.

What is The Blood of Jesus About?

I asked God about this “blood of Jesus” thing.  Why?  Because I had no experience with “The blood”.  It was just a scripture.  And it was ALWAYS GOD’S WORDS THAT WAS US CLEAN AND JESUS HIMSELF THE WORD OF GOD CLEANSING MY HEART AND DELIVING ME FROM MY SELF DESTRUCTION & enemies in spirit.

What happened?  I had a dream that I was showed in blood.  Oddly it was raining blood.  He assures me the blood is a mystery but did have power.  Jesus died to take the keys to death and hell so I too have the keys.  And I do.  This one I know because I can walk freely through purgatory and bring out the self condemned.

We have no right to condemn ourselves.  Nor do we have a right to judge ourselves as already deserving of rapture and salvation.  IT IS HOPE that we employ.  WE HOPE WE ARE FOUND WORTHY.  WE HOPE GOD WILL UPGRADE OUR BODIES TO IMMORTALITY AS HE DID HAVE THEM WRITE IN THE BOOKS.

The mortal shall put on immortality.  It’s a promise.

When your given a promise by someone and it’s a very good thing you then HOPE that they fulfill their promise.  And you may be 99% certain that they will.  But until they do…it is Hope.  Hope is a mystery and a great spiritual gift that should never be traded for a bible scripture.

But but but God wrote the bible!  Parts of it yes.  The Bibles were NEVER in my experience 100% Truth.  There were always questionable scriptures of violence, politics, and God’s hand allegedly in government.  These were the questionable scriptures.  Things were always left out.  Paul belittled the gift of tongues to a point that he either never knew the gift himself or the scriptures were changed.

Spiritual Eternal Supernatural Gifts of Faith From God Almighty

Make no mistake, God Almighty doesn’t give out worthless spiritual gifts. Nor does he give out magic spiritual gifts that are cumbersome and invasive.  Free will is always a factor with any gift.  God’s gifts are pure and miraculous.  It’s mankind which distorts.

God’s gifts to man is for deliverance, healing, enlightenment, understanding, knowledge, revelation.

The gift of tongues in its fulness is extensive and a mystery to those who do not have it, utterances are for the recipient of prayer who needs a confirmation of receiving The Holy Spirit.  Prophecy is often a confirmation long after the prophecy is given.  Helps gifts are to meet the needs of God’s children, encouraging ministries of Love are for emotional healing, healing gifts for the body are given to men/preachers, gifts of working miracles are also usually to men of God, intercessory prayer by higher language is priceless and most intercessors are likely women.  Though I have seen a Catholic priest who had the gift of Higher Languages (not just utterances).  Demons know higher language is powerful because they are slaughtered and bound by those who pray in God’s Higher Languages.  The intercessor usually doesn’t get to see the result of their work of Faith.  Trusting God by stepping out in Faith is involved in every one of the gifts.



“Store up pearls and riches for yourself in Heaven where moth doesn’t eat and rust doesn’t corrode.”

The Heart of the man & The Holy Spirit are the ingredients required to know real scripture from fake scripture.  In my experience being born again changed me.  But until I received the laying on of hands and the great spiritual experience of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit I did not have the gifts of The Holy Spirit until then.


Creation of mankind part two-the spiritual creation


I have on the Helmet of The Hope of Salvation & The Belt of Truth.  That is how I know the error of “once saved always saved”.

A. Are you saved from Death yet?  Have you met and seen Death?

B. Have you faced Death to know what you will do when facing him?

C. Have you met your salvation from the confines of the grave?

D. Do you know what a promise is that is not yet seen?

Now then put on the helmet it will save your mind from the strong delusion.  And perhaps squash the Locust from the Pit which has infested so many Christians.

But if you do put on the whole armor of God learn to take Truth very seriously lest you drop your belt and become deceived.  Jesus is The Truth.  And without Him none of us can be perfect in our armor.  Oh we can know all the right things.  Wear the full armor.  We can show Love to others and keep ourselves from sin on the most part once we are changed by Him, after years of changes.  But guess what?

The 144,000 need Grace just as much as the many Christians and the whole Earth need Grace.  After my prodigal through Hell I went to animal barn where a preacher was preaching that day.  A place they normally have stock shows and rodeo’s type thing.  Something happened to me there. A magic that I desperately needed.  I met a women in the bleachers, I asked her, what her name was and she said …


Grace hit me like a ton of bricks that day.  I tell you a lightbulb went off and I FINALLY REALIZED the depth of God’s forgiveness toward me.  “Meet Grace” He said.  I had turned from Him even though I still believed IN Him.  I was walking a walk of sin and debauchery that was unequalled in my history.  My self loathing was killing me.  That day I met Grace and she was beautiful and comely and she did not judge me harshly but rather she Loved me.  God said, “yes you have turned from me, but I am your Father! And I Love you!

Not sure how long after that I got thrown into jail where I could not longer self destruct.  I got cleaned up.  My heart as cleansed.  I went to rehab after 60 days of confinement.  I was delivered from Hell again.  God didn’t run out of patience toward me.  He didn’t say “that’s IT!” and throw in the burning lake of fire.

God Loves us more than our natural parents ever could.


Yes trust God! But humans if they know their own heart they know that they just don’t know yet.  That’s why it’s called Hope.  It is yet to come.

I know Jesus more than many, even perhaps more than most.  He has worked in my life over and over and over.  I was a mess.  I asked and invited God into my life and by that He worked in me restructuring my heart.  Cleansing my heart.  And healing my mind and body.  God Almighty works in us by making us the clay in His hands.  If we do not give Him the green light with our heart speaking to Him He does not cross our free will.  Apparently it’s His rule.  Free will.

So what happens when a person seriously considers change?  They run scared.  Humans are controllers of their own day.  For a man to invite God into His life he simply MUST make considerations.  Think it through.   Feel the fear of change and the fear of the not knowing exactly what God will do with him.  Feel the fear of loss.  What will I lose if I make this choice?  What about my precious sins?  Will I lose my sexcapades?  What about my drug use?  Will I lose that?  What about money?  Will God then make me a pauper homeless and moneyless?

People who know Jesus usually at some point has thought these things through BEFORE they make the concession to allow God Almighty free will in their lives.

Plainly spoken, it doesn’t usually happen and it isn’t usually real UNLESS THE PERSON IS DESPERATE.  Desperate desperate desperate.  Desperate enough to hand control to God.  Or am I the only controller in the room?

And even after deliverance comes the second thoughts, the taking things back that one may have let go of. There’s the prodigal walk that is often treacherous and without The Grace of God, DEADLY.


IDOLATRY IN A NUT SHELL—“The Bible tells me I am to be raptured and it is the ultimate authority!  The bible is perfect.  The Bible is “The Word of God”.  The Bible cannot be changed.  The bible is alive God’s living words.  “Jesus died according to scripture”   All these statements are wrong.

The bible is NOT the authority it’s a book and a desecrated one at that.

Furthermore the book is now calling God an unrighteous evil doing thief who steals and deceives.  In a parable that portrays God as stealing or taking by force what He did not create, what is not His, and that He reaps what he did not sow.  Just another desecration In the story of the ‘unprofitable servant’ in parable style.

The strong delusion is set.  The wing of abomination has flown with the Locust snug on its back it landed in men’s hair.  Invisible & painless.  The vile Locust consummated to the faces of mankind consuming around the eyes.  Eyes sink into the head.  Perhaps the people will soon look like zombies.  They cannot see the blasphemy before them.

And winged rat that carried the Locust perches snug with its offspring in the hair of the people. (hair of a woman face of a man was the skewed description of the Locust in bibles).

Make no mistake people these demons of Bible prophecy are real and some us can see them.   I am not he only one who has drawn a picture of what I have seen on the heads of mankind.  The belt of Truth shows us which scripture is of God and which is not.  “His sheep know the Good Shepard’s voice”.  The seal of God is also on the foreheads of the chosen few.  We have seen the mark of the beast on foreheads that has gradually morphed into a two headed serpent.  We have seen goat heads on many foreheads.  We see Jesus & the cross on few foreheads.  We also see whatever the person esteems as god on their foreheads.

You can just image what men often worship unknowingly, subconsciously.  Most people don’t know their own heart.  We see body parts on foreheads.  Alot of butts.  Alot of people worship themselves.  Many have their own face on their forehead.  Oddly we have never seen the love of money on a forehead.  Apparently what is worshipped as an idol and esteemed above God is often what money can buy rather than the money itself.  This makes sense if you think about it.  The idolatry must be dear to the heart.  And people don’t see money in an endearing way.  Its, as I said, what the money gets them that would the the endearing idol. Not that it doesn’t happen. It’s just the greediest of men with the most riches are likely not seen in the grocery store or on a youtube channel with 300 subscribers.

If you want to see these things will need the end of days gift of abstract shapes which appear like reading a picture book.  The gift is like reading a picture book on someone’s forehead.  And my guess is when Father redistributed the spiritual gifts giving the chosen few gifts that others had and never used granted all of God’s children this same gift.    I have already seen evidence that at least two people I know of personally have seen both the supernatural bible changes and the gift of abstract shapes.  They see the mark of the beast on foreheads also.  Of course EYA had over 40,000 subs on her first channel.  Who likely see the supernatural bible changes otherwise why would they have sought out her channel.  We just hope these bible changes channels are not a net of the beast.

Locust Pit Depiction its as if they knew somehow.

Christians read the bible over and over.  But they cannot connect the dots of blasphemy and desecration.  Nor can they remember God’s Truth.  They loved not the Truth apparently.  If it was held in their heart they would of remember it and known the bibles are all supernaturally changed.

They see not “that evil wicked one” perched in the place that was Holy and clean.  God’s words of Truth have left the bible.  Just like the Lion has left the lambs to their choices.  Isaiah 11:6.  Now the wolf lies with the lamb.





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