He Gave them Up to a Reprobate Mind & Beast System “Marriage”.

Beast System Has no business in our Vows  IF I wish to make a binding contract via VOW with someone that is my business.  But know this marriage is usually bondage, controlism, manipulation, and nearly always goes bad by stealing our freedom to live as our own heart needs to.  Why?  It was created for money $ and for enslaving men & women.

And as the bibles become more and more desecrated so too do the minds of men follow suit.  Watching the YT preachers shows us the progress of the desecration the Locust brought unto mankind.  They neither remember God’s Truth nor can the recall the Holy Bible as it was just 6 1/2 years ago.

The Bibles are soon to be desecrated for (7) seven years.  At seven years something WILL happen.  We just are not certain what it will be.  Men are being gathered, yes.  By the chot their lives are taken.  And by the Locust their minds are turned to rot.

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