Rightly Divided Preachers Who Sport The Mark of the Beast on their Foreheads


Blind Guides Teaching The New Go-spells

Preachers overwhelmed by the new biblical contradictions have found their temporary solutions to bibles that are changing daily on the shelves.  They are now preaching a new confusing tail-ended gospel that makes the author of confusion look like a numerically coded puppy dog compared to their confusing explanations of the new blatant and numerous biblical contradictions.

After all they had to do something.  This is their idol their god that we are talking about here.  To say it contradicts itself is blasphemy to those who worship the books.  So what do they do?  The create a great rational for those contradictions.

What are you saying Laura?  Let’s get one thing straight, Jesus is The Son of GOD not the son of man.  He is The Only Begotten Son of God who delivers, heals, and The Comforter, The Holy Spirit comes to us in His name.  It usually works like this…first a man is born of Spirit when He meets Jesus first hand, first hand through prayer, praise, and seeking God with one’s whole heart.  Seek and ye shall find God.  God will direct you to Jesus if your seeking.

Then if a person gets into the right group of people who have The Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands they also can receive the Holy Spirit by praising Jesus while men lay hands on him and pray for you to receive God’s Holy Spirit.

Next you would likely speak in a new dialect not mish mash or mumbo jumbo. No goo goo gah gah’s.  I am talking about the gift of a prayer language powerful, mighty, and for your help.

What is next?  You become the clay in God’s hands.  You take a journey of growth that may include a walk in the shoes of the Prodigal Son.  Of course not all walks are the same.  Most Christians say the copy and past words they are instructed to say and then they claim they have the Holy Spirit and are born again and have gifts all in one shot.

Well perhaps.  God doesn’t go by men’s rules that is certain. So all I do is share how meeting God and Jesus happened for me in my 5 part video testimony that included deliverance from drug addiction, immorality, stupidity, and receiving numerous healings to my body through the years.  I also received deliverance from several demonic entities such as lust and sloth.  And I know how and when all these godly events took place.  There is something that Christians don’t quite get.  Once a man accepts Jesus into his heart for real he is born again.  But the rest of the spiritual events are no small thing.  They seem to think they received The Holy Spirit of God automatically without any notice at all.  They confuse the born again experience with The Baptism of The Holy Spirit.  They speak rarely of deliverance…which without several deliverances a man cannot claim he has become the clay in God’s hands.

The Flesh Screams.  The flesh is at emnity with God. (now spelled enmity M.E.)

Being a child of God who is the clay requires complete submission to God’s will.   Becoming godly is a process and perfection is not part of it.   When you say “thy will be done” there should be a deep rooted internal fear/struggle, the flesh screams out…NO!  Don’t take my power!!

The flesh doesn’t go down easy.  If you put yourself in God’s hands to change you their should be some apprehension & great consideration.  Otherwise one isn’t saying the prayer with their whole heart and is not considering the implications of that pray “thy will be done in my life always”.

There needs to be a self inventory so one can learn the patterns of dysfunction that need changing.  It helps to do the 12 steps on paper to learn to know one’s own emotional and psychological knee jerk reactions to fear.  God won’t likely choose a man to be His own elect soldier in Christ and warrior with the weapons of The Holy Spirit without going through some kind of process of self examination and deliverance.

The Creation of Man is a Process that is still Happening

Being refined in the fire is treacherous.  This process is why God’s elect have come out of GREAT TRIBULATION.  Not The great tribulation.  Shedding the fleshly patterns of behavior such as denial, blame, self deception, immorality, the seven deadly sins ect. is basically like peeling off your own skin.  Only the elect know the process because they became the clay in God’s hands.

Am I speaking of works based salvation?  No.  Not at all because the elect all walked the long walk of The Prodigal Son.  The elect know sin a greater depth than most Christians.  Hence they likely need more deliverance than most Christians.  Of course this scenario contradicts the goody two shoes scenario of the elect.  Pure, white as snow, never having sex or knowing what it is to destroy the life of another human being.  The depth of grace needed for the elect to be saved rides on Grace, Faith, and repentance at deep heart level.

Make no mistake, the elect know evil never once turning from Faith in the midst of evil.  But they also know both Love & power.  They know goodness and that is what they choose over the short cuts that evil and lies provide.

Bottom line your average Christian never explores the depths of debauchery that the elect have endured to learn the depth of God’s Love & Grace for them.  There are great lessons to be had in sinful walks.  The elect honor and Love Truth more than most.  They would have give their testimony in perilous times during their prodigal walk.  For instance standing around a fire pit with murders and proclaiming Love and deliverance in Jesus name to those murderers could easily get their head chopped.  But they followed their heart anyway.  Still without God they would not have lived through the prodigal walk and they know this.  But they also know what false humility is.  And it’s a lie they will not tell.  By their choices and actions they stepped into the template of the elect.

God Set Out an Array of Templates for the Human’s Walk

Father never takes free will from a man that we know of.  Nor will God deliver a man into perfection.  God will always leave some weakness based sin that is not totally over come.  Not sin unto death, as Paul put it, some sins are not unto death.  Meaning they don’t kill you or others.  Humans would not be able to hand perfection if they were made perfect.  Jesus was half God He did not allow false pride to overcome Him in His great and perfect walk.  He came to give us Truth of who and how God The Father is.

What of these templates?  When Can Predestination & Free Will Work Together?

Imagine a wall of empty human templates waiting to be filled in with choices/actions.  Selfless loving actions.  Actions to seek God in spite of misery. Actions to do self examination.  Actions that make Truth a priority.  Faithful works.  Forgiving works. The Prodigal walk and the logic defying Faith that is acted upon during the depths of sin and deception. This is the template of the 144.  Actions of seeking God so vehemently which such fervor that the process of receiving healing, deliverance, gifts of the Spirit and so on can be fulfilled.  Then the elect become those who were with God from the beginning.  They were predestined because of the template.  But at the same time their choices are what put them into that template.  See?  Predestination and free will as one.

Other templates are those who are born again and receive the Holy Spirit but they did not take the actions of the elect.  They are the sheep template.  The sheep have great Faith and should not be scoffed at by the elect. Others are saved by Faith but never received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Then there’s those with the gift of Love who stepped into the template of The Lamb.  They likely did one great selfless act where they gave their life for another, such as in war time or street violence.  They stepped into the template of the lamb because of one great act of Love.

There are also templates of the Wolf, Serpent, & Goat.  The template of those who choose Hell over God’s realm.  There are also templates of Satanic origin for those who serve Satan willingly.  They at least know who and what they are as opposed to those who love the lie yet serve Jesus with their words. Their heart is far from Jesus.

So then we are saved by Faith yet choices are what puts us into the different categories of eternal homes.

Some will go home.  Not all shall sleep but we will all be changed.

How I received The Holy Spirit Baptism

The Supernatural Bible Changes of End of Days

Introducing the “rightly dividing the word of God” Okay #1 The bible is not and never was “The Word of God” John 1 tells that Jesus is The Word of God.  #2 the word itself “rightly” is a ridiculous grammar mess.  However this rightly dividing business is taking the Christians doctrinal peasants by storm. Preachers and teachers are jumping on bored with it.  All R.D. (rightly dividing) really provides for these Christians and bible salesmen is a way to diminish and nullify the blatant and rampant contradictions that all bibles now contain in their pages.   The changes to all bibles were prophesied as Paul warned about a “new gospel” and to turn away from such.  The simplicity of the gospel no longer exists in the books.

What is The Gospel?

My heartfelt personal testimony of what it was like before Jesus, what happened when I called out to Jesus, and what it’s like now.  This my friend is the gospel that is living and it is in every born again believer who needed God desperately and God came to his rescue in The Name of Jesus.  The only Living Word are the ones God put on your heart.  When you read the Bible your heart agreed with the words given by inspiration from God.

Your heart will not and should not agree with the words of the wolf now changing the gospel into a complicated bias that prefers one race over another making 3-5 different ways to be saved depending on where you were born according to these rightly divided preachers.

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