Absolute Proof of Blasphemy In KJVB


WAKEUPORELSE Youtube Channel

To “Wakeuporelse” in answer to your question.

Throw the book in the trash.  It is prophecy that the holy place (holding God’s sacred words) would be desecrated and become desolate.  Desolate in my opinion of God’s eternal Truths.

NEVER EVER call the book by God’s name.  “The Word of God” is Jesus and Jesus only.

The book ….your video is effective but the book has become too vile for me to cover at times.  I am losing tolerance for it.  The patterns of the changes are insults to God & man.  It’s to the point where it would be like covering a porn film to make it look bad.  See what I am saying?  The bible is done.  Amos 8:11 &12

It is the fulfillment of end times scriptures.  When ye see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet appear in the holy place get out of Jerusalem.

The bible in my opinion was never 100% to begin with.  Now its the worst idol on the face of the Earth.

Those who know Jesus do not need the book.

But there are many vital change that are so old people don’t remember.  Such as to call Jesus a “son of man”.  This also is blasphemy.  And the language and new words in the book.  The errors, punctuation errors, spelling mishaps.

The changes are the worst of the deceptive signs and wonders.

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