Jesus Gave the Scribe of God a Scroll

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The Sun/Son of God Is Already Coming to Bring Immortality to the Children of the Son/Sun of God

In a nutshell (as they say) I will tell you of the great revelations I found in the supernatural scroll from God.
The scrolls of Daniel have already been opened and shared. This scroll is of the revealing of many waters of Truth.
It began with the realization that the Sun of God and The Son of God are synonymous in the end of days.
Father took me to the wilderness and showed me the two Suns. The “son of man” & the “Sun of God”.
We are familiar with both phrases in the bibles. But when all bibles magically changed from “Son of God” to “son of man” in many verses…we who remember were appalled by it.
Little did we know that the Dark Lord also reveals great Truth in his Dark Lord bibles.

And so “sun of man” and “son of man” are here. Their antichrist is here. The mark has gone out. The foreheads are marked. The many prophecies are fulfilled. And the revealing is full bore.

Also God revealed to me again the original scripture “The Sun Rules the Day”. That means that when God’s sun went dim mankind needed their own sun. A sun of man to save the Earth’s green grass and trees. As also prophesied.

When they hoisted the plasma ball (lazor) laser sun did they know it would make them rulers over the day? Maybe, maybe not. But it did!

Planets above are all about magnets.  Magnetics coupled with the weightless orbit is how the white hot laser Sun took it’s place among God’s planets.

And the men began to believe that they are gods.

How I Know the Fake Sun is Made of Plasma Laser Light

After the scroll was given God also showed me the two types of light and their differences.  Laser light vs. natural ambient light.

Monochromatic – It contains only one specific wavelength and hence one color.
Coherent – The motion of all photons is coordinated.
Directional – The laser beam is very narrow, concentrated and therefore, it is a high intensity source.

Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is an artificial source of light radiation that emits a coherent beam of photons, as the source is stable in frequency, wavelength, and power. Unlike the light emitted by common sources, such as light bulbs, laser light is mostly monochromatic, i.e. only one specific wavelength (color)

Bottom line Science. The natural Sun of God was never “coherent lazor light”. It’s particles, photons are natural, ambient, and varied in structure. That way there are no harmful lasers or coherent adams grouping together as a lazor blasting from God’s warm Sun.


Natural Sun of God

Also I had a dream of a fake plasma sun.  It was so clear I made art of it.

SIDENOTE: Two suns God’s dimmed Sun and the sun of man created the mandela effects.  It caused two realities on Earth.  Not CERN.  CERN is a tool for demonic communication.  By CERN and quantum computing the beast got the code symbols to enter chemically the sacred nucleus of man’s body.  The first abomination of desolation.  The second desolation is the desecration of all bibles.  As both were Holy and now are not.  

Now the Proof Our New White Hot Sun I Clearly Lazor (Laser) Light. 

Notice the wire.  The plasma sun ray of the sun of man covers the wire and blocks the tree view proving it’s not a camera anomaly.  I took these pictures myself before I realized yesterday what they mean.  That they prove the fake sun.

My photos prove coherent plasma laser light from the white hot sun of man.  Natural light does not form lasers.  And that’s the science of the photo.

The prophecy.  “Do not kills the green grass and trees yet, first we must seal the foreheads of the chosen few, the elect of God, those who are not under the strong delusion of Babel towers and the infestation of the Locust demons.

Judah the Lion you time is now to rein down upon the Earth the will of God.

The Fallen Earth of Kaos

Furthermore! Now the “sun of man” is ruling the day, hence everything changed!  Mandela effects began to show up.  Scores of deceptive signs and miracles.  The Christians can’t see the desecration of their own Bibles changing daily by supernatural forces. The towers of Babel were raised in the skies.  On and on went the muddy deception of the masses.  The Locusts streamed in straight from Hell!  They infested the many people’s faces and the winged abomination perched in their hair.  (fulfillment of the skewed locust hair and face scripture).   Babel babel memories stolen new memories planted within the minds of the many—on going mind deception.  Every dialect, language, every piece of literature, every sentence structure, grammar and punctuation upon all the Earth is altered by the towers of babel and the sun of man’s rule on Earth.  Word “stupid” is all over every bible every version every shelf.  And all bibles changed from “Son of God” to “son of man” in most scriptures of that phrase….magically and on-going.

Yet the strongly deluded can’t remember Truth prior to the towers of Babel and the sun of man.

Twisted Kaos happens when the ‘sun of man’ rules the day.  Utter kaos is invoked.

When I was in the wilderness God showed me that the sun of man & Sun of God (gone dim) are now rising and setting together.  The two sun’s caught up with one another finally after perhaps twenty years of kaos.

There Antichrist gained his power to rule over the entire world by demonic assistance and by the hoisted magnetic, laser light sun of man.




“The Sacred Tree of the knowledge of Good.  The Sacred Tree of the knowledge of evil.” 

Those who are not under the strong delusion will retain their memories of Truth and their knowledge of right and wrong.  Why?  The chosen few laid their heart before God Almighty and became the clay in His hands.  In the name of Jesus they received the Holy Spirit.  And they fulfilled the Holy Grail of Truth and Life.

The New Earth comes brothers I saw the “Sun of God” the New Sun to bring the New Nature an immortal nature and an immortal being once flesh soon when the New Sun of God/Son of God is in it’s full becoming we shall rise with it into immortality.  It’s time to shake off the dust brothers.  For we cannot help those who refuse Truth and know not The God of Truth and Love.

The Sun/Son of God prophecy always meant both God and Nature together as the So/u/n. Son/Sun. The bird/gator/beast heads are likely a desecration of the prophecy art. As most of God’s words were misinterpreted and skewed.
The Lion. Are you ready?


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