The 144 “A Peculiar People”

The four websites below are written primarily for the True one hundred & forty four thousand, the chosen few labeled “Israel” by bibles. The elect, the elders, those who go before the throne, those under the throne.  They are not dead or in Heaven.  These are real people.  They have been in the wilderness as prophesied for nearly fourteen years.  6.5 of those 14 years the 144 identify as being times of both Jacob’s trouble & great tribulation on Earth.

Gentiles will not, moreover can not believe what is written by the 144.  When Gentiles read the writings of the scribes of the 144 they usually call them “Satan” in response to the ideas they convey.

Real Time Predictions of Prophecy Fulfillment

All of the 144 have died & been resurrected, and also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in a big way.  They ripped the vail that covers by vail the sight between the spirit realms and the carnal or natural realm.  The 144 now have one foot on Mt. Of Olives and one foot on Mt. Zion.  “A peculiar people”

Due to their ripped vail they see that which is in the realm of the Spirit.   Being one with Jesus they see what Jesus shows them and proclaim it.  Few listen.  Few can palate their words of Truth.

IF YOUR MIND is capable of taking in & considering alternative theories concerning end times prophecy then read on.  Go to these sites.   Jazweeh the seer covers many topics of the return of Jesus & the New Earth.   Not just bible changes.  This website is primarily covering the desecration of the holy books.  Bibles changing magically on the shelves while the sorcery is hidden by a memory loss and new implanted old memories of new fake scriptures.


Do you see the Mandela effects?  The innocuous signs and wonders, miracles in plain sight?  Many do but the subject is belittled and propagandized by the image of the beast. (TV, Phone).  Bible changes are not all mandela effects.  Many of the changes are blasphemous making them “deceptive signs and wonders”.  And making them an abomination, the desecration of the holy place.  That wicked one sitting in the temple where God’s words were set down anointed from The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

“Good called ‘evil’, evil called ‘good’.”

“Gentiles Take A Peek Into the Supernatural”

By becoming open minded THEN & only then can someone entertain that prophecy may not come to pass in the way the astute, famous, and well liked popular preachers on the image of the beast (TV) proclaimed for years on end.  The words of prophecy are true even now on the most part but some of them are figurative as I just exemplified with the Zion and Mt. Olives prophecy.  However that prophecy of Jesus standing with one foot on Carmal and the other on Mt. of Olives has disappeared.  It’s the interpretations which are skewed.  

Alert-Many of the words of ALL BIBLES are changing on the shelves.  Some still remember the original script.  God’s words rolled up as a scroll unto the Heavens forever set.

Will the sky of Earth also roll up as a scroll even though that script is now altered and new, rewritten by the author of confusion?

Not all the Dark Lords new scripts are lies.  The Sun will blow in 2014, the ark of the covenant is the arking of the sun itself.  Science calls these phenomena a white dwarf star.  But don’t expect them to tell you our sun is on its way out.  It’s dimming dimming dimming.  The fake sun was erected probably around 2012 when the men of science save the green grass and trees.  Saving life on Earth.  Congratulations men we are grateful for the fake sun.

But the fake sun will still be the demise of most everybody on Earth.  It’s harvest time and there’s no stopping it.

“Exploding white dwarfs are not only considered the main source of iron in the Universe, they are also an important tool for cosmology: as so-called Type Ia supernovae (SN Ia), they are all roughly equally bright, allowing astrophysicists a precise determination of the distance to their host galaxies.” *google” (Gog)

The Towers of Babel are all around us.

Instead of the easy words like had, went, came, took, the people now use the words “had taken” or “had gone” instead of a simple “went”.  Then easy words that don’t need a “had” in front of them because they are ALREADY PAST TENSE WORDS are falling into the towers of babel.

I am pretty certain that its so the elite can verify their debauchery of mind control by the towers. I most people start to speak as illiterates in certain ways they know the mind control is working.

The god of the iron rods is already ruling and he put his name in the bible.  The Dark Lord of the Iron rods is not Jesus.

Jesus was portrayed to carry a golden scepter not an iron rod and not both.  Golden.  No an iron rod.

terms like “as it were” and “authoriTAtive” are B.S. words.  It would be “as it was” and “authoritive”.  And many many more new words are rampant on YT video dialect.  “fishes” “fish “is the plural of fish.