Angels In Bras and Gold Girdle? Kinky huh?

Another ridiculous new scripture which the Christians renown as being the “Word of God” calling the book by Jesus’ name. Idolatry idolatry.  Is there such a thing as “over wise”?  No absolutely not.  Wisdom neither lies about its wisdom or hides its knowledge in a closet to be shamed by it.  The beast now by social edicate makes wisdom shameful and false humility of good character.  But do they not know that false humility is a lie?  “Pretend to be stupid flaunt foolishness” this is the world’s new social policy.  And their bible brings that precept of lies home.

Be not righteous over much; neither make thyself over wise: why shouldest thou destroy thyself?”

Notice the winky after the blasphemy? DON’T BE RIGHTEOUS OR YOUR DIE! So righteousness is now self destructive and being wise will cause your demise.

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